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356 Take Off the Pants Without Giving Any Notice


Absolutely "Tailor-made"!

At that moment, Zhao Yu's brain was filled with these words. He was so excited that he gave the system an air kiss. For the system to have awarded him with such a prop, it obviously was deliberately helping him.

Sometimes, Zhao Yu felt that, although the system spoke relentlessly often, it always appears to be very wonderful and human at the most critical moments. Just like he had during the battle with Lei Bin, the system was worried that he would be killed and forced to reward him with an Energy Booster. Nevertheless, he did not use it, due to his strong self-esteem.

For this time, the system suddenly gave out a lot of vital and tailor-made special props. Moreover, these five items all came at once. Hence, it was obviously showing favoritism towards him!

As he looked at the items, he knew that having this Memory Clip Device already had solved Zhao Yu's urgent need. Although the edited memory might be recovered after 100 days, no one would care about about the confession of the criminals by then. By that time, they all might be condemned!

However...after Zhao Yu's mind lingered on these thoughts, he noticed that there were some different meanings among the props. Previously, he had just received auxiliary and medical props. He had never been rewarded with such an aggressive prop ever.

Zhao Yu wanted to know what his Adventure Completion Rate for today would be! Would this mean that the system would issue a reward, based upon certain level of accomplishment?

For example, thought reading? Piercing through a wall? Or, perhaps more aggressive weapons in the future? Invisible electric stick, Invisible gun, and Invisible bomb? 

Oh my god...

If all of these things really happened, was he still really becoming an extraordinary man?

At that moment, Miao Ying had finished brushing the vacuum flask and returned to Zhao Yu's ward.

"So? Do you still feel hungry? Would you like something to eat? Miao Ying spoke kindly to him.

Zhao Yu had something on his mind at that moment. He intended to put it into action as soon as possible. Hence, he lifted the quilt and got out of bed!

However, he never expected that the doctors had stripped off all of his clothes! He was covered by the quilt before, so he had not noticed it until now. Naturally, he was panicked after he lifted the quilt!

Fortunately, Miao Ying was bending down to put the vacuum flask under the bed at that moment. She was tall, so when she was bending down, her head reached exactly right in front of Zhao Yu. Inevitably, she saw everything clearly when Zhao Yu lifted the quilt! It almost seemed like Zhao Yu did this on purpose!

Immediately, Miao Ying's face was flushing red and she scolded, "Zhao Yu! Do you want to die!?"

"I...Sh*t!!!" Immediately, Zhao Yu put back the quilt and felt depressed! He had gotten himself in trouble, although he had not meant to. "Miao...Miao Miao Miao...please let me explain! I had no idea! They must have removed my pants during the operation…"

Zhao Yu quickly grabbed Miao Ying's arm to explain, but Miao Ying threw away his arm in disgust. She stared at Zhao Yu with murderous eyes and scolded the classic words, "Hooligan!"

After she finished scolding him, she left the ward in a huff, without turning her head back even once...


Zhao Yu looked at the quilt again. His heart was full of resentment. Damn doctors! How dare they take off my pants without telling me!? I should kill them!

But, before this could happen, Zhao Yu had already planned to send Miao Ying back, so that he could sneak into the criminal's ward to clean up the mess! Although Miao Ying had left in such a negative way, he had still achieved his purpose.

Therefore, he hurriedly looked for his pants to prepare to leave. However, although he had found a patient gown, he failed to put it on. Zhao Yu was experiencing extreme pain due to the bone fracture, so he was prostrated with grief.

Finally, the door opened at that moment. It was Lan Bo, entering from outside.

"Hey, you!?" Lan Bo was surprised to see that Zhao Yu had gotten down from the bed and was trying to get dressed.

"Quick, help me to put on the gown!"

Upon Zhao Yu's gesture and indication, Lan Bo quickly walked over and helped him get dressed.

"Bro Yu, what are you doing? You just finished the operation, but…" Lan Bo was nervous and looked towards the door. He then said, "What happened to you and Captain Miao just now? She looked mad and asked me to come and look after you!"


In this way, Zhao Yu realized that, although Miao Ying despised his foul behavior, she was still worried about him and had assigned Lan Bo to come over.   

"Lan Bo, quick, tell me, how were the criminals just now?" Zhao Yu asked eagerly.

"Wow! Bro Yu, you've just been through so much, and yet your thoughts are still about the criminals!" Lan Bo complimented him. "Out of those five people, four of them were shot and are having operations now! Only one of them has been sent back, still in a coma. By the way, please tell me the story! How did you handle those bad guys all at once? I heard those guys are murderous and vicious characters! You are just like James Bond!"

"Stop talking nonsense," Zhao Yu grabbed his arm and said. "Which ward holds the one in the coma?"

"Next...next door...Bro Yu, what are you going to do?" Lan Bo uttered, while clutching Zhao Yu's arm. "Stop moving, just tell me if are going to do anything!"

"I must see him on my own!" Zhao Yu walked eagerly towards the door, then said casually, "I'm the one who has the fight with them, I must confirm facts on my own, so that no one could swap with him again!"

"Swap? Impossible!" Unavoidably, Lan Bo helped him to walk out from the ward, while speaking these words at the same time. "We rushed in together at that time, yet, he is such a huge human being, so how could he have been swapped?"

Zhao Yu was anxious. He had read the prop's manual just now. Apparently, this kind of memory editing prop could not be used under arbitrary circumstances. Moreover, the target must be in a deep sleep. Hence, this prop would not work once the target awoke!

Among the five criminals, the only special policeman who not been shot was the one who was proficient in computers. This guy was called Cui Yan. But, although he had not been shot, his ears had still been torn into two halves by Zhao Yu. Also, had experienced a traumatic head injury, leaving him in his present coma.

The guy's ward was right next to Zhao Yu's. The door was guarded by two groups: a group of armed special policeman and a group of Rongyang's Key Case Investigation Unit's colleagues.

Surprisingly, they did not restrain Zhao Yu, so he could easily come to Cut Yan's bed. Apparently, this guy was worse off than even Zhao Yu. He had lost his good looks and was wrapped in bandages all over his body.

In order to ensure that everything was absolutely safe, Liang Huan was staying in the ward at that moment! Liang Huan immediately gave his seat to Zhao Yu, once he saw the big hero coming over!

Next, Zhao Yu told them all to be quiet, as he wanted to think of something quietly. Then, facing Cui Yan, he started using one of the Memory Clip Devices that had been given to him.

Surprisingly, this Memory Clip Device was apparently a super prop. Once it was activated, a hint popped out, indicating which target and period he would like to extract.

Fortunately, Zhao Yu remembered the exact period he needed. After he had input the proper data, a picture of the warehouse fight from Cui Yan's brain was immediately displayed on the display screen in Zhao Yu's brain.

Next, Zhao Yu started extracting all the pictures related to anything that was bulletproof and stealth, until the captured scenes had appeared about 10 minutes later. That was where the prop's part ended...

Although the warehouse war looked so intense, in fact, it actually had only lasted about 10 minutes. Zhao Yu deleted this memory completely from Cui Yan's mind! In this way, he was not worried about Cui Yan's confession anymore!


This Memory Clip Device was really quite powerful, leading Zhao Yu to praise it secretly in his heart. If this device could be applied to the future interrogation of criminals, then it would become the most powerful weapon ever!

After Cui Yan been settled, Zhao Yu felt his confidence was increasing. Meanwhile, the other criminals had finished their operations and returned from the operation room. They all had been pushed back into individual wards, to remain in custody.

Zhao Yu, who was now already used to the prop, immediately imitated his previous methods. Those same memories were then deleted from the remaining four special policeman as well.

However, an accident had occurred, just as Zhao Yu was almost finished with his task. Unexpectedly, Chen Hao awoke!