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357 Rise to Fame with One Battle

Chen Hao had already regained consciousness from his coma. Zhang Yaohui and Ma Wei were looking after him, and were seated next to his bed. Ma Wei was holding a notebook, and looked like he was preparing to record Chen Hao's confession!

Among all the criminals, Chen Hao was the only one without handcuffs because both of him arms had been snapped by Zhao Yu. The doctor had had put in a lot of effort to put them back into place, so he wasn't required to wear handcuffs.

Although Chen Hao's mental state was shaky, his eyes were wide open. Obviously he had gotten better to the point where his confession could finally be recorded.

Shit! Zhao Yu groaned to himself. The memory clip device could only be used on a subject that was in a heavy stupor. In Chen Hao's current state, he couldn't use it at all!

Zhao Yu looked around the ward and he was glad he didn't see Miao Ying around!

Great! If Miao Ying was here, this would be hard. I've already gone this far; might as well go all the way.

Zhao Yu took huge strides and stopped next to Chen Hao's bed.

Chen Hao's thinking was still muddled, and he did not see Zhao Yu at first. Then, he suddenly saw the person standing before himself was the devil that had snapped both of his arms. He quivered in terror. He wanted to escape under his blanket, but he couldn't.

"Team Leader Zhao, why did you come here for?" Zhang Yaohui and Ma Wei stood up at the same time and greeted him.

Zhao Yu saw that Ma Wei was the one who was closest to Chen Hao, so he quickly pointed at the window behind Ma Wei and said, "Lao Ma, close the window, I can't catch a cold!"

"Oh…" Although he was puzzled, Ma Wei went to close the window obediently.

Then, just as Ma Wei went to close the window, Zhao Yu used all his strength to dash forward and land a heavy punch on Chen Hao's face, which caused him to suddenly faint!

"Aiya!" Zhang Yaohui's face grew pale. He quickly stopped Zhao Yu. Ma Wei did not care about closing the window, but quickly turned back to stop Zhao Yu.

To put on a full show, Zhao Yu yelled crazily, "Chen Hao, I… You wicked betrayer, it nearly cost me my life. I will not let this slip. I need to wreck you… Waya…."

After struggling for awhile, Zhao Yu sat on the seat in front of Chen Hao to catch his breath.

"Aiya! This… What should we do?!" Looking at the now passed out Chen Hao, Zhang Yaohui spoke anxiously and told Lan Bo to look for the doctor.

Ma Wei pressed on Zhao Yu's arms, as he was worried that Zhao Yu would suddenly become ruthless again. But, although Zhao Yu looked calm, his imposing anger scared Ma Wei with terror. He was still panting.

Zhao Yu couldn't care less about the other matter. He quickly tapped on the memory clip device to remove the memory from Chen Hao's mind.

There was something tricky about it though. After he retrieved Chen Hao's memory, Zhao Yu realized that the bastard hadn't actually seen how he had been bullet proof and invisible. Especially after he was shot in his butt, he had only thought to hide; he had not cared about anything else.

However, the last part of the memory, when he had shot at Zhao Yu when he was invisible the second time, was out of the ten minute range, so the memory clip device couldn't remove it! In other words, Chen Hao would still remember that he had hit Zhao Yu with the bullet and Zhao Yu had suddenly turned invisible.

Although this piece of the memory would remain, Zhao Yu would not be in any trouble. It would only be Chen Hao testifying that it happened, which wouldn't be convincing at all!

It had been so chaotic back then that even if he were to bring it up, Zhao Yu could completely distract everyone by saying it was just Chen Hao seeing things. Just like it had been with Hou Meng, the police would pay more attention to the progress of how a criminal had committed a crime than how he had been arrested!


The door opened and Miao Ying dashed in crazily with doctors, nurses, and even Bureau Chief Luan behind her…

"Zhao Yu, Why… Why…" This time, Miao Ying was puzzled. "You are already hurt; why can't you just lie down and rest? You… What are you trying to do?"

"Captain Miao, don't be angry. Bro Yu was just worried that the criminals had been replaced with substitutes by the bad guys…" Lan Bo didn't know what had happened, but he still defended Zhao Yu. Miao Ying shot him a glare, and he immediately shut his mouth.

Zhao Yu was relieved as he finally settled the trouble regarding the bullet proof suit and invisibility cloak. Hehehe… Interrogate. Interrogate them properly. Whatever you ask will not affect me anymore!

Zhao Yu yawned and walked back to his ward with his head hung low. He had left all his colleagues dumbfounded in the room.

Bureau Chief Luan had a kind heart. She quickly comforted Miao Ying, saying, "Captain Miao, it's alright. Zhao Yu bears grudges! The criminal didn't die, so it's okay. All of you…" She quickly told the police detectives under her control, "All of you saw nothing. Got it?"

"Yes!" All the police detectives quickly nodded in agreement.

Zhang Yaohui quickly stood before the doctor and the nurses and explained, "Doctor, nurses, the criminal tried to escape, so we got him under control! This is a secret. Please remember, you cannot tell any outsiders about the situation!"

The doctor and the nurses nodded, not daring to voice any objections.

The storm had finally settled, but the police detectives' job had just started. Very quickly, the criminals that had carried out the operation woke up one after another. The police detectives were put into groups to begin interrogations and continue through the night.

Wu Shuang and the others had gone through special training, so they knew how to handle authoritative interrogations. However, the police had destroyed their lair, and there was conclusive proof, so they couldn't argue; secondly, Zhao Yu's extreme counterattack had shocked them, so their psychological line of defense was on the brink of collapse!

Although Zhao Yu had only removed part of their memory, that only made them feel that Zhao Yu was even scarier. They now couldn't understand how a normal policeman had taken down all four of them, who were SWAT soldiers that were fully armed.

Frightened, they confessed to every crime that they had committed upfront.

Besides the Qu Ping murder case, they had been involved in many revenge cases, including fabricating a charge against Bureau Chief Zhou Andong and so on.

Just like Bureau Chief Liao Jingxian had been worried about, behind every seemingly simple revenge case, the situation was actually complicated. The person with the nickname "Daddy Yu" had dared to fight the police because he had the ability to.

Besides SWAT soldiers like Wu Shuang, there were people from personnels in government-owned businesses that were involved. These people provided assistance to Daddy Yu, which allowed his plan of revenge to go smoothly.

Although Wu Shuang and the others didn't know much, according to their confession, they had provided a huge help to the police. Liao Jingxian got the name list, then went to the police station to ask for advice from the other leaders on how to manage the situation!

These criminals would definitely get their deserved punishment.

According to Wu Shuang and the others' confession, the cake shop had been their contact point with Daddy Yu. When Zhao Qing got into trouble, the cake shop closed down.

That day, Zhao Qing had been at the cake shop to retrieve secret information. Daddy Yu had hired people to insert the information into a cake. After Zhao Qing took the cake, he had planned to turn into the alley to get back to their warehouse, but he hadn't expected to run into Zhao Yu.

Helplessly, Zhao Yu took the piece of information from the cake and threw the two items in two different directions. Liao Jingxian's underlinings had only managed to find the cake, but not the information.

Zhao Qing was the head of the criminals. Once he died, Wu Shuang and the others thought the game was as good as lost, and gave up their stronghold at the warehouse.

But Daddy Yu was not discouraged. He bought over Chen Hao and rebuilt their connection again to continue with his plan of revenge. That is what led to the consequences!

Of course, Miao Ying and the other police detectives were all very curious about how Zhao Yu had beaten five opponents at such a disadvantage. They wanted to know what had actually happened in the warehouse!

After the criminals fretted themselves describing the entire incident, the police detectives were completely dumbfounded! Even Miao Ying left her mouth hanging in shock!

As Zhao Yu removed their memories about the bullet proof suit and invisibility cloak, Zhao Yu made it so he had been quick to respond, shot his gun accurately, possessed unusual strength, and was an all-conquering god of battle!

Just like the saying went, one could rise to fame with just one battle!