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423 Surprise Attack

Zhao Yu pounced into the crowd with only one goal, which was to destroy all the lighting material. As he had the night vision device on, he could see clearly in the dark. If his enemy couldn't see anymore, the situation would be more beneficial to him!

But, there were too many in the enemy's gang. There were quite a number of torch lights, too. Zhao Yu couldn't put every torchlight off altogether, but rather, he had to break one at a time.

After Zhao Yu pounced into the crowd, he was fighting with all his enemies in a corner. He swung his brutal fist and threw punches all over, knocking two down immediately. But, lifting his head, he saw that there was already a person that was aiming a gun at him.

Zhao Yu panicked and quickly extended his hands to pull at one of the enemies that was beaten up. He quickly used the enemy's body to block his. Bang! The gunshot happened at the same time, and coincidentally, hit the person's back!


The person groaned as he was shot, then suddenly slumped over. Zhao Yu revealed his strength and showed his special skills, throwing people!!

He held the person's chest with his left hand, and the person's thigh with his right hand, then threw such a heavy person out! The person who pulled the trigger earlier was worried that he would hit his comrade again, so he dodged to escape. But Zhao Yu ran over and knocked into him.

Zhao Yu was like a strong bull. Under such a ferocious knock, the person suddenly flew out, knocked his back on the wall, and landed on the ground. The gun flew out from his hand, too. Zhao Yu saw that the gun fell on the ground and immediately dashed over to pick it up.

However, the gun flew to the area where there were a few enemies, and these people had also been knocked by Zhao Yu earlier, but had finally regained conscious. They saw Zhao Yu dashing towards them and quickly raised their crossbows and guns to shoot towards Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu couldn't dash forward anyway, but took a sharp turn to return poolside. There were two of the enemy, who were still dizzy, by the pool. When Zhao Yu ran there, he first pulled one of the enemies before him, to cover him, then threw punches on the other person simultaneously.

Actually, Zhao Yu's initial plan was the same as Miao Ying's, which was to capture the ringleader first, in order to then capture all of his followers. So, they had to quickly bring Li Xiusheng under control. But, the cunning Li Xiusheng had already run out from the cave with the Gold Buddha statues and was nowhere to be seen!

Zhao Yu knocked down the two persons before him, then chased after Li Xiusheng. But suddenly, there was a brawny man that blocked his way, then carried him up by his waist!

But, before the brawny man could make a second move, he fell after a "bang". Zhao Yu turned back and looked. The one who pulled the trigger was Miao Ying, and the muzzle of the hunting gun was still smoking from within!

Then, as the enemy by Zhao Yu's side had fallen, the other three persons had no more restrictions, so shot bullets and arrows at Zhao Yu and Miao Ying respectively! Zhao Yu quickly lowered his head to dodge, but Miao Ying shot back in a counterattack. The poolside was suddenly a gunway, and it was a mess...

After Zhao Yu went onto the ground, he encountered an enemy holding a crossbow. The person happened to be the same one who was looking after Zhao Yu earlier. He saw that Zhao Yu was rushing over, and quickly shot an arrow at Zhao Yu. But he was too nervous, and the arrow was shot slanted, sending it gliding over Zhao Yu's head.

"You motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu swung his fist and hit him on his face.

Dong dong dong... Zhao Yu threw another few punches and dragged him away by his collar, then threw him in the air towards the pool.

Coincidently, the one that was kicked into the water by Zhao Yu at the very beginning, who was trying to climb up to shore, just managed to get on shore, when he was shocked by a black shadow flying towards him.




The two of them knocked into each other and fell into the pool together! At the same time, Miao Ying's gun war had ended. Among the three persons that shot at them, there was one that was hit by Miao Ying's hunting gun, while the other two dragged away the injured one and fled.

Zhao Yu seized the chance to run forward, and picked up the gun that fell on the ground earlier. But, just when he picked up the gun, there were suddenly four to five people that returned through the cave entrance. These people were holding handguns and hunting guns. They already were shooting towards Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, even before they dashed in.

Bang bang!


Zhao Yu and Miao Ying quickly split up in order to find cover and counterattack with gun shot at the same time. In the end, after both parties exchanged a few bullets, they suddenly heard Li Xiusheng's ferocious roar from the enemy's camp, "Kill! Kill all of them! Kill them!"

As it turned out, after Li Xiusheng went through a short chaos, he regathered the troops, and even called back the people who stood sentry outside of the cave. These people's aggressive firepower was suddenly sending bullets all over, and the cave was filled with the sound of gunshots!



Miao Ying and Zhao Yu were suddenly suppressed by the enemy's strong gunfire, and they could only find cover in the corner. But, at that very moment, there was not only Zhao Yu and Miao Ying present. There were also many of Li Xiusheng's people. With the random gunshots, they shot down quite a number of their own people!



There were groans in the cave, but Li Xiusheng didn't have any intention to stop. He commanded his underlings to continue shooting in the cave, and to go further into the cave!

The two old experts originally hid in the cave in a corner. However, due to the advancing enemy, they were fully exposed. In the end, under bullet rainstorms, Tian Dongmin got shot in his back and was suddenly splashed with blood!

"Ah!" Tian Dongmin groaned in pain.

"Tian!" Wang Taiming quickly protected Tian Dongmin with his body, the two falling onto the ground together.

Miao Ying seized the chance to fire a shot at the enemy, but she realised that she had run out of bullets. She immediately leapt and got to the enemy that Zhao Yu knocked out in order to replace her magazine.

Although she replaced the magazine, Miao Ying gave away her position, and the enemies quickly showered bullets towards her direction. Zhao Yu hid behind a narrow rock. As he saw that Miao Ying had attracted the gunfire, he seized the opportunity to send two shots over at the enemy. Although the two shots didn't hit any of them, they were frightened, and the gunfire suddenly ceased!


Zhao Yu raised his arms to shoot another bullet. Then, the enemy suddenly responded and directed the firepower in Zhao Yu's direction. In the end, Miao Ying found a chance, dashed out from her cover, and ran towards the enemy!

A few enemies saw Miao Ying and wanted to redirect their gun aims, but Miao Ying was too fast, and with two shots, she shot down two of the enemies!


The other party didn't expect Miao Ying's marksmanship to be so amazing. They were shocked and quickly pulled their injured comrades away to find cover. Zhao Yu saw this, and quickly ran out from his cover to fire a few shots towards them too!



Although Zhao Yu wasn't good with guns, he did frighten the enemy enough that they could only continue to retreat. Seizing the chance, Miao Ying dashed forward to shoot another two bullets and knocked another one down!

Then, the enemy was panicking. They retreated and forgot to counterattack with their guns! Zhao Yu fired another two bullets and emptied his gun! However, at such an imposing moment, he used the gun as a rock and threw it out. It landed on the head of one of the enemies that was fleeing!

"Aiyo!" The person stumbled and nearly fell on the ground.


Miao Ying fired another shot and hit the enemy's hunting gun. After a few more shots, the enemy was wailing in pain. Not only did he retreat, but he left one of his injured comrades behind.

Zhao Yu ran out and stomped his feet with his magic pig hoofs. The enemy was moaning in pain.

Very quickly, Miao Ying also dashed forward, and the two of them finally joined forces. However, by then, Miao Ying had run out of bullets, too. Luckily, she picked up an extra magazine earlier and was going to replace it.

There was a huge rock before the two of them. Just when Miao Ying took out the magazine, there was suddenly a figure that popped up from the back of the rock. The person was none other than Li Xiusheng!

Li Xiusheng had been lying in wait from the beginning. He held onto the crossbow, dashed out, and quickly shot towards Miao Ying!


As the distance was too close, and Miao Ying couldn't dodge it at all, the antiar was almost shot onto Miao Ying! Zhao Yu was standing next to Miao Ying then. When he saw Li Xiusheng's sudden attack, he leapt onto Miao Ying instinctually.


The poisonous arrow hit Zhao Yu's left arm.

Tsk tsk...

Zhao Yu clenched his teeth and quickly took out the poisonous arrow with his right hand. He just pulled it out, then suddenly felt a pang of dizziness.