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416 Divine Reasoning

Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, the two old experts and the Taoist priest named Yuan Shucai, all under the domineering control of Li Xiusheng and his men, headed to the eastern side of the General Ridge.

Li Xiusheng knew that the Taoist priest was gifted in martial arts, and thus, chose to lock his hands with handcuffs. As for the two old experts, they were casually tied up by ropes only.

In order not to let Zhao Yu take advantage of the situation, Li Xiusheng intentionally let Zhao Yu walk in front of the group, and placed Miao Ying last in the group, so that they did not have any opportunities to communicate.

In fact, the reason why Zhao Yu claimed that he knew the location of the treasure was purely to delay. He knew clearly that, if he did not say so earlier, both he and Miao Ying would end up dead like the other tomb robbers.

His idea was to find opportunities to escape on their way to search for the treasure. After all, in his device bar were the skeleton key, Invisible Night Vision, and Invisible Breathing Device. If he managed to find a chance, it may help them escape!

However, in the current situation, the cautious Li Xiusheng obviously did not give Zhao Yu any opportunity to escape at all. Not to mention a chance at saving Miao Ying and the two old experts! Truly, it seemed to be too difficult to save even himself!

What should he do?

What should he do…

Just as Zhao Yu struggled to think about the strategy, Li Xiusheng suddenly spoke.

"Officer, if I guessed it right, you must be bringing me to the cave where they found the will? Why, do... Do you think the treasure would be hidden there? "

"Hmm, what?" Zhao Yu was shocked to hear that and slowed down his footsteps. Surprisingly, Li Xiusheng was so sharp to sense something was amiss with Zhao Yu, only after walking for half an hour.

"Ha ha..." Li Xiusheng said with a murderous gleam in his eyes, "They had searched the cave many times. If the treasure was really there, how could it still remain untouched till today?"

Once Li Xiusheng said the above, all of them stopped in their tracks. Some of them even placed their fingers on the triggers of their guns, seemingly preparing to shoot at any time. The atmosphere became very tense.

"Uh..." Zhao Yu stood straight and said, "Yes, Master Li, the treasure is indeed hidden in that cave. The Taoist priest's not finding anything there does not mean that I would not!"

Hearing Zhao Yu's words, the Taoist priest, who was standing beside him, could not help but sigh, and the two old experts turned pale.

"As far as I know," Li Xiusheng said in a sullen tone, "Qiu Cheng's descendants once lived in that cave for a few years to avoid the war. If the treasure was hidden in that cave, would they not have found it long ago? Also, don't forget that they had a treasure map in their hands!"

"Well, well... This happened hundreds of years ago, how would I know?" Zhao Yu shrugged his shoulders and said.

"You!" Li Xiusheng glared at Zhao Yu and said, "Zhao Yu, you must be delaying the time! Alright, then I shall kill your girlfriend first, then see if you dare put up a smokescreen! "

"Hush... Hush! " Zhao Yu quickly said, "Mr Li, why is your temper so bad? I am telling the truth. I do not know what the thoughts of Qiu Cheng's descendants were, but as a detective, I believe only in facts!"

When everyone heard the dramatic twist in Zhao Yu's words, everyone was curious to hear more of what Zhao Yu had to say.

"There was a missing clue after the General Ridge, Jade Stone Slope and the Millennium pine," explained Zhao Yu, "because the scriptures associated with the clue were lost. That was why the Taoist priest was not able to find the Gold Buddha and treasure. But the remaining two clues were found: One was the Crescent Moon pit, and the other was the Raindrop stone!"

"The fact that the Taoist priest and his men did not manage to find the treasure because of the missing Millennium pine," Zhao Yu stole a glance at the Taoist priest and continued, "means that they could only continue to look at the remaining clues, the Crescent Moon pit, do you agree?"

"But where to find the Crescent Moon pit? After hundreds of years, I am afraid to say that the pit could be filled up, nowhere to be found."

Zhao Yu stopped speaking for a moment and glanced at the crowd.

Apparently, everyone start to believe in Zhao Yu's words, and they were staring hard at Zhao Yu, listening attentively.

"But!" Zhao Yu suddenly added another twist to his story and surprised everyone. "In this case, all of you had overlooked one of the most fundamental issues. That is, what was the missing clue between the Millennium pine and Crescent Moon pit?"

"You..." Li Xiusheng could not help but frown, and said impatiently, "Could you stop beating around the bush? What do you mean, say it quickly?!"

"Look!" Zhao Yu said, "Were the clues arranged in descending order from the General Ridge to the last clue? If so, as long as we follow the order in the treasure map, and find the Raindrop Stone, we can consider our mission accomplished! But, will it be so simple? Qiu Cheng was not a fool. He would not casually find a place to store such important treasures!"

"If the Crescent Moon pit and Raindrop stone were so easy to find, the treasure would already be found!" Zhao Yu explained, "Looking at the order from the Millennium pine, followed by the Crescent Moon pit, what are your sentiments?"


Everyone was confused.

"All right," Zhao Yu said frankly. "I will tell you the truth! Actually, I do not know what the clue between the Millennium pine and Crescent Moon pit is." Before everyone became anxious, he added another twist to his story and said, "But, but... I know, it must be something related to… a cave!"

"A cave?" Although Li Xiusheng had a feeling that Zhao Yu was putting up a smokescreen, he could not find any loophole to refute him.

"Yes! A cave! " Zhao Yu affirmed, "Look at it like a crossword puzzle. If the Crescent Moon pit was next to the Millennium pine, there was no need for another clue in the middle. Now that there is one missing clue in the middle, what suitable words do you think we should fill in?"



After Zhao Yu finished his speech, everyone was lost in thought. Awhile later, they finally understood what Zhao Yu really meant. Indeed, if there was a clue between the Millennium pine and the Crescent Moon pit, then a cave would be the best answer.


Hearing Zhao Yu's fresh reasoning method, all of Li Xiusheng's men cast a peculiar look at Zhao Yu. Not only did Li Xiusheng look upon Zhao Yu in a different light, but even the Taoist priest could not help but widen his eyes and do some reflection.

"But..." Li Xiusheng thought about it and frowned again. "Alright! Even if the missing clue was indeed a cave, there is more than one cave in the General Ridge. How can you be so sure that the treasure will be hidden in the cave that the corpse was found within? "

"Well!" Zhao Yu gave a quick thought and hurriedly said, "The old experts originally found the will in the hands of the corpse, right? At that time, the corpse was in a very very high location. That was why the corpse was not taken away by wild animals."

"So..." Everyone felt enlightened when Zhao Yu said, "Why do you think that a dying man would climb to such a high location?"


When Zhao Yu asked the question, there was an uproar among them.

"Oh..." Li Xiusheng asked suspiciously, "Do you mean, the treasure is near the corpse?"

"He he he…"

In fact, these were Zhao Yu's actual speculations. He was about to let out a laugh, while telling his story, when the Taoist priest standing beside him could not help but speak up.

"Hey, young chap, are you belittling me?" The Taoist priest said coldly, "Do you think I did not know to search around the corpse? Let me tell you, there was nothing to be found! "

"You!" The words from the Taoist priest were no doubt a great blow to Zhao Yu's confidence.

It was obvious that the man that the Taoist priest hated most was none other than Zhao Yu, who had spoilt his great plans. If he could overthrow Zhao Yu's reasoning, it would give Li Xiusheng a valid reason to kill Zhao Yu.

"True…" Li Xiusheng raised his eyebrows and said, "The Taoist priest is the most authoritative person in this trade. He owns metal detectors and remote sensory devices. If the treasure was really hidden there, there really is no reason that they could not have found it!"

Speaking of this, Li Xiusheng's eyes once again revealed… a murderous gleam!