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346 All of You Can Come at Me At Once!

Maybe it was because she was confident in her ability; or perhaps it was some smug type with self-appraisal. The woman who called herself 'Sis Shuang' told Zhao Yu the truth about Qu Ping's death.

Yet again, Zhao Yu couldn't believe that the murderer that had killed Team Leader Qu Ping was dead! The person had been no other than Zhao Qing, the one who had jumped off the building because of Zhao Yu and Miao Ying!!

To make Qu Ping's death look like an accident, they had found a scapegoat, Hou Meng, a long time ago. Then, they put Qu Ping and Hou Meng's cars under close surveillance. Meanwhile, they made arrangements at Jin Jiang Road to make sure there would be no surveillance of the area, making it easy to attack Qu Ping.

That night, when they knew that Qu Ping was going to drive home, Zhao Qing, who had waited in a bush near Hou Meng, had quickly injected some kind of drug into Hou Meng with the assistance of another SWAT member. Afterwards, they brought him to the crime scene.

At the same time, working on a strict schedule, there were another two allies that had gone to prepare a roadblock at Jin Jiang Road. This would assure that there would not be any cars nearby when they took action.

They threw Hou Meng in the middle of the road to force Qu Ping to stop her car. Qu Ping had not been ready at all, and hit her emergency brake to go and see what had happened. When she stopped in front of Hou Meng, Zhao Qing took action. It had taken him only one swipe to kill Qu Ping!

In order to blame it on Hou Meng, he stabbed Qu Ping's body a dozen more times, then put the knife in Hou Meng's hand so it would his fingerprints on it. To make sure Hou Meng would not have a chance to do anything with the weapon, they threw the knife in a rubbish bin a mile away. After, they dragged Hou Meng and Qu Ping, both now dead, into the greenbelt to create the illusion that they had had a conflict. Once they made sure everything had gone according to plan, they left the scene calmly.

Killing Qu Ping had been a meticulously planned murder! There hadn't been any signs that would have tipped Qu Ping off before it happened, so she had been caught off guard!

Plus, if it hadn't been Zhao Yu that had found the car's video from Zhai Linlin unexpectedly, it would have been a flawless crime. There would not have been any loophole!

Hearing the woman's story, Zhao Yu clenched his fists tightly. Anger was burning inside his chest.

These criminals made it seem as though it was an easy, normal thing to take Qu Ping's life. Qu Ping's death had hurt her family, as well as her colleagues! An excellent policewoman and detective had lost her life, just like that!

Suddenly, the scene of Qu Ping's two children crying in front of her coffin replayed in Zhao Yu's mind.

"Brother… Why is mom still sleeping?" Qu Ping's daughter's tender voice asked. "Go wake her up quickly. She still has to bring me to the Naughty Bear to play…"

Mommy will never wake up ever again!

That very moment, Zhao Yu knew that although the one who had killed Qu Ping was Zhao Qing, those who had been involved in the mission were all murderers!

These murderers are all standing right before me!

"Alright!" Zhao Yu roared, "Since you're so confident you'll kill me, tell me—who was the double agent in the police force? Who is the double agent?!"

Upon hearing Zhao Yu's question, every SWAT member looked at the policeman, Chen Hao.

"Hey! That's none of my business!" Chen Hao put down his cigarette and said, "Oh please! When that policewoman was killed, I didn't even join in!"

"If there was no double agent, how could you have known Team Leader Qu Ping's whereabouts? How would you know when she was going to leave the police station to go home?" Zhao Yu asked again.

"Hey! Don't try to belittle us!" Then, the man who was sitting before the surveillance monitors spoke, "If we want to kill someone, we don't have to be like Infernal Affairs, okay?"

"Son, I'll let you die with nothing unanswered today!" Sis Shuang told Zhao Yu. "Qu Ping's car was new. We messed around with it when she sent it in for the first time! Where the car went, how many people were in the car—we know all of that!"

Huh? Oh I see… Zhao Yu now understood. There wasn't actually a double agent in the police station! These murderers had traced her movement according to her car!

"Why?" Zhao Yu had a fierce look on his face. He asked in anger, "Team Leader Qu Ping bore no grudges against any of you. Why did you have her killed?! Why?"

"Hey! They are just working okay!" Then, the talkative Chen Hao let out a breath of smoke and replied, smiling, "She took other people's money and helped them solve disasters! The same goes to me! If I didn't owe a huge amount of debt, why would I rely on the bad people?"

"Then… What you meant was…" Zhao Yu seized the opportunity to ask again, "The material that was used to frame Bureau Chief Zhou Andong was your doing as well? Is... is Liao Jingxian one of your people? He said that he wanted to save him, but is he actually the one who prepared the material?!"

"Hey, don't just make up shit…" Chen Hao replied, "Anyway, I didn't say that! You can think however you like!"

That's not right…

Although Chen Hao didn't reply directly, Zhao Yu could tell from Chen Hao's change in facial expression that Liao Jingxian didn't know anything.

If Liao Jingxian, a high ranking police officer, was on the enemy's side, I would never have been able to investigate Qu Ping's case up to this point.

"Alright, Chen Hao!" Sis Shuang told the policeman, "Why aren't you anxious anymore? Can't you keep quiet?"

Then, Sis Shuang turned around and told Zhao Yu, "Boy, I have told you everything about the policewoman! We should talk about our resentment!"

The corner of the woman's lip gradually released an extreme cool that spread all over, and her eyes showed glimpses of her killing aura.

"Oh? Zhao Qing?" Zhao Yu said coldly, "That bastard deserved it! What I regret most was letting him jump off the building! I should have killed him with my own hands, that would have made Team Leader Qu Ping's death resolved!"

"Son, you are nearing the end, yet you dare to be so arrogant?!" The SWAT soldier nearest to Zhao Yu took out his handgun and aimed at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu could clearly see that the handgun in his hands had a muffler on it.

"Hold on!" Sis Shuang suddenly spread her arms and said, "Killing him with just one shot would be letting him off too easy." Then, she looked at Zhao Yu and said, "You can fight, can't you? Pick any one of us! If you can beat one of us, I will consider letting you go!"

Clap, clap, clap… Suddenly, Chen Hao, who had been listening on the side, began clapping his hands. "That's great! I have been waiting to see this show!"

Nineteen minutes left…

Zhao Yu counted in silence. There were still nineteen minutes left until the bullet proof suit would expire. Zhao Yu wished he could force the murderer to shoot him. Once they saw that bullet couldn't harm him, he could find a way to escape!

Who knew that this woman would have done all this and messed up Zhao Yu's plans. However, Zhao Yu wouldn't retreat. He laughed coldly,

"Why, do you want to beat me to death? Huh? Don't you want to get revenge for Zhao Qing? Come on, you and all your sisters might as well come at me at the same time! Don't waste my time by making me beat each of you one by one!"

"Hahaha….Haha…" Hearing that, Chen Hao was bowled over in laughter. "Sis Shuang, this is one of the most shameless showings I've ever heard of! This Police Detective Zhao is quite peculiar. I like, I like!"

"Son, you think too much!" Zhao Yu gave Chen Hao the middle finger and said, "Wait until I get rid of all of them; I will beat you up until you're disabled! You must stay strong, as my hands are quite brutal. If I accidentally kill you, please don't blame me!"

What Zhao Yu said was met with a great deal of ridicule. He made Chen Hao laugh even more, and the SWAT soldiers shook their heads while laughing at him in disdain.

"Alright, all of you come at me then! If you are afraid that my fists are too brutal, don't unlock the handcuffs!" Zhao Yu took a few big steps towards the nearest SWAT soldier and raised both of his hands before him.

"Hmph!" The SWAT soldier laughed. He shook his head as he took out the keys to release Zhao Yu from his handcuffs. At the same time, he said, "This is really one of the funniest jokes I have ever heard!"

As soon as he unlocked the handcuffs, Zhao Yu suddenly turned violent!

He had wanted to attack unexpectedly and hit his opponent hard with his shoulders. Afterwards, he would seize the opportunity to grab the gun on the soldier's waist! Zhao Yu had a bullet proof suit on, so once things turned into a shootout, he would have an advantage!

But once Zhao Yu carried out his plan, he realized that his shoulders felt like they had knocked into a steel wall. He had yet to lay his hands on the soldier's gun, and was kicked off immediately.

The f*ck… that good?!

Zhao Yu covered his stomach, then looked at everyone. His eyes revealed how amazed he was. Who knew that this person was even stronger than Zhao Qing!

"Hahaha, haha…" Seeing Zhao Yu acting clumsy, the SWAT soldiers felt reassured and emboldened at the thought that they were stronger. They began laughing hysterically…