Crazy Detective
433 Zhao Yu’s Blissful Life
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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433 Zhao Yu’s Blissful Life

"Ah..." After Zhao Yu yawned, he blew a breath of air into Miao Ying's ears playfully, then blew apart her hair.

Miao Ying felt the sudden itch at her earlobe, and immediately turned around to hug Zhao Yu tightly.

The Goddess of Violence was different, not ordinary. The whole afternoon, Zhao Yu and her surged with intensity, braved through the stormy seas, shook the earth and moved the mountains. The battlefield alone had been swapped from one place to another constantly, from the bathroom to the living room, from the living room to the bedroom, from the bathtub to the couch, from the couch to the dining table..."

After a few rounds of battles, the entire luxurious suite room was a mess. The pillow flew up to the support of the house, the couch and the bed was way out of position, the air-conditioner controller was stepped on and broken, even the teacups and ashtray were broken...

That moment, hugging the fire-like body in his embrace, Zhao Yu felt and experienced a brand new feeling, a feeling where his heart was bumping in a strange rhythm, a feeling where he was willing to give his all. He knew clearly that this was the feeling of love!!!

Although Zhao Yu had shared a vigorous romance with Yao Jia in his previous life, due to his young and inexperienced self, it had been frivolous and wild, and that was the only thing that had made the relationship. It was more like an aimless vent of youth.

Miao Ying, there before his eyes now, was different. Although the Goddess of Violence was fierce and tough, Zhao Yu could actually feel a sense of bliss from her, a genuine bliss that made him understand his responsibility as a mature man!

"Zhao Yu, tell me honestly….." Miao Ying touched Zhao Yu's cheeks lovingly as she asked, "In the past, you slept with how many women, in total?"

"This...." Zhao Yu pretended to think.

"The hell!" Miao Ying's lovely touch suddenly turned into Nine Yin Skeleton Claw (a martial art skill from the Legend of the Condor Heroes), as she strangled Zhao Yu's neck and said balefully, "You can't even count? You gangster!"

"Cough!" Zhao Yu scratched Miao Ying's nose lightly, as he said, "Those were only friends for benefit that were in it like a game! Captain Miao..." Zhao Yu kept his smile and said solemnly, "From today onward, I only have you in my heart! I am not fooling around. I'm serious. With you, I feel like my life has become meaningful! Don't you worry, I will work super hard in the future, to be able to marry you earlier, so we can enjoy blissful life!"

When Zhao Yu mentioned marriage, Miao Ying's eyes grew gloomy. However, the gloominess went away very quickly, so fast that Zhao Yu didn't notice it.

"Zhao Yu, regardless of whether it's true or not," Miao Ying kept her skeleton claw, she said gently, "You're saying that was enough!"

"How could this be fake?" Zhao Yu patted his chest and said, "I, Zhao Yu, swear that, I will not marry anyone else besides Miss Miao Ying. Otherwise, I will be thrown at with soap when I shower, encounter ladyboys when I have sex... (all incidents referring to gay encounters)"

"Pfft.... So inappropriate!" Miao Ying pouted and said, "Who would believe in things that you, a gangster, says?"

"That's not true. If a man ain't badass, a woman would not fall for him! Hehehe...." Zhao Yu touched Miao Ying's smooth back playfully, "However, I, Zhao Yu, am no man that only knows how to sweet talk, look at my actual actions, Captain Miao! As my woman, I will not let you regret me, ever!"

"Gangster, such a gangster..." Miao Ying pushed Zhao Yu down with a finger and Zhao Yu stumbled and fell onto the bed..."


Actually, to Zhao Yu, to be able to confirm his relationship with Miss Miao was definitely a dream come true! But, the best thing was that, with the aid of their relationship, he could eliminate the shadow that was left behind on Miao Ying after the General Ridge incident, thus lightening her psychology burden.

With their sweet romantic relationship, Miao Ying's mental health was slowly recovering, and was now way better than before. However, even though that, under the threat of Zhao Yu, the Disciplinary Monitoring Group hadn't looked for more trouble from Miao Ying, it didn't mean that the incident had come to a final end.

It was said that the higher ups might have left the matter aside temporarily, in order to ensure Miao Ying's emotional stability. They didn't enforce any punishment on her, but they didn't say anything about her recovering her post either. Hence, in that period, Miao Ying's post as the detective captain was shelved.

As the higher ups didn't say anything, Bureau Chief Luan naturally couldn't handle it on her own, but told Miao Ying that she hoped that Miao Ying could utilise the time off to rest up, then return to the team after the attention to the case had lowered.

For such arrangement and explanation, Miao Ying and Zhao Yu showed their understanding. The two of them were in their honeymoon phase anyway, Zhao Yu couldn't hope for Miao Ying to rest more!

Plus, Miao Ying had such a powerful background. Zhao Yu was not worried about Miao Ying's future.

His only mission then, was to keep his goddess in company everyday for food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, gym time and training, and also... pa pa pa (love making)...

The power of love was great. As they were very much in love, Miao Ying became a different person entirely. She was with Zhao Yu everyday, as a little bird rests upon a man, watching movies, walking leisurely in the shopping mall, trying delicacies... living a blissful life.

Looking at Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, the matching couple, everyone was green with envy, and they quickly turned into a favourite topic in the police team.

However, the police were still bustling with work, as the General Ridge incident had yet to come to an end after all. Plus, there was work that needed to be done regarding the Female Corpse in Ancient Costume Case and the Huang Jing Murder Case. So, the workload for the Key Case Investigation Unit was very heavy.

Especially since Miao Ying was not in, a captain's tasks had to be taken up by someone else. At first, Bureau Chief Luan had arranged Zhao Yu to take over the captain's tasks, but Zhao Yu was not in a mood to take care of the boring case closing tasks. So, he passed over the job to Mao Wei directly.

But, even so, Zhao Yu couldn't be idle, and had to go to work on time. If he wanted to keep Miao Ying company, he had to use the rest of his time off to do so.

Then, each day passed, one after another. Harvesting his sweet relationship and success in his career, Zhao Yu felt that he was spending his life meaningfully every day.

The blissful life, then, was not something Zhao Yu imagined when he had been transferred over the many times. The gangster from the previous life, not only had turned into a policeman, but had gotten better in life, and turned into a detective! He had even gotten the goddess in his eyes. It definitely brought a surge of emotions!

Reminiscing about the past, Zhao Yu appreciated the life he was living then. Him then, didn't only own a love and a career, but, as for his financials, he had a bumper harvest too. He could be considered a mini millionaire, and had been living life well. Of course, besides thinking about fate, Zhao Yu had to also thank the magical miracle system. Without the system, he wouldn't be able to achieve all that he had achieved.

For the past few days, he got his hexagram everyday. Although he didn't encounter any great adventure, he was given many system devices, such as night vision device, voice-changing device, power jamming device, and so on. Especially on the day he got Miao Ying, he even received a level-one device called Invisible Propeller.

According to the introduction of the device, it could be used on any form of transportation, providing the respective transportation power to advance. In other words, if the car ran out of fuel, with the activation of invisible propeller, it could still be driven! The speed could even be controlled under a controllable range.

Like the saying goes, a joyous occasion braces the spirit. At such happy times, Zhao Yu encountered a few items of great news, and he was definitely living the life!

Now, about that vase from the Ming Dynasty that he had gotten from Li Xiusheng. As Li Xiusheng's smuggling organisation was wiped out, Zhao Yu didn't want to keep that thing anymore. So he asked Blondie Zhou Yang to sell it to a hidden channel elsewhere.

Although it wasn't any standard channel, the Jun kiln purple enamel vase from the Ming Dynasty managed to be sold at a high price of three million and seven hundred thousand dollars, which totally shocked Zhao Yu! Then, along with the in-depth investigation of the General Ridge incident, the information related to the Golden Buddha treasure was gradually surfacing.

Then, all the treasure has been unearthed by the experts. The excavation was earth-shattering and shocked the world. Not only did it attract many well-known relics experts from within and outside the country, it even attracted great attention from overseas media.

It was said that in the excavation work that time, besides retrieving the Dozen Golden Buddha Statues that were only known in the legend of Qinshan history, they also found a huge batch of precious relics. Every single item was priceless!

As Zhao Yu was the only person that found the treasure, and along with Miao Ying, they tried to protect the treasure and had a heroic life and death fight against the robbers, for the past few days, Miao Ying and him had been receiving commendation and awards from multiple departments!

These included the Cultural Relics Bureau, Relics Association and Cultural Relics Protection Department, even the provincial municipal bureau investigation department. Although it was only a symbolic award, the received honour was enough to ensure Zhao Yu was qualified to enter for the excellent police officer of the year title!

But, the most encouraging news was that, it was said that, the Police Station Cultural Relics Protection Department had already sent in related information regarding Zhao Yu's discovery of the Golden Buddha treasure to the National Treasure Department.

It was also said that, with the excavation of treasure at such a level, the discovering person would normally be awarded in proportion to the national reward! Although the portion wasn't huge, most likely, it wouldn't be more than one tenth of a percent, but based on the total value of the Golden Buddha treasure, Zhao Yu would still not be just taking some small fraction of money!

Liang Huan calculated for him, and according to the most conservative estimation, Zhao Yu's reward amount would definitely not be any lower than five million! Listening to such a shocking number, Zhao Yu felt he was going to burst.

But, the good luck did not end there. That night, Zhao Yu got a call from his mother, who told Zhao Yu that the hand written book that his grandfather kept about Ghost Ba Gua had been found!

It turned out that Zhao Yu's uncle's cousin's brother donated the book to the school library. Then, his uncle had found and took back the book. He also mentioned that he would send the book to Zhao Yu's mother on the following day!


Hearing that, Zhao Yu was touched. He could finally resolve the secret behind the miracle system and also, had finally found an opportunity to show off!

Hence, Zhao Yu told his mother that, "Tomorrow I'm bringing my wife back to my hometown!!!"
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