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381 What Was Lacking?

"The Moyang Branch is amazing!" Over the phone, Li Beini was exclaiming, "We watched Yunyang's surveillance videos so many time but we couldn't find anything. But the older detectives in their branch found the problem really quickly!"

"The old detective, did she meant Fu Jianxing?!" Zhao Yu wondered.

"Guess what, bro?" Li Beini sounded slightly jealous. "A school bus! Never would've thought of it, right? The grave robbers used a school bus to transport the stolen goods out of the city!"

"The f*ck! School bus? So amazing!" Zhao Yu was shocked.

"That right! Liu looked at it so many times but didn't notice!" Li Beini continued, "But the old detectives from Moyang Branch could tell! He looked through the records of Yunyang County and found out that the entire county had no school buses! When they took another closer look at the surveillance video, he found that the school bus was modified, and the license plate was fake too!"

Amazing! Zhao Yu sighed, the grave robbers were all experts too! They even thought of using a fake school bus to transport the stolen goods? Whether it was the traffic police or police detectives, who would have noticed that there was something fishy about a school bus? Amazing! Really amazing! But what was even more amazing was Fu Jianxing. Who would have guessed that he could even tell that it was fake? He definitely deserved the nickname Sherlock Holmes!

"But since the license plate is fake, how did they find the stolen goods?" Zhao Yu quickly asked.

"That's easy!" Li Beini answered. "As it is a school bus, it is very eye-catching! All of Moyang Branch took all the surveillance videos from all the locations where the school bus had passed through and traced it to an old factory on the outer ring of Qinshan! Then, naturally, they found the relics!"

"Beini! If the relics were found, how about the grave robbers? Have they caught anyone?" Zhao Yu asked quickly. "And the gold Buddha. Among the relics that they retrieved, did they bring up anything about the gold Buddha?"

"Gold Buddha? What does that mean? I don't understand?" Li Beini said. "As of now, there is no news about any arrest. Captain Miao sent Zhang Yaohui and the others to the crime scene! Our hard work before just went down the drain!"

"Forget about all that. Once you get an update, keep me posted!" Zhao Yu ordered and put down the phone. Suddenly, he recalled the scene where he ran into Fu Jianxing at the entrance of the tomb earlier.

"That's weird?! Theoretically, Fu Jianxing should be looking for relics with the other detectives then, but…why did he return to the ancient tomb by himself? And the few old men with white hair around him looked like heritage experts too. Maybe…Fu Jianxing found out that there was something wrong with the ancient tomb too?" Zhao Yu thought.

"He realized that there were many relics left behind by the grave robbers so he linked it with the dozens of statues of gold Buddhas too?! Aiyo, that's not fun at all!"

It seemed that, with Fu Jianxing's existence in the competition, Moyang Branch had been ahead of all the other branches. It was as though they were one step away from victory!

"Phew…" Zhao Yu let out a deep breath, and suddenly, he felt weary and his head was heavy. Then, he suddenly remembered that he hadn't slept for one whole day after the fight with Fat Sausage in the rain last night. Since early morning, he had visited detention center and meddled with Li Xiusheng without any break.

"What? They found the relics?" Li Xiusheng guessed as he answered the call.

Zhao Yu had nothing to hide so he told him the truth. Li Xiusheng heard and nodded. "If so, that could be confirmed that it's some outsiders' doings! Locals wouldn't hide their stolen goods in an abandoned factory. Police officers, what about the gold Buddhas…"

Zhao Yu shook his head and said it was still uncertain. The two of them had no need to stay at the ancient tomb so they drove straight back to Qinshan.

On the way back, Zhao Yu received another update about the case. Moyang Police had found the stolen relics from the Prefect's tomb, but they didn't find any trace of the grave robbers. The warehouse where they left the stolen relics had nobody inside! Besides, Zhang Yaohui had confirmed that among the relics, there were definitely no gold Buddhas!

Zhao Yu knew that gold Buddhas were considered as a national treasure. If they were discovered at the scene, there would be news about it. There were only three reasons if there was no discovery:

First, also the worst reason, the grave robbers had already gotten the gold Buddhas from the tomb. As the value of the gold Buddhas was way higher than everything else, they did not hide their relics with the gold Buddhas, but transported them away via other channels! If that was true, it would be very difficult to find the relics!

The second reason was that there were no gold Buddhas at all in the ancient tomb, and the criminals did not find any of them.

The third one was similar to the second one—the entire case was not related to the gold Buddha at all, and it was only a legend!

But as there were no gold Buddhas and they didn't arrest the grave robbers, the Tomb Murder Case was still going on, and the competition between the police branches was still going on too! Theoretically speaking, Rongyang Branch still had a chance!

When Zhao Yu sent Li Xiusheng back to Flower Market Street, the sky had turned dark. Before he left, Li Xiusheng held his hands together and bowed slightly at Zhao Yu. He said that, although they found the relics, no one had been arrested. If he heard anything, he would tell Zhao Yu immediately. Zhao Yu bowed back politely and promised that he would keep his promise.

Exiting Flower Market Street, Zhao Yu was so sleepy that he couldn't keep his eyes open. So he did not return to the police station but drove home directly, without returning the police car or his gun. Just when Zhao Yu parked his car and walked upstairs, the system's ending notification rang. As he had gotten that day's hexagram at dawn, Zhao Yu felt as though it had been very long time!

The system told Zhao Yu that the completion rate for that day was eighty-nine percent, and he was rewarded with a new device called the invisible loudspeaker. The aptly-titled Invisible Loudspeaker, after activation, could expand his voice without using a loudspeaker.

Zhao Yu was upset as he couldn't understand why he was awarded such a useful device yet received such a low completion rate after the fight with Fat Sausage last night and had spent all day working hard to solve the case.

"What on earth am I lacking?" he wondered. "'Dui-Kan' hexagram, right? 'Dui' hexagram, I managed to get Jun Kiln porcelain. Isn't that considered a form of wealth? As for the 'Kan' hexagram, I rescued Huahua. Does that not count as having an intimate relationship with a woman? Do I have to do something with her to have the system consider the hexagram completed?"

Zhao Yu pondered carefully for a while and seemed to realize something.

Firstly, the porcelain vase that he had gotten from Li Xiusheng was way more valuable than what Zhao Yu had gotten it for. He was practically a con-artist!

Secondly, what happened to Huahua could actually have been solved peacefully, but he insisted on venting his anger and had nearly crippled all the henchmen. So, that seemed to be too violent.

Thirdly, although he was investigating the case wholeheartedly, as there was no "Gen" hexagram, it was totally unrelated. So, even if he had solved the case, it wouldn't have increased his completion rate.

"It seems like the system upholds its principles. I need to do good deeds! Do good deeds, do good deeds!" Zhao Yu thought to himself.

Zhao Yu whined in his mind and thought, "Are there so many good deeds to be done? Sometimes to deal with bad guys, we have to be worse than them! Just like the arrogant Fat Sausage and the rest of them. If I did not get my 'an eye for an eye', how could I feel better?!"

As Zhao Yu was carrying the box with the vase while grabbing his keys to open the door with his other hand, the anti-theft door opposite suddenly opened. He saw Yang Hong and Huahua walk out from inside their house, and Huahua suddenly knelt before Zhao Yu…