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399 The Mountain Does Not Cover The Sky

"Oh... Ah….."

Miao Ying struggled, bellowing deeply.

Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying from the back and locked both her arms simultaneously, so that she couldn't escape. Then, he leaned his head forward and rubbed against Miao Ying's cheeks, intending to move Miao Ying's hair away, so that he could kiss her!

Miao Ying constantly moved her body and head, not wanting to let Zhao Yu have his way. But Zhao Yu's strength was much stronger than Miao Ying, and no matter how Miao Ying struggled, she couldn't escape.

Such a scene...they looked like they were fighting, but in actual fact, it really looked more like a couple flirting. Miao Ying had never gotten so close with a man, and her heart was pumping, her cheeks blushing.

But Miao Ying was Miao Renfeng, who been through hundreds of battles after all. She saw that Zhao Yu's strength was too powerful, and knew she wouldn't be able to win against him. She had to look for other methods. So, as she could feel Zhao Yu's cheeks, she lowered her head, then raised it, wanting to knock Zhao Yu in his face.

But, Zhao Yu used such tricks very often, and he defended himself easily against Miao Ying. He took advantage of his height and dodged to the side, escaping Miao Ying's violent attack.


Miao Ying's gruff temperament was ignited, as she threw herself left and right, wanting to escape from Zhao Yu's restrain. But Zhao Yu used her strength against her. He moved along, to where Miao Ying asserted her strength, and the two of them turned a few rounds in the air, but he did not let go.

After the two of them continued for a few minutes, Miao Ying suddenly took in both her legs and jumped into the air, wanting to use her body weight to knock Zhao Yu down! Zhao Yu quickly put force into his arms, kept his chest out, and bent down to carry Miao Ying up in the air, so that her body weight couldn't affect him, and he could still take full control of the situation.

However, Zhao Yu remained one trick behind. As it turned out, Miao Ying's raising her legs up was just a cover up. Waiting till Zhao Yu straightened his back, she then stomped her right leg hard, landing it right onto Zhao Yu's foot. She used Zhao Yu's old trick "Pig Foot Stomp"!


Zhao Yu was hurt on his foot and his arms loosened, as Miao Ying seized the chance to elbow Zhao Yu's stomach and grab his arms, doing a standard back flip!


Along with Miao Ying's roar, Zhao Yu landed on his back heavily.


Zhao Yu felt extreme pain, and when he opened his eyes, he could see stars...

"Phew... Phew..." Miao Ying was panting, as she gave Zhao Yu the middle finger and spatted, "How was it? You lost!"

"I refuse, I refuse!" Zhao Yu climbed up from the ground, "Again, again..."

But, when he patted the dust on his butt away, he saw that Miao Ying had already snuck into the tent.

"Hey? Captain Miao, what does this mean?" Zhao Yu quickly followed, as he held onto the tent entrance and asked, "I have yet to ask you for advice! You are my master, come on and teach me..."

"Go away!" Miao Ying replied.

"Oh... Are you tired? Sleepy?" Zhao Yu rubbed his hands together and smiled. "Hehehe, true also. We have walked such a long way. So exhausted. Then... Let's sleep..."


Just when Zhao Yu wanted to go into the tent, there was suddenly a stream of electric current. Zhao Yu got a shock and stopped right at the entrance. But he saw Miao Ying was holding an electric baton in each of her hands, which were each making noise with electricity flickering, very terrifying!

Electric Baton?!

Two pieces?!


Zhao Yu quickly touched along his waist and suddenly spat out that he had been fooled. He had never expected that Miao Ying would strike at the root and take away his electric baton!

"Miao, meow meow..." Zhao Yu was suddenly weak, "You... What do you mean?"

"What do you mean?" Miao Ying replied in annoyance, "Don't forget that we are here on a mission. There are many criminals outside! So, please, stay on guard outside! Don't let the bad guys stand any chance!

"Huh?!" Zhao Yu was shocked, as he advised, "Don't? The night is going to be cold, you can't be thinking to let me freeze to death, right? Captain Miao, let me in. I swear I won't do anything..."

Pak pak pak...

The electric current was considered an answer to Zhao Yu's question. At the same time, the zipper was zipped up, the entrance closed.

"This... How could this be?"

Zhao Yu returned with injuries and felt disappointed. He thought to himself: Didn't I get "Kan" hexagram today? Why... why didn't I manage to have my way, though?

Looking into the dark woods, Zhao Yu felt a tinge of cold and quickly moved closer to the fire.

Tsk tsk...

Zhao Yu took a can of beer and drank by the fire. The beer was cool, which sent he him shivering. Zhao Yu was filled with regret, thinking: If I had known, I would have brought white spirits.

Who would've guessed that the forest in the summer would be so cold?

Tsk tsk...

What went wrong?

Zhao Yu thought he would be able to get her that day, but it turned out to be such a tragic ending. If he had known, he would have stayed obedient! At least he could be sleeping in the warm tent.


Just when Zhao Yu was really getting depressed, Miao Ying opened the entrance of the tent.

"Huh?" Zhao Yu's eyes brightened up. Is the beauty inviting me in? He quickly ran to the entrance, but there was only a sleeping bag that flew out!

"Zhao Yu, luckily I brought my own sleeping bag! You can use this one by yourself! You didn't even bring any waterproof covering. I'll see how you survive for a long period of time."

She then closed the entrance of the tent again.

"Eh? Hey hey hey..." Zhao Yu touched the tent as he pleaded again, "Captain Miao, can you not be so brutal? There are monsters outside, and I am scared of being alone. Why not... Let me in?!"

Pak pak pak...

There was a glistening of electricity again…..

"Ngaw..." Zhao Yu swallowed his saliva and returned helplessly.

As time passed by, Zhao Yu felt tired. He added some firewood to the fire and got into the sleep bag. He leaned against the big rock next to the tent, prepared to get some rest.

Before he went to bed, he took another glance at the tent, realising that there was no movement in the tent. He reckoned that Miao Ying was most likely sleeping. But, maybe the alcohol was getting into his system, but Zhao Yu suddenly thought about something and shouted at the tent, "Captain Miao, if... If I found the Golden Buddha statues, would you marry me?"

After shouting, it was still pitch quiet in the woods, one could only hear the sound of the fire.

"Then..." Zhao Yu added again, "If I found the Golden Buddha statues, let's make love in the wild, okay?"

Pak pak pak...

There was electricity flickering in the tent again...

"Mm, okay, take it as I never said anything..."

Zhao Yu put both his hands behind his head and lied down. Admiring the night sky through the treetops, he saw stars in the silver moonlight, which was enchanting. Just then, the system ending notification rang. The system told Zhao Yu that his adventure completion rate that day was at eighty seven percent, and he received a Universal Lock Picks.

Although his completion rate wasn't high, Zhao Yu realised something. He felt that, no matter if it was a "Gen" hexagram or "Kan" hexagram, he had not received any actual breakthrough. But the completion rate was eighty seven percent. That he could tell, at least, in regards to tracing criminal, he had made a correct choice!

Through his understanding of the system, Zhao Yu presumed that, if he still got "Gen" hexagram the next day, he could be quite certain that his investigation direction was correct! They might really be able to find clues about the grave robbers!

Zhao Yu couldn't help but hope that, if he really could get a "Gen" hexagram the next day, it'd better come along with a "Dui" hexagram. Then, he might be able to take care of the Golden Buddha statues as well!

Of course, a "Kan" hexagram would do, too. If it didn't work on Miao Ying today, he could continue the next day. Hehehe...

Zhao Yu was dreaming and took a look at his watch. He realised that it was past midnight already, so he could get another hexagram!


If so, why not light up a cigarette quickly?

Just when Zhao Yu was getting ready to light up a cigarette and get a new hexagram, he mentally prepared himself. If he didn't get a "Gen" hexagram, it meant that his investigation direction was inaccurate. If he were to walk around the mountain, it wouldn't be acceptable! He would need to look for other clues.


Zhao Yu chanted the self-invented incantation again, followed by a vigorous cough, and then, a new hexagram. But, he never expected that this situation he imagined might not get fulfilled at all. Although the system gave a "Gen" hexagram, it was followed closely by a hexagram that hit him like a club, leaving him dumbstruck.

He heard the system say, "Gen Qian" hexagram, Gen mountain Qian sky, the mountain does not cover the sky, an empty valley, bird and nests are gone, the jewelled beast is frightened like waves..."