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364 Give A Dog A Bad Name and Hang Him

"Ah~ Hero, please chase after my sweet dream with me..."

At the most crucial moment, Zhao Yu's handphone rang to stir up more trouble.

Damn it!

Zhao Yu quickly turned off his phone and ran before the door to block against the door. At the same time, Fu Jianxing next door seemed to hear something and he didn't talk anymore.

"Open the door. Why do you lock the main door when you are using the toilet? I'm dying to use the toilet!" the lady outside the door was obviously in a hurry.

Tsk tsk...

Zhao Yu panicked and he was in cold sweat. But, he suddenly recalled that there was a device that he had gotten few days ago, called the Invisible Voice Changer. After activation, he could change his voice.

Under his eagerness, Zhao Yu immediately tapped it to use and changed his voice into a female's voice. Then, he shouted, "Hey madam, I am have a very bad stomach ache and I can't move. Isn't there another toilet in the backyard?"

"Oh, true that!" the lady heard a woman answered from inside. Then, she quickly covered her stomach and ran downstairs. But halfway down the stairs, she suddenly recalled, "Hey? That's not right? In the entire inn, I am the only woman. Where did the woman in the toilet come from? And, the toilet in the backyard was made for men to pee. There isn't any pit. Why am I going there for?"

Then, the old lady covered her stomach and ran back up. When she returned to the toilet, she realised that the door was unlocked and there was no one inside!

"Hey? What's the person? Is it… Is it an illusion?" The old lady hesitated but she was suddenly hit by the pain in her stomach and she turned around to enter the toilet.

Just when she got it, the male toilet door was pushed open. Fu Jianxing exited from the toilet puzzled and seemed to realise something.

But, he saw that there was no one there so he couldn't find out anything. So, he turned around to return to his room.

Aiyo, fuck!

Zhao Yu obviously fled back to his room in lightning speed. That moment, he was covered in cold sweat. Luckily, his brain was fast enough and he used the device just in time.

But Zhao Yu faintly felt, That Fu Jianxing is so smart, he must have felt something.

Miao Ying got it right. That man is quite amazing. Not only is he a first-rate case resolver, his point of view is also quite unique. How can he tell that I, Zhao Yu is his only match?


Zhao Yu snorted and thought, Fu Jianxing, I will figure out a way to prank you and make you withdraw from the game! Otherwise, keeping an expert in the game, my wish to resolve the case earlier might be hard to realise.

But, the phone rang earlier, I'd better check my phone first!

He unlocked it and saw that it was from Lan Bo. When he returned the call, Zhao Yu was surprised to hear the noises,

"Bro Yu, a few of us are here at Yunyang Traffic Department to get the videos! But there is already a large crowd here and it's just like a market. I think, it was not only us that wanted to get the surveillance videos! The other branches are here too!"

"Seriously?" Zhao Yu pouted and thought to himself. It seems that the police detectives that are in charge of the tomb murder case are not anyone easy to deal with. Then, he quickly exhorted, "Lan Bo, I don't care if you need to fight for it, you have to grab the surveillance videos! Otherwise, the few of you would be Rongyang Branch's disgrace!"

"I know, I know!" Lan Bo answered quickly, "But the Yunyang Traffic Department is a mess. They are reporting to the municipal bureau now! I heard them saying to make copies and what not. I reckon, it will most likely be distributed to each branch. Don't worry. There would be ours definitely!"

"Alright, then you guy watch closely! And..." Zhao Yu recalled something Fu Jianxing said and told them, "When you get the videos, look for suspicious vehicle that appeared at the junction to came in and out of Yunyang during the time frame between twenty to thirty days. Understand?"

"Okay, got it!"

Then, Lan Bo hung up the phone call.

Zhao Yu checked his watch and saw that it was already half past seven at night and the sky was almost dark. According to Fu Jianxing's prediction, municipal bureau would send the autopsy report to their handphones in no time. Once they identified the victim, it would be the starting pistol gun shot that signified the competition to solve the case had begun!

But, whether or not the victim was a grave robber, he felt that there was no need for him to stay in the inn to wait. He might as well return to the city and he might be faster than the others.

Although Zhao Yu was puffed up with arrogance normally, he knew himself well enough. That was his first time to come across real detectives and he couldn't help but be triggered.

Hence, he believed that his only advantage compared to the other detectives was that he was young and he could run faster than them. So, he had to make use of his advantage and take swift action.

The thunderstorm continued and it was difficult to get a cab in the remote area in Yunyang County. Zhao Yu wanted to go to Yunyang Traffic Department to find Lan Bo and the team but he thought it wouldn't be appropriate. In the end, he called for a car on Didi App.

After about fifteen minutes, a white Ford Focus stopped at the entrance of the inn. Zhao Yu got onto the car and realised that the driver was a fashionably dressed woman!

He looked at the woman and Zhao Yu suddenly recalled, I got a "Gen-Kan" hexagram this morning. Would this woman be the woman that I need to encounter in my miracle adventure?

The woman was quite a good talker. She drove while she chatted with Zhao Yu and they got familiar really soon.

Turned out, the woman's hometown was in Yunyang County and she happened to return to attend a funeral. As her company called her in for an emergency overtime, she had to rush back to Qinshan through the night. Then, she saw Zhao Yu's request, so she responded to make some extra income along the way.

But there was something in Zhao Yu's mind and he was constantly looking at the information on his handphone while waiting for the autopsy report to be sent out by the municipal bureau. At the time being, he even wanted Lan Bo to get his dad's assistance, who was an officer in municipal bureau to provide him news ahead of the other!

"Oh yeah, you saw the news, right? They found a big tomb at West Cow Mountain! From the Ming Dynasty! It was already unearthed by the archeologist!" Unconsciously, the woman brought up the topic, "let me tell you, now everyone on the streets and lanes are talking about it. There are so many strange things happening in this world! Guess what, when they opened the coffin, there was a human being lying inside! He was rushed to the hospital for treatment now. Don't know whether if he is alive or not. Isn't it bizarre?"

The fuck...

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows tightly and he finally understood the theory of give a dog a bad name and hang him.

"I did not make this up. My cousin works for those archeologists. He saw it with his own eyes!" The woman continued talking, "That is an ancient tomb from the Ming Dynasty. There should be ancient corpse in an ancient coffin. But, it is the first time to hear a human lying inside! It is just like the movie!"

Then, the friendly woman started telling Zhao Yu about the history of Yunyang. She said that, Qinshan city was called Luya back in the days but according to the archeologist's research, the exact location of Luya's palace was not in Qinshan but was in Yunyang County. She also mentioned that there were stele and historical remains as proof.

Zhao Yu did not pay attention but was pondering about the case in his mind.

Unconsciously, he recalled what Fu Jianxing was talking about. He suspected that the murderer of the tomb murder case should be perverse and psychopathic. The reason why he hid the dead body into the coffin was out of fun. And, the murderer was ruthless, so he should be someone with crime record!

Suddenly, when Zhao Yu refocused on the word "crime record", his mind popped up the novel idea that he thought of earlier.

The Tomb Murder Case before his eyes, was a modern person's dead body in an ancient coffin from the Ming Dynasty. The dead body was even wearing modern clothing!

But in his impressions, there was another bizarre case that was the total opposite...