Crazy Detective
360 A Seductive Vest Line
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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360 A Seductive Vest Line

" before i knew you, i was homeless. after knowing you, i was ill."

"i thought you were just a brief episode, and never thought of you as an immortal legend…"

zhao yu's police career was continued in the song...

with the regret of the last celebration banquet, zhao yu began the practice of hexagram every day. however, somehow the system also needed to warm up or something, although he had began exploring the hexagram, yet he failed to encounter any powerful adventure. sometimes, he did not receive any prop at the end of a day, either.

apparently, regardless of how big the case, important the case or odd the case was, all were not happening every day. basically, the key case investigation unit had had nothing to do except work on several trivial cases for the past month.

however, captain miao seemed to prepare for a lot of things in advance. she had organized many training activities and practical exercises in succession.

all the detectives were using this rare time to replenish their knowledge of investigation and to learn some advanced methods of investigation as well. moreover, they also practised on their way to track criminals, and en route to the deployment while arresting criminals, and so on...   

furthermore, in accordance with the corpses in the bank case, miao ying asked all the detectives to write a criminal record collectively. in the memoir, they were using the criminal, qiu xinyang, as a personal example to indicate the importance of crisis counseling after a disaster, in hopes that the relevant part could be paid more attention to.  

if someone could discover that qiu xinyang's psychology had deviated after the tunnel disaster, and persuaded him at once, perhaps qiu xinyang would not have the death knot of his mother having been starving to death, and it would not have lead to a series of other deaths as well!

just like da fei stated, the arrest of the criminal did not represent the completion of the case. the police should analyze the cause through the case, alert the world, and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

the days were passed with fulfillment and were organized. apart from their regular duty and responsibilities, the relationship between zhao yu and miao ying was getting closer as well.

in order to be close to his lady, zhao yu almost acted like a rascal, forcing miao ying to become his master and asking her to teach him the skills of shooting and martial arts.

but miao ying just said, "you, zhao yu, are able to work out with so many special policemen, what's the point of you taking me as your master?"

however, zhao yu just smirked and said, "to forge iron, one must be strong; although, i know i am strong enough, but, as a young man with great ambition, i must keep a heart with a desire to advance, and thus, i need to take you as my master!"

miao ying mocked, planning to raise another difficulty, and said, "it's easy to become my pupil, but before this, you need to kowtow. it won't justifiable if you don't kowtow!"  

zhao yu laughed and replied immediately, "it's easy to kowtow, but there's an old saying: you need to slept with the master, if you want to learn well…"  


zhao yu flew out flatly, and experienced the feeling of flying again.  

but then, although it was just a joke for fun, miao ying had accepted him as a pupil. consequently, zhao yu had begun his pupil's life accordingly... 

the song continued: 

"how many men and women gather and part, there's a chance of one out of ten million to meet you."

"whatever the distance between us, i just want to be with you…"

within the song, several gunshot sounds were embedded. miao ying fired six shots at the shooting range, each shot having hit the crucial point.


but, when zhao yu finished the shutter bullet, the target remained clean! surprisingly, a lamp over the shooting range was broken! next, a cracking sound was bursting out, as miao ying opened her hands and beat zhao yu, who seemed like a leaping toad...

"every single word is hard, hard...where would the passed sweet mirth have been…"

in the sound of singing, zhao yu was pulling and introducing two trainers to miao ying at the newly added boxing hall of deep breathing club. the two trainers were attracted by miao ying's beauty. they stared at her lecherously, rushing to the stage and wanting to teach her the boxing's skill personally.

watching as miao ying and the two trainers were getting on stage, zhao yu was reluctant to see the blood, and so he turned around and covered his eyes at the same time.

the next moment, the two trainers flew off the stage successively, and vomited the sour water in their stomachs! the trainers and members were petrified once they witnessed the battle...

"if you knew it would be hard at the beginning...would you just go back to your way, back to your bridge…"

within the sound of the song, miao ying was hand in hand, teaching zhao yu the correct posture of boxing. zhao yu was also learning it earnestly.

however, miao ying was wearing a boxing training short, and her upper body was wearing professional tights at that moment. the attire was not merely showing the firm muscles and the snowy white shoulders, but also a nearly perfect vest line was revealed on her lower abdomen.

upon watching it, zhao yu was gulping down his saliva, his mind jumping around restlessly. during the course of fighting, he always wanted to flirt with miao ying, but then, he was badly beaten by her, until he had lost his sense of direction.

finally, under the pretext of drinking water, zhao yu was holding his head and hiding in the distance. miao ying saw zhao yu was fleeing, and she eventually faced the sandbag and continued to practice herself. a sound of banging was heard every once in awhile, as miao ying kicked the sandbag with her extraordinary long legs. miao ying had sweated a lot after the practice, yet she used a hair band to bundle up her mushroom haircut. in this way, she seemed valiant and extraordinarily chic!

miao ying was perspiring profusely now, as she shot her fists like lightning, lifting her legs like thunderbolts. all members were shocked and speechless upon watching her.

meanwhile, zhao yu stood on the other side of the sandbag, while drinking his water. he was pondering how to take advantage of her later.

unexpectedly, when the water was finished, zhao yu noticed that there was a lady wearing a bikini and throwing a flirtatious glance towards him from the yoga studio next door! this lady had admired zhao yu from the moment she first saw him beaten up by boss zhang previously. as of now, their eyes were met, and fascinatedly, she winked at him from across the hall!

however, zhao yu was not tempted by it. still, seeing the lady was splitting, he was wondering if her bikini would reveal more upon her splitting. hence, he used a cup to conceal himself, while he was tiptoeing and stretching his neck toward the lady to get a better look.

miao ying was beating the sandbag at that moment. suddenly, she saw zhao yu was acting furtively, and so turned around and shot a glance at him. finally, she gave a whirlwind kick to the sandbag, once she noticed zhao yu's nasty thoughts.

the sandbag hit at zhao yu's back, a powerful knockout! at last, only seeing zhao yu had drawn a wonderful parabola through the sky, and his whole face was attached to the glass outside the yoga studio. the women who were practicing yoga were startled...

"plainly we knew love sickness was pain, yet worried about you. after much thought, i would rather take the pain."

"plainly we knew love sickness was pain…"

the music gradually diminished, and the scene suddenly shifted to the depths of qinshan's vast mountains, an extremely remote area. although it was far away from the center population, at this moment, many vehicles were yet around, including a lot of heavy construction equipment.

among the cars, there was a commercial car marked with qinshan tv station, and a host beside it, who was reporting in front a camera:

"hello, everyone, we're now reporting to you at the excavation site of the tomb of wo niu ling." the host was a lady with long flowy hair, "behind me is the excavated site of the ancient tomb, the staff of cultural relic bureau have been digging here for five days, and as of now, the entire tomb path has been dug up, and the tomb gate is being demolished."

"according to the expert estimation, the tomb gate could be opened immediately. soon, this ancient tomb of the ming dynasty will be exposed under the sun, which is very exciting!"

"i have asked the experts just now, although it's not clear who is the owner of the tomb yet, but based on the tomb's size and structure, it should be a relatively high standard of tomb. as we all know, the ancient name of qinshan is called luya, and luya mansion played a very important role in ancient times. experts suspect that the owner of the tomb, either the king or duke, must belong to the nobility!" 

"but unfortunately, the staff found a burrow hole from the northwest corner of the tomb, so experts are now worried that the tomb may have been stolen…"      

ten minutes later, the host's voice rang out again, "ladies and gentlemen, the gate is open now, but due to some safety issues, only professionals are allowed to approach it, so we're not permitted. you can only follow our camera and have a look at it from a distance…" 

another ten minutes passed, the host continued her reporting again: "ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, experts have confirmed that the tomb has been destroyed by the tomb robber, but, based on the epitaphs on the scene, people found its owner, um... well... what's the matter?"

when the host was broadcasting, she found that many staff inside the tomb were running out of it. they kept running and shouting at the same time. it seemed like something unexpected had happened in the tomb...

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