Crazy Detective
397 Gege’s Identity
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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397 Gege’s Identity

Actually, from the very beginning till the end, Zhao Yu was most worried about Miao Ying's refusal to retrieve her dignity after being suspended from work. If she were to act spoiled before her mother, there might be a shocking change of events.

If there was any changes, Zhao Yu's hard work would have been wasted. By then, Miao Ying could naturally head into the police station to look over the entire situation, instead of entering the mountain with him.

However, luckily, with him beating around the bush during dinner that night, Miao Ying did not show any intentions of doing so. It seemed that she didn't want to ask for help from her mother anyhow.

Plus, it was only a suspension. It was considered a light punishment. If it was somebody else, he might already have lost his position.

Tsk tsk....

When he was organising things, Zhao Yu was praying in silence: Bro System, is my spring coming? Tomorrow, please give me a "Kan" hexagram okay? Hehehe...

Just when Zhao Yu was thinking this, he suddenly got a call from Zhang Jingfeng.

Zhang Jiangfeng reported to him that, through the visit in Qinnan Prison, he had found an identity clue regarding "Gege". According to a relics seller who was very elderly, he said that "Gege" was the biggest relics purchaser within Qinshan border back then!!!

At that time, it was during the most rampant era of grave robbers in Qinshan. Many grave robbers were related to "Gege". Whenever the robbers found something, they would sell it to her.

But, although they found out about her occupation, her identity was still mysterious. According to the speculations of the old relics seller, the woman named "Gege" was really quite young. In their trade, normally, there wouldn't be such a young shopkeeper!

Due to this, many of them suspected that the woman was only a puppet for the real boss behind the scene! Also, because the woman was really beautiful, there were many rumors of her being sold out, or of romances, and many kinds of sexual scandals.

But, at the end of the day, her name, where she lived, even who she worked for, was all left unknown! Still, the old relics seller gave Zhang Jingfeng a few names that he could use for reference. Those people might know more details.

After the report, Zhao Yu urged Zhang Jingfeng to continue with his investigation. Once they resolved the identity of "Gege", maybe then they wouldn't be far away from solving the case!

Hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu couldn't help but ponder about the female corpse in the ancient costume case. Who would have guessed that "Gege" was a relics trafficker who might be the head of an organisation?!


It had been eighteen years. Although she might be a criminal, the fact that such a beautiful young woman died such a mysterious death, and in such a creepy way was definitely puzzling, and a pity. Then, did she die of an internal conflict within the organisation, or did she suffer an unexpected death, due to the entanglement of a relationship?

Then, Zhao Yu even had a bizarre thought. Would "Gege" be a spy? Because her identity was exposed, was she then killed by the criminal group, and buried in a tomb?

But, he thought this would be impossible, because the fingerprints and DNA of the dead body were still there. If she was really from the police force, it would be impossible that the case had remained unsolved after such a long time!

Then... Behind "Gege", what's the unspeakable secret? And, would this case be related to the ancient tomb murder case? After much time spent thinking, Zhao Yu finally slept.


On the second day, when the sky just started to light up, Zhao Yu woke up automatically without an alarm. Of course, it was a great day, he couldn't be sleeping in!

Get a hexagram! Get a hexagram!

Before lighting up his cigarette, Zhao Yu chanted a bunch of incantations. In the end, it was not wasted. After coughing vigorously, the system gave him a "Gen Kan" hexagram!


Zhao Yu quickly clapped his hands together and chanted a Buddhist incantation. It really happened as I wished. Both "Gen" and "Kan" hexagrams are here! That's perfect!

Wahaha... Grave robbers, Sir Outdoor Zhao is here! Team Leader Miao, your future husband is here... Wahaha... Cough, cough...

Zhao Yu seemed to get carried away, and was so choked by his laughter, that he nearly coughed his guts out. The night before, Zhao Yu had borrowed a car for duty, and threw his luggage into its trunk. He then drove toward the outdoor equipment store in order to pick up the equipment that he had ordered the day before. When he was on his way, Miao Ying called.

At that time, it was still way earlier than the time they had agreed upon meeting. Miao Ying's calling so early clearly made Zhao Yu have a bad feeling. Would it be... Is there any emergency? Does this call mean our original plan will change?

"Zhao Yu, Bad news!" Just when he answered the call, Miao Ying blurted aloud.

Zhao Yu's heart pumped, Snap. Would it really be a change to our plan? I couldn't be Sir Outdoor Zhao anymore? The beauty will slip away through my fingers?

"Didn't you ask me to reserve a helicopter yesterday?" Miao Ying shook her head and sighed. "There is none! The people from CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) said that police expropriated their airplane, and they are police detectives!"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu was surprised, "Police detectives... Would it be.... Fu Jianxing..."

"Possibly. They entered the mountain yesterday evening. It seemed that they should be there for some time!" Miao Ying said anxiously. "The person I called yesterday didn't know what was the situation, so we can't get a helicopter today!"

"Really? CAAC is such a big company, and they only have one helicopter?" Zhao Yu was confused. "Can't we find another one? It's not like I can't pay for it!"

"Of course there is. But they said something about aviation control. Unless it was governmental aviation, private ones were not granted!" Miao Ying said. "I have asked a few friends, but no one could help!"

"If I'm not mistaken, this would be Fu Jianxing's doing." Zhao Yu shook his head. "This bastard wanted to solve the case, and he didn't want anyone else to get involved at all."

"I'm not sure," Miao Ying said again. "But I found out that they flew in from Yunyang! I already sent Zhang Yaohui to find the location of their plane. But, I feel that the place they went to shouldn't be too far from where we plan to go!"

"Let's drive in then!" Zhao Yu gave the idea. "When the car can't go any further, we will walk! Over a hundred kilometres, though, so let's hurry up. We might be able to catch up! Don't worry, something that couldn't be found for centuries won't be that easy to be found! Even if they took the plane, they might not find it before us!"

"Alright, that's our only bet!" Miao Ying nodded helplessly.

The two of them agreed to a meeting point, while Zhao Yu loaded all the equipment into the car. He went to pick Miao Ying up and drove towards the mountain in Yunyang county...
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