Crazy Detective
345 Are You Hiring?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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345 Are You Hiring?

"No way. This phone was given to me by the higher ups!" Zhao Yu could hear the policeman's voice. "The complete course of his action has been recorded. Even if we turn it off now, the police could find us by looking at the location where he went missing! I think you should quickly change spots! You can't stay here anymore!"

"Hmph," Suddenly, Zhao Yu heard a lady's voice. "You belittled us. If we can't even solve this, how can we call ourselves the Crimson Eight?"

Zhao Yu's became wide-eyed when he heard the name 'Crimson Eight.'

Although he was only somewhat conscious, Zhao Yu already knew what had happened. When he had gone to pick up the policeman's gun, he had been hit with a surprise attack with some sort of electric baton! Although he had activated his Invisible Bullet Proof Suit, the suit didn't protect him against electricity, so he had fainted!

Now he was in a place that looked like a warehouse. There were five people before his eyes.

Besides the policeman who was a traitor, there were another three men and one woman. The four of them were wearing camouflage suits, just as Zhao Qing had worn.

Now it makes sense!

Zhao Yu understood that these people must have been Zhao Qing's comrades, and were all ex-members of the Crimson Eight Secret Service Squad. They must have been hired by Daddy Yu to get revenge for his son!

Zhao Yu never would have guessed that the policeman that was always trailing behind Liao Jin Xian was a traitor! What Zhao Yu was afraid of was that if Liao Jingxian was involved in this, then he would be in big trouble!

Zhao Yu moved his arms and realized that he was handcuffed. They were the handcuffs he had brought along with him.

These criminals were very courageous, either because of their abilities or some other reason. They had laid Zhao Yu on the floor, but they had not tied him up.

"Regardless, you have to be more efficient!" The policeman was worked up. "Don't be like the last policewoman! Did the job so sloppily, and even your boss was involved! Hurry up! Be efficient, then I can stay there safely!"

"We don't need you to tell us what to do." The woman seemed to be the ringleader. She smiled at Zhao Yu as she said, "But this bastard forced our senior to death! I don't want him to die so easily!"

"Hey, don't belittle the bastard," the policeman said, "He is the famous police detective that came into the spotlight recently! He was the one who solved the few significant cases in Qinshan!" He pointed at his bruised face. "Look, this bastard is quite amazing! If he wasn't, how could he have taken out your senior! I think you shouldn't waste time. Just ask him what he knows and quickly—hey! He's awake!"

The policeman was surprised to find that Zhao Yu had already woken up, and was staring at him. He was frightened, so the policeman retreated.

"Okay." The woman was calm and carefree. She had short black hair and was not very tall, but her stare was cold. "Chen Hao, your business is done here; you can leave first! Is it… We are handling this, are you still worried?"

The woman was speaking while the other two men walked towards Zhao Yu. There was another man that sat very far away from them, typing away on a computer. He looked like he was searching for something.

The three men were brawny and fierce; it was clear that they were all SWAT members like Zhao Qing. Plus, they each had guns on their waists. One of them, who was bald, had even brought a weirdly-shaped purple handgun. Presumably, that was the electric gun that had shocked Zhao Yu down!

"Not worried my ass!" The policeman pulled up a chair and sat down on the side of the action. At the same time, he put Zhao Yu's phone on the table and said, "I'm going to stay here and watch all of you! When you're done taking care of this, I'll leave!"

Zhao Yu looked around and observed the environment. He figured it must have been transformed from an old boiler house that had been quite spacious. From there, he could see that the exit was in the corner of the room, and was most likely connected to a back door in the garage.

Right in front of Zhao Yu was an office area that they had specially designed. There were several computers and digital devices that looked extremely advanced.

It seemed like the place was a true lair for the criminals!

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly noticed something—the countdown clock for the Invisible Bullet Proof Suit was still up and running. The bulletproof suit was the light version that lasted half the time compared to the other one; this one only lasted thirty minutes. He only had twenty-three minutes of use left.

Zhao Yu was racking his brain, desperately trying to figure out a way for him to escape.

Both of his hands were handcuffed, and he was up against four ex-members of the Crimson Eight Secret Service Squad, a fully armed SWAT team, and a policeman that was eyeing him with hostility and wanted him dead. It wouldn't be easy to get out of there alive!

Although he had a bulletproof suit and many other system devices, they wouldn't do him much good if he really tried to escape.

What should I do?

They obviously wanted to kill him, but were worried that Zhao Yu had other comrades. They also hadn't killed him yet because they had other intentions—getting revenge for Zhao Qing!

Then, the man who had used the computer earlier said to the woman, "Sis Shuang, I've checked the signal source of the phone; there's no problem! This bastard had no comrades, and he had yet to send out any SOS. The police had no idea! We are still safe!"

"That's great!" The policeman named Chen Hao finally relaxed. He lit himself a cigarette and said casually, "Kill him; that way it will be mystery. Hurry up!"

Two of the SWAT members walked towards Zhao Yu, preparing to take action.

"Hold on! Hold on!" Zhao Yu quickly stood up and said, "Everyone, let's talk. You don't just kill someone, okay? That's so lame!"

Once Zhao Yu said that, the lady named 'Sis Shuang' walked towards him and said, "Policeman, I know who you are, and we know what you did! We believed in science, but today I have to believe in fate! Do you know that we already have you on our list of names? Who knew you would come here on your own! Son, this is your fate!"

"Hold on. Before I die, can we discuss something?" Zhao Yu spread out his handcuffed hands and asked, "May I ask if you are hiring? Is your salary high? How are the employee benefits? If there are annual leaves too, I don't mind changing jobs. Hehehe…"

"Hehehehe…" The others remained silent, but Chen Hao laughed, blowing out circles with his cigarette smoke.

"Son, you thought… that was funny?" The woman looked at Zhao Yu, her bloodshot eyes full of hatred.

"Okay!" Zhao Yu turned serious and said, "If I'm going to die anyway, let me know why! Which one of you can tell me how Team Leader Qu Ping died? Which one of you killed her?"

Listening to what Zhao Yu said, the four SWAT members looked at each other.

The woman clenched her teeth and said in anger, "Okay, you want to know? I'll tell you!"
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