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369 The Extra Money

In the middle of the night, it was pouring.

Yang Hong was giving Zhao Yu a call on the staircase, and she looked like a cat on a hot tin roof. Zhao Yu could tell that there must be something urgent!

"Alright!" He had just gotten himself a "Kan" hexagram and it was fulfilled so quickly. Plus, he had gotten the hexagram because he had sneezed due to the cold air.

"Ah…Hero, please keep my sweet dreams…" Even though he was out in the heavy rain, Zhao Yu's ringtone was still attention-grabbing.

"Huh? Police Officer Zhao! Police Officer Zhao!!!" Yang Hong looked up and saw Zhao Yu, who was holding an umbrella. She looked as though she had seen her life savior. She dashed into the rain and dragged Zhao Yu to the staircase.

"Sis, what is it? It's the middle of the night," Zhao Yu quickly asked.

"Hua…Huahua…" Yang Hong was panting, "Huahua is in trouble. I…I have no idea who to look for! Officer Zhao, please, save her!"

"Huahua?" Zhao Yu was surprised. He quickly supported Yang Hong and asked, "Why is Huahua in trouble again? What happened?"

"Huahua owed a loan shark money. Today, she was taken by the loan shark!" Yang Hong's tears ran down her cheeks, and no one could tell whether it was the rain or her tears. "I knew there was something wrong when Huahua did not return today! Police Officer Zhao, save her, please, I beg you!"

"Loan shark?" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows. "Why would Huahua owe a loan shark money? I thought her family was quite rich? Her father runs a puppy mill, right?"

"Cough! It was just her being stubborn." Yang Hong was almost shouting. "Her father does rear dogs but he was squeezed out by the people of the same trade. The litter of dogs that finally grew up were all poisoned! Her father lost all his capital. Not only did he owe people money, but he also fell sick!

"This…I didn't know about this earlier, and that kid didn't tell anyone! Then she went to borrow money from the loan shark, this kid…"

"But…my dog! Huahua's father operated on my dog!" Zhao Yu refused to believe it.

"That I'm not sure of!" Yang Hong held Zhao Yu's arms and said, "Maybe, Huahua did it somewhere else. Officer Zhao, the money that Huahua owes is not something that just happened in a day or two. She is still a kid. Now that she's been caught by those people, I don't know what will happen! Consider us your neighbors, please save her!"

"Sis, don't panic!" Zhao Yu from his previous life had constantly run into such matters; it was as common to him as having a meal. Hence, although he was worried about Huahua's safety, he was clear about the entire procedure. He advised Yang Hong, "This is nothing serious. Anything that can be solved with money is not an issue! Tell me, who took Huahua, and where did they bring her?"

"I'm not too sure who Huahua owed money to, I think it's someone called 'Fatty Sausage'!" Yang Hong said, "Oh…Huahua called me earlier and told me to find money to save her. She gave me an address! Officer Zhao, you are a policeman, why not file a report?!"

"No!" Zhao Yu waved his hand. "Huahua borrowed money from a loan shark. It is right and proper for one to pay their debt. We don't break the regulations of the market! Sis, give me the address, I will solve it!"

"We don't file a police report? That…that bunch of people won't be easy to deal with!" Yang Hong was worried but she gave the address to Zhao Yu.

"Hehe." Zhao Yu comforted her with a smile on his face, "Sis, don't worry. We are going to pick a fight, not to reason things out, what would we file a police report for?"


Fifteen minutes later, Zhao Yu and Yang Hong took a cab and arrived at an alley in Flower Market Street. Flower Market Street, as the name suggested, was ninety percent flower vendors.

The two of them looked around under their umbrella for the address, and finally found a pergola that was still lit up.

"Sis Hong, wait for me out here. I will go in to get Huahua!" Zhao Yu gestured at a dark place that could shelter her from the rain, then turned around and walked towards the main entrance of the flower store.

Looking at Zhao Yu's receding figure, it tugged at Yang Hong's heartstrings. She felt that Zhao Yu's body was much taller and powerful than before.

Knock knock knock… Zhao Yu knocked on the door. Someone asked through the peephole, "Who are you looking for?"

"I'm here to help Huahua pay her debt," Zhao Yu said calmly. "You called earlier, I am her family member!"

"Oh…hold on!" The person inside went to report to someone. He returned to open the door after a while.

The air in the flower store was damp and stuffy. It was surrounded by various kinds of plants. Under the dim light, Zhao Yu saw the person who had opened the door for him was half naked. Ninety percent of the short, young man was covered with tattoos.

Further back in the flower store, there were another five to six men that were covered with tattoos! All of them had cigarettes dangling from their lips while they played paijiu. They were swearing like troopers, and Zhao Yu could tell that they weren't good people.

"Did you bring the money?" The short one looked at Zhao Yu in disdain. "Do you know how much to pay?"

"You called so last minute, how could I get cash?" Zhao Yu calmly said, "Don't worry, I brought my card! Show me Huahua first!"

"Alright! You know the rules!" The short guy snapped his fingers and pointed at the stairs. "Follow me!"

Zhao Yu followed him up to the second floor. The flower store was a wooden house. Walking on the stairs made of wood, there was creaking sound.

Zhao Yu walked upstairs while he looked at the surroundings. The second floor was obviously smaller than the first floor. There was a living room, and a super fat guy sitting on the couch in the living room! The fat guy weighed a ton. He wore a black T-shirt that looked like a curtain. The back of his right ear to his right arm was covered in tattoos. At that moment, the fat guy was watching a TV show attentively. When he saw Zhao Yu, he only took a glance.

"Bro Sausage," the short guy bent down and told him, "this person is here to pay the girl's debt!" The short guy introduced him, and there were suddenly four or five brawny men that came out from the next room. These people were all covered in tattoos too, and they all looked ferocious, as though they ate humans.

"Woo woo… Woo woo…" The room door opened and Zhao Yu heard Huahua weeping.

Zhao Yu looked into the room wanted to see where Huahua was, but a man with a ponytail raised a pair of woman's white panties and blocked the door. This guy smiled maliciously, and he even covered his nose with the panties and took a deep breath. He then produced a look of twisted enjoyment, looking psychopathic.

"We are only here for the money. If you follow the rules, we will too. Do you understand?!" Then, the fat guy called 'Fat Sausage' slowly said, while his eyes were still fixed on the TV screen, "Ah Gui, get the bill!" The short guy understood his boss's intention and he quickly beckoned to one of the other men.

"Coming." A scrawny man came before Zhao Yu and said, "The girl borrowed one-hundred and ninety-thousand in total. It has been three months, and according to our interest scheme, you need to return two-hundred and seventy-six thousand and forty-eight dollars. But, we are doing a promotion, and we will give you ten percent off. Two hundred and forty-eight thousand! We see that you didn't bring any cash, are you paying with card?"

"Hehehe." Zhao Yu shook his head and laughed. "You guys are nice. Even loan sharks give discounts? That's interesting!" While laughing, Zhao Yu took out his bank card from his wallet.

Ah Gui saw and quickly brought over a card machine. Zhao Yu keyed in his pin, and he quickly transferred two-hundred and forty-eight thousand over!

Looking at Ah Gui nodding, Fat Sausage then waved at the man with a ponytail and the others. The man with a ponytail quickly went into the room and led Huahua out.

At first, Zhao Yu was suppressing his anger and never thought of getting violent, but when Huahua was brought out, he saw that Huahua looked messy and her face was covered with bruises. It was obvious that she had been hit!

"Woo woo woo …Zhao…Bro Yu… Woo woo woo…" Huahua saw that the person who had come to save her was Zhao Yu, and she suddenly burst into tears and fell into Zhao Yu's embrace.

"Don't cry, my lady! Noh…Let's give this back to you…" The man with the ponytail passed the white panties to Huahua. It was only then that Zhao Yu realized that Huahua's skirt was torn. She had definitely suffered while she was in the room earlier.

Sigh! Looking at the people around, Zhao Yu lifted his head and sighed. He then hugged Huahua's head, and told Ah Gui, "Hey boy, there's three-hundred thousand in my card," Zhao Yu said seriously. "I will key in the pin again. I will transfer all of it to you!"

Listening to what Zhao Yu said, everyone was shocked. No one had ever seen such a customer who wanted to pay more.

"Humph, Bro!" Fat Sausage finally looked away from the TV and asked Zhao Yu curiously, "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Zhao Yu laughed and his face suddenly grew stern as he said, "The extra money is for your…medical fees!!!"