Crazy Detective
358 I Like Eggs
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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358 I Like Eggs

Zhao Yu was asleep when the detectives took him as being a god of war.

He had not slept well for a long time, but now, he slept with a loud snoring and kept falling into dreamland.

The only small imperfection was that he had a particularly strange dream, in which he dreamed that Miao Ying was seriously injured and needed a blood transfusion from Zhao Yu. But after a blood test, he found that she and Zhao Yu were siblings!

Because of this dream, Zhao Yu almost awoke in fright, even having goosebumps after he woke up in the morning! After the dream lingering in his mind, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of its key point. Ultimately, he had such a strange dream because of his Miracle System.

His life would be fulfilled with a lot of unreasonable coincidences, as long as there was the presence of this Miracle System! Thereupon, after waking up today, Zhao Yu did not practice the hexagram as usual, he even endured not practicing it upon sneezing and coughing, either.

He felt that he was already becoming this now, so how could he withstand the tossing from the Miracle System? Could he still live if he got the 'Kun' hexagram again?

Finally, all the cases had been solved, so it would be better if he took advantage of this rare recovery period, and took a break from it!


Zhao Yu yawned, but dared not stretch his body. His ribs were braced and the collarbone was strapped for fixation. Therefore, he could not do any larger movements at all. Zhao Yu was wondering, how did he knock down Chen Hao with one punch last night?

The door opened, and Lan Bo came in with a lunch box. When he saw Zhao Yu was awake, he hurried in, and with a big smile on his face, said, "Yo, Bro Yu, you're awake! Look, I bought you an omelette, egg, and also porridge, plus a pack of pickles! Are you hungry? Hey, hey, hey…"

Lan Bo was smiling in an extraordinary sycophantic way, and this had caused Zhao Yu to unconsciously raise his eyebrows.

"Lan Bo, I got a question for you, the culprit…has the trial been completed?" Although he had used the Memory Clip device, now looking at Lan Bo, Zhao Yu's heart was filled with uncertainty. Then, he asked, "Are you all to be cleared, now that they were caught?"

"The trial is over, it is finished...Yeah, we all are cleared now! Wow, Bro Yu, no wonder you didn't mention it before! You are so awesome…"

Thereupon, Lan Bo told him all about yesterday's trial. After Zhao Yu had listened, he was now completely relieved. These props were really amazing. None of the criminals had mentioned the bulletproof and stealth, even Chen Hao had never mentioned a single word of it.

It seemed like this time, he could go through it perfectly! Not only that, for the sake of the Memory Clip device, all the detectives had already been stunned by Zhao Yu's capability, and so he had became famous!

"Come on, big hero!" Lan Bo lifted the egg and praised him. "Eat an egg to replenish your vitality!"

Indeed, Zhao Yu was really hungry at that moment. Hence, he picked up the egg to eat it. Unexpectedly, the door opened again, and he saw Yao Jia, who was wearing a long dress and had suddenly come in from outside, carrying a lot of things in her hand.

"Officer Zhao, I bought you some breakfast!" Yao Jia came in with a lighted face and walked towards Zhao Yu. Then, she began to take something out of her bag. "Here, you had lost a lot of blood from your wound yesterday, so I stayed up all night to make this red jujube wolfberry porridge for you. I've added the rock candy, fungus, and so on. Drink more, it can enrich the blood!"

"Oh… Besides, this is Tiramisu, which I made myself! And nut bread, with walnuts and almonds in it, so it's very nutritious…"

Seeing Yao Jia had brought so many upscale things to Zhao Yu, Lan Bo was stunned, and immediately pulled back the omelette to his side in order to give way for the others.

Yao Jia was deliberately wearing makeup today, and she looked great and charming. She was really a top beauty!


Lan Bo's eyebrows twisted into hemp, and he seemed like wanted to say something to Zhao Yu, but failed to voice it.

"Officer Zhao," after she put the things away, she kindly pointed to Zhao Yu's chest and said, "How do you feel about the braces on your ribs? If you're short of breath, I can help you to adjust it! And…"

While talking, she put an inflatable balloon on the edge of Zhao Yu's pillow and explained, "You can blow this balloon more, when you have nothing to do, since it's good for your ribs' recovery!"

"And I know you love to drink, but you must remember, alcohol is not good for your wound, so you must not drink it…"

While listening to Yao Jia's professional exhortations, Zhao Yu could not speak, but kept nodding his head. He vaguely felt that Yao Jia's feelings for him went beyond the limits of ordinary friendship!

But, at the same time, Zhao Yu also knew that Yao Jia had just broken up with her boyfriend. Currently, she just regarded him as a kind of dependence or sustenance, and she was not intending to cross over any boundary.

Sometimes the thing just seemed like this: the more vague of a feeling, the more difficult it was to deal with. Although Zhao Yu was so experienced in love affairs, he was unable to understand them all completely!

However, despite the relationship between him and Yao Jia, Zhao Yu was very clear in his heart, and even though Yao Jia looked exactly like his previous incarnation lover, in his heart, there would always be Miao Ying, no one else!

Zhao Yu was just like this. Although he was so uninhibited, he was not a double-minded person either. Previously, he used to mess around, just because he hadn't met Miao Ying yet. In this way, after some exhortations, Yao Jia left the ward and changed her clothes for work.

Seeing the beauty was leaving, Lan Bo clutched his chest and sighed, "It's really freaking me out! I'm so afraid that Captain Miao will come in suddenly and see you behaving affectionately toward the chief nurse! Officer Zhao, you're so amazing, there are so many beauties around you, even Captain Miao, such a cold hearted person, also… well…"

"Alas!" Zhao Yu sighed woefully and said, "I'm so handsome, and I can't help it, either!"

At that moment, Zhao Yu's face was bruised and swollen, he had been shaved and left with a bald head, which was now covered with gauze too. In fact, he could not even be considered handsome anymore!

"I'd better tell you the truth," Lan Bo said embarrassedly. "Actually, those breakfasts that I bought for you were bought by Captain Miao, and I just sent them to you! She got a meeting at the police station, and really can't make it! So overlook her ruthless face, as indeed, she really cares about you. "

"Oh… really?" Zhao Yu recalled the scene when he lifted the quilt yesterday, and it became memorable all of the sudden...

"Red jujube porridge, Tiramisu, Nut bread… this nurse is really very handy," said Lan Bo with envy. "Having such a good and caring breakfast, Bro Yu really has a good luck to be able to try them all!"

"No, you're wrong!" Zhao Yu said, as he pushed away Yao Jia's thing to Lan Bo, grabbing the egg and saying, "I'm from a poor family, so I used to eat egg, and don't like the misu! Here…" he pointed to those things and said, "Lan Bo, help me eat them! Don't waste the food! Come on... give me the pickles…"
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