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435 The Languid Zhao

"Doggy Li, what are you trying to do?" Zhao Yu's dad was standing right at the front, holding onto a hoe as he shouted at the other party, "Are you trying to bully us by sheer force of numbers? If you have guts, come on?! I will go all out!"

"Pfft!" The man opposite him was about forty years old and kept a moustache. He shouted, "Old Zhao, what is the point of you going all out? We have to be reasonable, right? The cow from my house died in your backyard, so what do you have to say about that? I'm telling you, hurry up and pay for it. Otherwise, I'm going to sue you for murder, and let the police arrest you!"

"Yes!" A middle aged woman that looked like a pail stomped her feet and scolded, "Old Zhao, your heart is so brutal! A while back, we only argued about building a pigeon shed. But you don't have to vent your anger our cow, right?"

Then, the woman spoke with a tearful voice, "Let our neighbors reason things out! Who would be insidious, like you?! Our family depends on the cow all year-round! But you killed it! There's no justice in this!"

"Exactly, the family is overboard. How can you do that? It's so embarrassing, if this were to be spread," someone shouted in support of her by the side. "As you killed someone else's cow, then you have got to pay up!"

"Humph, from what I see, you might as well lodge a police report," someone spoke again. "This is definitely against the law. They have to be imprisoned!"

"You... All of you are making slanderous accusations against me!" Zhao Yu's father pressed onto his chest as he spoke emotionally. "Doggy Li, I didn't touch your cow at all. Most likely, your cow came to our backyard on its own. How could you blame us?"

"Nonsense!" Doggy Li stared and roared, "Our cow died in your backyard. If it wasn't you, it must have been a ghost!"

"Exactly," Doggi Li's wife was wailing, "If you stole it, it's okay. Why did you have to kill it? Woo... My poor cow..."

"Doggy Li, stop causing trouble, okay?" Then, Zhao Yu's mother shouted, "Speak only with evidence. Although your cow died in our backyard, it doesn't mean it's us that killed the cow. Do you have any evidence? From what I see, I think there must be someone trying to frame us!"

"You! You you you.... Fellow neighbors, did you hear that? Did all of you hear that?" Doggy Li's wife opened her eyes wide and shouted, "It's already so, and they still want to deny it! Are you human?"

"Sis, let's not waste any more time!" Then, there was a brawny man that stepped forward from behind Doggy Li, "Let's beat them up, first. If they are not going to pay, we shall send them to the police station later, they'll keep them behind bars!"

"You... How dare you!" Zhao Yu's father was quivering in anger. "Doggy Li, you are dominating with sheer force of numbers. You are taking advantage of the fact that your uncle is the village chief, and bullying the villagers! Look..." He turned around and pointed at Zhao Yu's brother, "What have you done to my son?! You want to fight, right? Come on, fight against me then!"

As it turns out, Zhao Yu's brother was already beaten black and blue in the face by Doggy Li's people, and he was sitting at the threshold clenching with pain.

"Huh? Old man!" Doggy Li rolled up his sleeves and scolded rudely, "Old Zhao, you try to beat me down with your seniority?! Don't think that I dare not touch you!"

Then, Doggy Li came forward and pushed the old man. The old man was already at an advanced age, so how could he withstand the push? He suddenly lost his balance and fell on the ground.

"Aiya!" Zhao Yu's mother's face grew awkward, and she quickly grabbed him by the arm.


Doggy Li's people roared with laughter as Zhao Yu drove the Landrover directly towards Doggy Li. Just when he almost knocked into him, Zhao Yu jammed the brakes, suddenly stopping the car.

Suddenly, there was a giant object running toward Doggy Li, who was in a shock. As he was in a hurry to dodge it, he knocked into his wife, who fell on her bump.

Pak pak...

Along with the sound of the car door, Zhao Yu first poised himself like a big shot, then walked before the crowd arrogantly. In this small village, so remote and backwards, there was a sudden eye-catching figure that popped up, wearing a well-pressed police uniform. Such a scene suddenly caught everyone's attention.

The next moment, the tall and good looking Miao Ying appeared, and everyone couldn't help but let out an "oooh".

Suddenly, regardless of those people with Doggy Li, or the neighbors that were enjoying the scene, even Zhao Yu's relatives were also gawking in shock.

"Po...Police officer..." Zhao Yu's dad, who was on the ground, suddenly pleaded at Zhao Yu, "I... I am innocent! Please, don't arrest me!"

As it turns out, Zhao Yu's father didn't recognize Zhao Yu, but thought instead that he was a police officer that had come to arrest him.

"Cough! Old man, are you blind?" Zhao Yu's mother had very good eyesight, so she had already recognized her son and daughter-in-law. She quickly pulled Zhao Yu's father aside and said, "Look carefully, isn't this your second son?"


Everyone heard this and was shocked. Zhao Yu smiled contentedly, then squeezed his nose before taking off his shiny sunglasses.

"This... Is really Zhao Yu!" The old man was suddenly thrilled. He patted his butt after getting up from the ground. He wanted to take a closer look at his own son.

Suddenly, Doggy Li spoke, "Oh.... I wondered who that was. Turns out... It's Languid Zhao!"


Languid Zhao?

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows, then finally understood after running through his memory. Due to Zhao Yu's having been quite timid since he was young, the villagers gave him the nickname "Languid Zhao".

"Hehehe..." Listening to the old nickname, Miao Ying couldn't help but laugh.

"Mm….." Zhao Yu's face grew dark, as he smiled at Doggy Li, "Yes, it's me Uncle Doggy, what are you trying to do? My dad is already very old, so why did you strike at him?"

Actually, Zhao Yu had originally wanted to punch Doggy Li, badly. But, he wasn't sure what was going on about all this confusion with stealing and killing cows. He wanted to know the situation first. And, the nickname "Languid Zhao" had triggered him, so he wanted to look for another joyful way to take revenge.

"Look, now you are amazing, huh, Languid?!" Doggy Li pointed at the car and gritted through his teeth, "Even bought a big car, huh? Is this rented? I heard that you became a police officer. Great, come and reason things out. See if I blame your father."

Then, Doggy Li explained the situation, from the beginning until the end. It turns out that Doggy Li had realized that his cow was lost that morning. Hence, he and his relatives were looking for it together.

Who knew that they would find their cow in the housing area of Zhao Yu's family. However, when they found it, there was already a cut on the cow's neck. So when they found it, the cow was already dead.

Seeing this, Doggy Li naturally put the blame on Zhao Yu's father.

"Look," Doggy Li said, pointing at the entrance gate to his housing area, "When we found the car, the door was still locked! You tell me, if this wasn't your father's doing, who else could it be?"

"Son, don't listen to his nonsense!" Zhao Yu's mother quickly explained, "If we wanted to touch his cow, we could have poisoned it straightaway. Why would we bring the cow over to our backyard and kill it with a knife? Our housing area is fenced up, so everyone could easily have looked through from the outside. How silly would it be to do such things?"

"Hey, old woman!" Doggy Li put his hands on his waist as he said, "I am not sure if you are silly or not, but it is a fact that my cow died in your backyard! From what I see, it must be because of the pigeon shed spat a few days ago. You held grudges and wanted to vent your anger by killing our cow!"

"You! Nonsense!" Zhao Yu's father was stomping his feet in anger. "Your pigeon shed was built all the way to our wall, and you purposely splashed bird shit toward our backyard! How can I not be angry? But, I don't need to kill your cow for that?!"

"You say you're not angry enough to kill? Look at how your hands quivered. Today, you killed my cow, are you going to kill me tomorrow, too?" Doggy Li reproached Zhao Yu's father, then turned around and shouted at Zhao Yu, "Hey! Languid Zhao! What are you doing just standing there? Quickly, tell your father to pay me for my cow. You are a police officer, so you should know the law, right?"

He saw that Zhao Yu didn't respond, so then he provoked with confidence, "Hey, Languid, have you turned silly since becoming a police officer? Don't you think that simply driving a car and bringing back a girl makes you any more amazing! In my eyes, you will forever be the coward that dared not even go to the toilet at night, hehehehehe...."

Listening to Doggy Li's death wish, Miao Ying was afraid that she would be splashed with blood, so she quickly turned around. She thought within three seconds, that Zhao Yu would bash Doggy Li until he had cuts and bruises all over and was wailing in pain!

But, this time, Miao Ying got it wrong, as three seconds later, she heard Zhao Yu speaking calmly, in a gentle voice...

"Uncle Doggy, this is only about money, isn't it? It isn't anything big, so why are you so angry? Why are you in such a hurry?" Zhao Yu laughed, "Come on, didn't you say your cow died? Let us return to the crime scene, okay?"