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438 A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

When Zhao Yu handcuffed Li Ergou's hands, Li Ergou was momentarily paralyzed with fear. He thought his plan was foolproof, and that he could use it to extort some money from the Zhao family, to make up for the loss of the sick cow.

"No, Introvert Two, you... You cannot do that." Li Ergou felt helpless, and almost knelt down in front of Zhao Yu. He pleaded, "Introvert Two, we are old neighbors, how could you bear to arrest me... Listen to me please, Introvert Two..."


Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Zhao Yu slapped Li Ergou on the face. Li Ergou's nose bled profusely.

All the villagers, who had gathered to watch the commotion, were shocked to see Zhao Yu being so ruthless! As these villagers had watched Zhao Yu grow up, they knew his character very well. Never did they expect that the old Zhao Yu, who had an introverted personality, would turn into someone looking so fierce and ruthless.

In fact, what made Zhao Yu unable to hold back any longer, was the nickname "Introvert Two", which was uttered several times. No matter if it was his previous life or current life, these two words were an insult that he could not endure.

Miao Ying was equally shocked to see Zhao Yu slap someone. Till the minute before Zhao Yu slapped Li Ergou, Miao Ying was in awe of how Zhao Yu, who is arrogant and impulsive, handled the situation in such a mature manner. She felt that, if she had to personally deal with this case, she would not have handled it as well as Zhao Yu did.

What comforted her more, was to see that Zhao Yu had learned to hold back his emotions. Facing Li Ergou's provocative words, Zhao Yu chose not to fight head on, but won with his reasoning instead.

However, just when Miao Ying was so in awe of Zhao Yu's actions, his choice to slap Li Ergou spoilt the beautiful impression of him in her heart.

Miao Ying shook her head helplessly and thought to herself, "It seemed that... Zhao Yu cannot avoid some warm-up exercises today."

Knowing Zhao Yu well, Miao Ying guessed what he intended to do next. After Zhao Yu slapped Li Ergou, he held Li Ergou's arms behind him, then put his face close to Li Ergou's ear and said coldly, "Uncle Ergou, I think you are right. We are all neighbors. If we were to arrest you and send you to the police station, it would be quite heartless!"

"Spit…". Li Ergou spit out some blood from his mouth and nodded. He said, "Yes, yes, Introvert Two... Let us both forget about this. You slapped me. Now we're even. Right?"

"Of course not, hahaha..." Zhao Yu laughed, "Uncle Ergou, how can a slap make us even? This is merely your wishful thinking! You beat up my brother, pushed down my father, built a dove shed over the wall of my family home, and your dead cow crushed the vegetables laboriously grown by my father. How are you going to account for all these deeds?"

"This... This is… This... " Li Ergou stammered. He gritted his teeth and said, "Fine, fine, no problem. I will compensate you with money for hitting people and crushing the vegetables. I will also tear down the dove shed later!"

"No… No… Don't do that... That is no fun! Ha ha ha..." Zhao Yu's laughter sounded creepy. Zhao Yu looked at Li Ergou's relatives and said, "Well… Well…Uncle Ergou! I have always been a very fair person. Since many of your relatives are here today, why don't we have a fight? If all of you can fight me and take me down, until I can no longer stand up, then… We are considered even. And I will not mention the cow murder case anymore in future. What do you think?"


Zhao Yu's proposition came too suddenly, and everyone was stunned. His relatives could not believe what they had just heard.

"Crazy!" Hearing Zhao Yu's words, Miao Ying gritted her teeth and scolded with anger. "Could you not fight, for once?"

"Wait a moment..." At this time, a cousin of Li Ergou suddenly spoke. "Introvert Two, did I hear you wrong? Do you mean that you want us to take you down? You... Are you crazy… or what?

"Ha... Ha ha ha..." Li Ergou's relatives laughed.

"Surely not?" Zhao Yu's father was shocked, and hastened to persuade his son from behind. "Son, are you running a fever? What nonsense is this?"

"Deal! Deal! " Li Ergou welcomed the idea, and quickly agreed.

"But!" Zhao Yu said coldly, "Let us agree on this first. No matter who gets beaten up brutally by the other, he has to pay his own medical fees!"

On hearing this, Li Ergou's relatives stared at each other in disbelief.

It was noon, time to prepare lunch, but the villagers, who were watching nearby, decided against going home to cook. They were all excitedly watching the commotion.

"Oh yes, one more point!" Zhao Yu emphasized, "All of you must fight me together. I do not fight anyone one to one!"

"I will go!" Li Ergou's cousin, who had a tall stature, laughed scornfully. "Introvert Two, are you retarded or what? I alone can easily take you down! There is no need for all of us to fight together. Ha ha…"

"Agree! Agree! We will go according to your rules and fight you together!" On hearing Zhao Yu's death proposal, Li Ergou seemed to have recovered from the slap and said, "If I were to lose, I will be willing to pay one thousand dollars to your family, what do you think of that?"

"No, what do you think you are doing?" Zhao Yu's father hurried over worriedly and shouted, "Son, shall we go for an intravenous infusion, to bring down your fever? Stop joking! It may cost you your life!"

"Yes, yes!" Zhao Yu's mother was also very worried. "How can this work? A group of people against one, is this not suicide?"

But Zhao Yu would not listen to them. He unlocked Li Ergou's handcuffs, pushed him aside, and said, "Now that we have agreed upon the conditions, let's start!"

As Zhao Yu spoke, he took off his police suit and threw it over to Miao Ying. "This is a new uniform, I do not want it to be stained with blood!"

Li Ergou's relatives were gradually moving towards Zhao Yu. Seeing that a fight was about to erupt, the villagers watched excitedly. Some of them even whistled and applauded.

Zhao Yu began the fight with Li Ergou's relatives as the underdog, just as his nickname suggested. However, after the fight began, everyone's views towards Zhao Yu changed dramatically…