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426 Ten Piece Reward Package

Whoops, I've got to go!

What kind of situation is this?

Zhao Yu was startled by the response from the system, to the extent that he delayed the much awaited kiss with Miao Ying.

Oh my God, a hundred and seventy-five percent?!

This... What was the logic behind this?

Such a completion rate could only be described as a supreme level of completion!

And... Ten pieces of invisible devices awarded? What ten pieces of invisible devices were awarded?

Zhao Yu hurriedly opened the device bar in his brain to reveal the rewards. He was pleasantly surprised to see the devices that he was awarded!

After the General Ridge war, Zhao Yu's low supply of devices in the device bar was almost completely depleted. Devices like the Invisible Loudspeaker, Invisible Night Vision, Invisible Breathing Device and Invisible Fluoroscopic Device were all used up. After that, in order to defuse the toxins he had suffered from the poisoned arrow, he also used up the special grade all-purpose Antidote.

The toxins from the poisonous arrow were highly fatal. Although Zhao Yu used the all-purpose Antidote in time, he almost lost his life. Fortunately, at the crucial moment, the heart pacemaker was automatically activated, which brought him back to life.

After the usage of these devices, Zhao Yu's device bar was almost completely depleted, except for a few Invisible Detectors and Memory Replay Devices left. When the system prompted him that he was awarded ten pieces of devices, Zhao Yu thought that he would be awarded the same type of devices as before.

But, after taking a good look at the device bar, he was pleasantly surprised! On the contrary, he had received ten different types of devices, including the skeleton key, Invisible Invisibility Cloak, Invisible Bullet Proof Suit, Invisible Heart Pacemaker and many more...


Zhao Yu was dazzled, just by looking at the variety of devices he was awarded with. This was indeed a ten piece reward package!

The devices in the reward package were practical and of a special grade. Looking closer, Zhao Yu found the all-purpose Antidote, Invisible Hemostat, Energy Booster, Power Jamming Device and the newly awarded Invisible Tracker. The most eye-catching piece of device was none other than the Invisible Aircraft!


Zhao Yu excitedly checked out the Invisible Tracker. This device worked on the same premise as a tracking dog, relying on the sense of smell to track down an offender.

The Invisible Aircraft was even more impressive. It was a special grade device that could fly up to an altitude of thirty meters, for up to ten minutes long. With this stunning Invisible Aircraft, flying was no longer a dream!

It was surprising that the device bar had an inventory of such powerful devices. Zhao Yu could not help but wonder if there were more powerful devices awaiting for him in his future adventures.


With the excited thought, Zhao Yu took a deep breath. In hindsight, it was no wonder why the "Qian" hexagram was the first in the Eight Diagrams of the hexagram. Once the system opened the "Qian" hexagram, things took a surprising turn for the better, as the time taken to complete this adventure was extended to nearly a day. Even the rewards awarded were of a much higher grade!

Theoretically, by this time, Zhao Yu should be able to open a new hexagram. But, taking into account his current situation and physical condition, Zhao Yu hesitated to open a new hexagram for now.

Good gracious, if the system were to open a "Qian" or "Kun" hexagram, he would be done for. He decided to wait a while longer.

Despite looking intact on the outside, both Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were covered in bumps and bruises.During the duel with the Taoist priest, both Miao Ying's shoulders and Zhao Yu's lower abdomen were stabbed by his steel weapon. Although the injuries were not serious, the wounds still hurt.

Also, during the fight in the cave, they sustained a lot of bruises and abrasions during the exchange of blows with the enemies. Now that they both had come to rest, they felt as if their bodies were falling apart.

"Alas! Oh, Captain Miao! Zhao Yu! "

Suddenly, from the entrance of the cave, emerged Mao Wei and Zhang Yaohui. Behind them were the bureau chief, Luan Xiaoxiao, and the city investigative unit captain, Feng Xiao.

"How are the both of you?" Mao Wei was the first to rush over, asking with concern. "Are you alright? I was worried sick! God bless, God bless, and fortunately you are both alive… "

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were initially embracing each other. Once they saw their colleagues and superiors approaching near, they voluntarily distanced from each other.

"I had learned about it," sighed Mao Wei, in a distressed tone. "The search team of the city council had found the remains of the officers from the Moyang branch office. After the preliminary identification, it was proven that comrade Fu Jianxing was among the dead."

"Sigh!" Feng Xiao sighed from behind, and said, "It was unexpected to see such a tragedy happening in Qinshan! Fu Jianxing had been a part of the Criminal Investigation Department all his life, but now…"

"Well!" Bureau chief Luan, coming before Miao Ying, held her hands and said, "You two made it through! Surviving this ordeal was indeed a miracle!"

"Um... Bureau chief Luan… comrade Miao Ying…" Feng Xiao called out to the two of them. "I received orders from the superior, stating that, due to the severity of this matter, all the follow-up works would be dealt with by our city council!"

"Oh!" Bureau chief Luan nodded.

"However, because Comrade Miao Ying and Comrade Zhao Yu are both witnesses in this incident, the Rongyang Branch Office would require your input and assistance," Feng Xiao added.

"Good!" Bureau chief Luan said to both Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. "I heard that the experts from the Cultural Relics Bureau and the divers would arrive very soon. Once Zhao Yu manages to help the team track down the position of the Gold Buddha, the both of you should get checked in at the hospital!"

"And, once the doctor gives both of you a clean bill of health, you can proceed to assist Captain Feng on the case!"

Both Zhao Yu and Miao Ying nodded in agreement. They were well aware of the complexity of the incidents that had happened in the General Ridge. They anticipated that there were bound to be many time-consuming follow-up works to be dealt with. For instance, they would probably need to prepare a dozen copies of reports documenting the details.

The reports should include the Female Corpse in Ancient Costume Case, the Tomb Murder Case, the death of Fu Jianxing, the crime spree of Li Xiusheng, the search of the Gold Buddha and treasure and the gunfight with Li Xiusheng in the cave. In view of the complex follow-up works, Zhao Yu suddenly recalled two important things to be carried out as soon as possible.

Zhao Yu hurried over to Bureau chief Luan and Captain Feng, and asked them to form an immediate team to capture the remnant forces in league with Yuan Shucai and Li Xiusheng. Although Yuan Shucai was arrested and Li Xiusheng was now dead, behind them stood a powerful team of people.

That was especially true for the Taoist priest. From what Zhao Yu knew, the Taoist priest and his men were in charge of many illegal activities. Moreover, if the Taoist priest owned a personal treasure vault, there must be many valuable cultural relics in that vault.

After hearing this, Feng Xiao placed great importance and priority on handling the case. He planned to seek permission from his superiors to work with the police force from various places in order to take down the whole criminal network of Yuan Shucai! As for the elimination of Li Xiusheng's remnant forces, Captain Feng delegated the task to Bureau chief Luan.

"Flower Market Street is not in the jurisdiction of the Rongyang branch," Feng Xiao said, "But, after all, your team did seize Li Xiusheng's smuggling gang. So, it is most appropriate for your team to be in charge of this task. Looking at the long string of crimes committed by Li Xiusheng's gang, we must not let anyone get away scot-free!"

Hearing Feng Xiao's emotional speech, it was clear that Captain Xiao was feeling emotional and angry over the sacrifices and deaths of Fu Jianxing and his men. He would surely eliminate the remnant forces of Yuan Shucai and Li Xiusheng at all costs!

"Correct! Correct!" Zhao Yu added hastily, "Bureau chief Luan, you have to assign more manpower to this task! Li Xiusheng's network is huge. He only brought along a small group of people with him to the cave. There are surely many more of his men out there!"

"Not to forget Li Xiusheng's family and relatives. I believe that none of them are righteous, and that all are involved in his illegal activities. We should tackle this matter swiftly and not exclude any of them!"

"Indeed!" Mao Wei, who was standing at the side, shouted in agreement. "Bureau chief Luan, not only should we capture them, we should do so swiftly. Otherwise, once Li Xiusheng's network has learned of his death, they will escape for sure. When that happens, it will make our mission more challenging."

"Great!" Bureau chief Luan clenched his fist and said, "I will arrange this right away! Even if we have to send out the whole police force from the Rongyang branch, we will not let a single one of them escape!"