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382 Trying to Cheat One Another

Turned out, Yang Hong and Huahua had been waiting for Zhao Yu to appear. They wanted to express their heartfelt gratitude for Zhao Yu in person. They knew that Zhao Yu was occupied with work, so they did not call him in the morning but paid close attention to his door.

Huahua knelt before Zhao Yu and wept while she hugged his legs. "Bro Yu, thank you so much. If it wasn't you, I would have…I would have… Woo…"

"What's going on? Get up quickly…" Zhao Yu quickly helped her up. As he was still carrying the big box in his hands, he strenuously opened his anti-theft door. "Come, come into the house, then we can talk…"

When Zhao Yu finally put down the box, Huahua jumped into his arms again. "Bro Yu, no matter what, I will pay you back what I owe you! This time, I learned my lesson. I will be good from now on! Woo…"

Looking at Huahua wailing, Zhao Yu was in a despondent mood. In his previous life, he had seen scenes just like this every day.

Huahua was considered lucky since Zhao Yu had solved her problem for her! But, regarding others who owed loan sharks money, who would be this lucky? They were either beaten to a pulp with cuts and bruises all over his body or they were forced to sell their house, car, and wives! Women like Huahua would have a worse ending…

"Alright, money is nothing big!" Zhao Yu helped Huahua up and told her solemnly, "Wait till you have money, then you can slowly give it back to me! Huahua, it's not that I, Zhao Yu, am pretending to be sage, but as a police officer, I have to remind you that you better leave the work that you used to be in! You won't come across any good person in that business!" When he said that, Zhao Yu looked up and took a glance at Yang Hong. Yang Hong hung her head low as she couldn't cut in and comment.

"How about this. I have a friend that runs a gym," Zhao Yu said. "If you are willing to switch to a proper job, go ahead and try it out. There should still be openings!"

"I've thought about it," Huahua cried. "I don't want to stay in this job either! No one treated me like a human! Bro Yu, I do not know how to thank you! Sis Hong has already asked for help and got me a job in a veterinary hospital, and I will go to work very soon. Although my pay isn't high, at least it's clean money! Bro Yu, don't worry, I will be good!"

"That's good! That's good!"

Zhao Yu chatted with the two women for a while. Yang Hong could tell that Zhao Yu was exhausted, so she dragged Huahua back with her in the end.

Hearing the door close next door, Zhao Yu felt that a door in his heart opened. Although Huahua was not related to him by blood, seeing Huahua switch to a legal job and turn over a new leaf gave him a sense of satisfaction. He felt relaxed and satisfied.

"Is this the feeling of doing a good deed?" he wondered.

"Aiyo…" Zhao Yu bent down to open the box. Although he spent some money on Huahua, all in all, he didn't lose anything! He wondered how much the vase actually cost. He searched on the internet with his cellphone. In the end, the result was surprising. According to the price on the internet, a similar Jun kiln vase at a previous auction was sold at about nine-million and six-hundred thousand dollars!

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu thought. He looked at his antique vase. Although there was a crack on the body, it would still cost at least a few million. This…this was not considered a loss, he gained an advantage. "Hehehe… Mister Li Xiusheng is definitely my VIP. I'd better get in touch with him more frequently in the future," he thought. Then, Zhao Yu went to the bathroom to take a shower while he opened a surveillance video in his head.

It turned out, although Zhao Yu praised Li Xiusheng, he didn't believe in him! A cruel businessman that was smooth and slick like Li Xiusheng, Zhao Yu needed to be careful with him! So, when Liu Xiusheng bid him goodbye earlier, Zhao Yu purposely put an invisible camera on him to be able to keep him under watch at all times.

Zhao Yu knew that Li Xiusheng helped him with the case investigation because Zhao Yu knew about the illegal things he had done. People like him would never easily be brought under submission. So, within a short period of time, he would take action! Besides, Zhao Yu also knew that even Fat Sausage had a bunch of henchmen. As the big boss behind the scene, Li Xiusheng, of course, would be even more powerful! If he didn't want Zhao Yu to spread rumors, he would take extreme measures, and Zhao Yu would be in danger!

Although Li Xiusheng sounded trustworthy and made promises, Zhao Yu wouldn't believe in him. He was worried as he suspected Li Xiusheng might be related to the gang of grave robbers, and Li Xiusheng didn't want to tell Zhao Yu because he was afraid that he would be dragged down. Due to those multiple factors, Zhao Yu used a precious invisible camera without hesitation.

In the end, Zhao Yu didn't guess wrong. Just when he was taking his shower and watching the surveillance video, he realized something. Li Xiusheng was not a simple man. From the camera, he could see that he was busy with something in a hidden corner, even though the sky was dark. Besides him, there was his plump wife and two other men. Zhao Yu had seen information about Li Xiusheng's background, and he knew that the two men were his sons! The family of four were moving some things into the cellar under one of his flower stores. They moved the various boxes from his BMW car into the cellar.

"Hehehe…" Looking at the scene before his eyes, Zhao Yu couldn't help but hum a happy melody and enjoy his shower even more…

At about ten at night, Zhao Yu was getting ready for bed. Li Xiusheng and his family were finally done with their work. They took things from each storehouse and hid in a flower shop named Southern Flower Shop.

"That's interesting!" Zhao Yu thought. Looking at those boxes of various sizes, Zhao Yu naturally knew what was in those boxes. Within a minute's time, Zhao Yu thought of no less than a hundred types of despicable ideas to gain a fortune… But through monitoring, Zhao Yu realized that although Liu Xiusheng was an underground cultural relic seller, he shouldn't be related to the gang of grave robbers in the Tomb Murder Case!

So, Zhao Yu decided to let Li Xiusheng off the hook for now. When Zhao Yu was hungry again, he would utilize him again. Resolving the case was the priority.

Zhao Yu was really sleepy. He lied on the bed for a while and fell asleep. But it was destined to be a troubled sleep. From the night before, there were many things that happened, especially regarding the progress of the Tomb Murder Case. Zhao Yu inevitably had many nightmares. He even dreamt about lying in a coffin with another woman in an ancient costume in the coffin…