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394 To Tour or No

Although Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had thought of a way to solve the case, it still seemed a little tricky. In the past, the mountainous area, where the seniors visited, was very wide. To go there and locate the Tomb robbers, as well as to discover the whereabouts of the Gold Buddha, was akin to finding a needle in a haystack, and purely dependent on luck.

Moreover, any hypotheses were merely inferred from clues. It was yet unknown whether the Tomb robbers really did go to the mountain. As this was just a speculation, the Lead would not be able to send large-scale armed police forces or mountain patrol teams to search the mountain.

Miao Ying was still thinking hard on her way back to the police station. She wanted to study the Buddhist sutras carefully, to see if she could find any clues to narrow the scope of the search, before heading to the mountain.

However, Zhao Yu's views differed from hers. He believed that the seniors were acquainted with the flood. Thus, his opinion was that they only needed to search along the river, where the flood occurred in the past.

They might not be able to catch any Tomb robber, or locate the whereabouts of the Gold Buddha during this trip. But as long as they were able to find any clue left by some Tomb robber, they would still be able to continue the investigation. The study of the Buddhist sutras was far too time-consuming, and it was difficult to achieve results in the short-term.

Zhao Yu had the Miracle System in him, thus, he naturally knew what to do. As long as they were able to enter the mountain, and open the "gen" and "dui" hexagram while inside, there may be unexpected gains.

Not to forget, there were super detectors in his brain that could detect electronic devices. It was impossible that the Tomb robbers went to the mountain empty-handed. With his special abilities, the chances of locating the Tomb robbers greatly increased.

Because of their differing views, they drove back to the police station without reaching an agreement. Finally, Miao Ying decided to first report the progress of the case to Bureau Chief Luan, before deciding what to do.

However, no one knew that, when…

As Miao Ying reported to Bureau Chief Luan, she received an unexpected announcement. Bureau Chief Luan told Miao Ying that the City Council Lead had issued an order that, due to the assault incident she had been involved with at the Cultural Relic Bureau, the Rongyang District had to stop the investigation of the Tomb Murder Case immediately. What's worse, Miao Ying was ordered to take a week off!

Bureau Chief Luan did not dare to offend Miao Ying. When he made the announcement, he took a stand for Miao Ying, and said that this was the decision of the leaders, who had given him no chance to defend her case. He reminded Miao Ying that the Rongyang police department had cracked a few big cases, and persuaded Miao Ying not to offend the leaders because of this one case.

Back in the office, when the agents heard the announcement, they were very surprised. Ordering Miao Ying to take a break was an indirect way for the leaders to tell her to reflect upon her own actions.

"Gosh!" Zhao Yu felt sympathy for Miao Ying, and shouted, "Feng Xiao is such a double-dealer! On one hand, he said that he would not pursue the matter. On the other hand, he turned his back and told on us! What a villain! Wait and see how I take my revenge on him!"

"No, no!" Lan Bo said hurriedly, squinting. "I know Uncle Feng very well. He always honors his words, and would not have told on us."


Zhao Yu pondered this assertion. Feng Xiao, an Interpol Captain with the full authority to handle Miao Ying's assault incident, did not need to go back on his words.

"Needless to say!" Miao Ying said matter-of-factly, "I believe it must be Fu Jianxing behind the stunt!"

"Fu Jianxing?" Zhao Yu was surprised.

"But… it was unlikely to be Fu Jianxing…" Lan Bo said with a frown. "He spoke quite naturally."

"No! You guys do not know him well!" Miao Ying shook her head and said, "Fu Jianxing used to work in Ruyang. At that time, people gave him the nickname, "Back Stabber". Not only was he good at cracking cases, he was also good at back-stabbing! I heard he had a close personal relationship with the leaders from the City Council. It must be him who betrayed me!"

"That villain!" Zhao Yu saw through the plan and hurriedly said, "Fu Jianxing must have thought that we were his biggest stumbling block during his investigation, and that must be why he wanted to get rid of us! I would not allow that to happen! Robbing us of the information, passing sarcastic remarks, and provoking us, were all planned by Fu Jianxing single-handedly!"

"Are you sure? He was that scheming?" Lan Bo slammed the table and said, "We have fallen for their tricks! Most people would not have passed such sarcastic remarks… Damn… Captain Miao, it was entirely my fault!"

"No worries, it was my oversight!" Miao Ying sighed and said, "At the Cultural Relic Bureau, they did not pursue the matter, as they did not have supporting reasons to do so. If under scrutiny, the leaders would have seen that it was them who had started it all! That must be the reason why he appeared nice, all the while hiding a treacherous intent."

"So… What can we do?" Zhang Yaohui said gloomily, "Once Captain Miao goes on leave, we would not be able to do anything! Surely you do not expect us to sit back and watch Moyang branch solve the Tomb Murder Case? I refuse to concede defeat!"

"Well, you are not the only one who refuses to concede defeat!" Xiao Liuyi sighed.

While everyone was at their wits ends, Liang Huan ran hurriedly into the room and exclaimed, "Great! Captain Miao and Zhao Yu, I am so glad you are both here! I gathered the Buddhist sutras of Gold Buddha Temple, and even invited several experts to help. They found out that the Buddhist sutras included "Ten Virtuous Precepts" and "The Sutra on the Buddha's Bequeathed Teachings". It was probably due to the fact that the sutras were from different ancient regions, but the sutras from Qinshan were different from the normal ones!"

Liang Huan distributed printed copies of the information he had found for everyone's reference. He added, "The Tomb robbers could only find our local sutras, but not from the Internet. Moreover, the Gu Lian pond had the following engraved inscription, "Morro Sutra" and "Half Formosa Sutra". These sutras were unique to our Qinshan region, and were discontinued outside of Qinshan!"

Upon hearing that news, all of the agents had a sullen look.

Although Liang Huan noticed the sullen looks on their faces, he continued, "I heard that the library of the Cultural Relic Bureau was robbed of some information about the Golden Stone! I have checked and found out that the lost information was specially put together by an expert from the Cultural Relic Bureau, much of which contained the sutras unique to Qinshan."

"What a pity! The Golden Stone expert died of illness before he finished putting together all the information. The Cultural Relic Bureau was trying to find someone to complete the unfinished job. It was a great pity that the stolen information was the only existing copy!"

"In my opinion, the Tomb robbers must be searching for clues of the Gold Buddha from that information. As the information was incomplete, that must be why they returned to the Gold Buddha temple, to continue their search. Hmm…"

Liang Huan noticed the abnormal silence in the room and asked, "Why… are all of you not saying anything?"


Before anyone could respond, a telephone suddenly rang.

"Hello?" Li Beini answered the phone. She stood up and repeated, "What did you say?! The City Museum was also robbed? The surveillance hard disk was changed? So… what was robbed? What?! Nothing was robbed? Then… when was this discovered?"

"Wow!" Liang Huan gave an astonished look and told Zhao Yu, "Look! I knew it! These two venues and the Tomb robbers were all cursed! I would never have believed that the Gold Buddha did not exist!"

Zhao Yu ignored Liang Huan, looked over at Miao Ying, and asked, "Captain Miao, a penny for your thoughts? Since you are going on leave anyway, how about taking a tour to the depths of the Qin mountains with me?"