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Suddenly, Zhao Yu understood something.

When he had fought against Zhao Qing, Zhao Qing's only intention had been to escape, not to fight. Because of this, Zhao Yu had a chance of winning. The SWAT members before him were different, as they had no worries; their only goal was to make Zhao Yu die miserably. Under these circumstances, they had no flaws.

If Zhao Yu did not pull any tricks, he would be dead for sure!

"How is it, newbie?" The SWAT member that kicked Zhao Yu down was teasing him. "Now do you dare to boast so shamelessly? Do you feel hopeless? Let me tell you, the worst has yet to happen! I am going to peel your skin off bit by bit. Hehehe…"

Just as the SWAT member was teasing him, he saw Zhao Yu suddenly disappear before his eyes! He just… disappeared!


He wasn't the only one who was shocked; the other SWAT members were in shock too.

"He…" The SWAT member was still confused. Then, a heavy punch landed on his face. He groaned in pain and took a step back!

How… How did…

He immediately felt something approaching him as he thought to himself.

Zhao Yu had activated his Invisibility Cloak. Once he turned invisible, Zhao Yu extended his hands to the handgun on the SWAT member's waist.


The SWAT member deserved to be in the group. Although he couldn't see Zhao Yu's action, he instinctively felt someone going for his gun and immediately extended both his hands to hold it.

The SWAT member quickly responded to his gut feeling, and held onto Zhao Yu's hands tightly. Because of his eagerness, Zhao Yu kept his grip on the gun, and accidentally pulled the trigger!



With the sound of two bullets being fired, the SWAT member's legs suddenly had streams of blood coming from them!


The SWAT member bent over as he groaned. The handgun was locked within the holster; Zhao Yu couldn't manage to pull it out!

"Invisibility Cloak! Invisibility Cloak!" Sis Shuang seemed to seemed to realize what was going on and immediately raised her phone towards Zhao Yu. The phone had an infrared ray function on it.

The woman's actions were accurate and fast. The moment she found Zhao Yu's whereabouts, she shot at him!


The bullet of the silenced gun hit Zhao Yu accurately, but what shocked Sis Shuang was the fact that Zhao Yu did not react after being shot, and could still move around as he wished!

Then, the SWAT member who sat by the computer ran over too. Although he didn't have the infrared ray, he could gauge Zhao Yu's location with his eyes. He too used a silenced gun to shoot at Zhao Yu!

Meanwhile, Zhao Yu was punching vigorously at the SWAT member's wound. The SWAT member was groaning in pain, and had nearly passed out! But Zhao Yu had no idea what sort of trap door was preventing him from drawing the gun!

He had no choice but to fight against the bald guy who was closest to him.

"It's sheer fantasy!" Sis Shuang screamed in surprise. She said, "Tarzan, he is running towards you! Three o' clock!"

Hearing Sis Shuang's reminder, the bald guy named Tarzan drew his electronic gun. The attack range of the electronic gun was much wider. Once it shot, it would be difficult for Zhao Yu to dodge!

Shit! Zhao Yu thought to himself. He quickly activated another device in his mind. With the activation of the Power Jamming Device, his surroundings turned pitch black, causing Tarzan's electric gun to lose its functions as well.

"What is going on?" In the dark, Chen Hao panicked. "Are you guys boxed in? Did the special task force come? I told you that this policeman would be hard to deal with, right?"


In the dark, Tarzan suddenly groaned in pain.

"Damn it!" another SWAT member shouted, "The phone is off! What is going on?"

With the Bullet Proof Suit, Invisibility Cloak, Power Jamming Device, and Invisible Night Vision, Zhao Yu was indestructible! But he knew that these devices wouldn't last long. He would have to get a gun soon to bring these enemies under control!

But Tarzan only had an electric gun and it was not working. Because of this, Zhao Yu could only smack Tarzan's head with it!

But Tarzan was bizarre. Once he was hit, he instinctively jumped and performed a counter-attack. Zhao Yu dodged it, although he was nearly struck.

Zhao Yu had to look for a different target, but most of the SWAT members had hid behind the table, as they couldn't see.


The Invisibility Cloak was going to run out, and Zhao Yu was panicking. He could only reach the SWAT member whose legs had been shot. The guy was still groaning in pain.

Zhao Yu extended his hands to grab his handgun again, but the guy could feel Zhao Yu's hands, so he rolled on the ground and shouted, "He's here, with me! Hit—Hit him!"

There were people trying to shoot Zhao Yu in the dark again. But Zhao Yu still had the Bullet Proof Suit activated, so he was not harmed.

The SWAT member suddenly pulled out a dagger from his sock and began to swipe at Zhao Yu with it. Zhao Yu had his Night Vision on, so he could see clearly. He backed off to dodge the attack.

What the f*ck! Zhao Yu leaped over the SWAT member's body and kicked him in the face! The kick was so violent that the SWAT member fainted, and his face was now disfigured!

Seizing the opportunity, Zhao Yu turned around to take the dagger in his hands and slide it against the holster. He finally managed to get the gun out of the holster.


Keeping track of time in his mind, Zhao Yu's Invisibility Cloak lost its function.

Because the warehouse was not fully enclosed, there were a few spots where the light could shine through. The others that had already gotten used to the darkness could barely see. When they saw that Zhao Yu had reappeared, they starting shooting at him again.

It would be another ten minutes until the Bullet Proof Suit lost its function, so Zhao Yu was not too worried. He pulled the handgun from the SWAT member he had taken out. Then, the SWAT member who had been using the computer earlier ran to a curtain and pulled it open. The bright sunlight shone into the warehouse!


Zhao Yu hadn't expected him to do this. Because he had been using Night Vision, the sudden blast of sunlight made him lose sight of everyone.

The SWAT member was thrilled. Once everyone saw Zhao Yu clearly, they began shooting at Zhao Yu again.

The power of the Invisible Bullet Proof Suit was not small, but theoretically, even though bullets couldn't harm him, the inertia of a bullet should affect him to a certain degree.

But Zhao Yu stood against the rain of bullets and didn't move an inch. He let the bullets hit his body; not even his clothes were torn.

Zhao Yu was still worried about his eyes that had been blinded by the sunlight. He immediately turned off the Invisible Night Vision, and his eyesight recovered gradually. But his vision was still a bit blurred due to the sudden light exposure.

Regardless, Zhao Yu had a gun in his hands! His shooting skills had always been poor, so he decided to stop fiddling with the holster and shot aimlessly!

Bang bang…

Zhao Yu shot randomly, as though he was shooting with his eyes closed, but he heard people getting shot….