Crazy Detective
344 The Accidental Warning
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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344 The Accidental Warning

Huabei Commercial Building was located in Qinshan's central commercial district. The linear distance between the building to the cake shop was within two kilometers; basically just three bus stops away. Zhao Yu left Zhou Yang and the rest, and told them to familiarize themselves with the gym business while he left the commercial building to go to the cake shop.

The commercial district was crowded; not even one person could squeeze on the bus. Zhao Yu decided to go on foot instead. Even so, it took less than ten minutes for him to arrive at the cake shop for the third time. The cake shop's door was still shut, and it looked deadly. In such a busy area, a closed shop seemed to ruin the balance.

Zhao Yu looked around but he did not see any of the special task forces' patrol cars. He was not sure whether they changed their surveillance location, or if the special task force concluded that there was no need to continue surveying the cake shop.

He walked to the cake shop's front door and used the invisible detector that was still running in his mind to check his surroundings.

"One, two, three, four, five…" He counted five but he could not find any other surveillance cameras. Just like the previous time, the surveillance cameras in and outside the cake shop were off.

According to the detector's display in his mind, Zhao Yu saw the location of the five surveillance cameras in the cake shop. They were set up at the entrance and the inside of the shop. It was a basic set up, just like any other shop.

"That's interesting…" Zhao Yu thought. He rubbed his chin and thought that the placement of the cameras supported his other theory. It turned out, that what Zhao Yu found odd back then was actually very normal! As the surveillance cameras in the cake shop were normal, Zhao Yu did not find any special alarm system like the ones he saw at the Depth of Breath Gymnasium.

In other words, from the detector, the cake shop didn't look like a lair that was meticulously transformed. But the area near the back door of the cake shop was a different case!

Zhao Yu found fourteen surveillance cameras at the vacant space near the back door the last time and every one of them were imported devices that were costly. They were obviously different compared to the ones at the cake shop!

Then, Zhao Yu felt suspicious.

If the cake shop was the lair of the criminals, they have no need to set up so many surveillance cameras at the back door of the shop, right?

What's the use of it?

Plus, recalling the image of how the surveillance cameras were arranged, it seemed quite mysterious! It seemed that the surveillance cameras were guarding something!

What was going on?

Is it that… The cake shop was not actually the fishy one, but the one at the backyard.

Then, Zhao Yu immediately went along the alley next to the shop and walked towards the vacant space that was filled with surveillance cameras. Although Zhao Yu knew that there might be something at the empty space, he sensed that all the surveillance cameras were off, so he did not worry that he would come across any sort of danger.

But when he got to the empty space again, he was shocked and got alert.

Who knew that the surveillance cameras showed on the detector were all reactivated!

All the surveillance cameras are on!


Then, Zhao Yu was getting nervous!

He knew that, a normal shop or a residential house wouldn't set up so many surveillance cameras! As the cake shop was previously connected to the criminals, it meant that it was a huge problem behind this!

But… The root of the problem, where is it exactly?


Zhao Yu drew his attention to the display monitor in his mind and discovered something new. As the detector could show the range of surveillance by every cameras, Zhao Yu could clearly reveal the intention of the surveillance cameras.

Previously, as the surveillance cameras were off, the detectors couldn't detect. But now that, all of them were on. It was clear at a glance for Zhao Yu!

I see…

I see!

Zhao Yu could tell that the set up of fourteen surveillance cameras and the surveillance range was obviously to protect a place!

This place was not the cake shop or the back entrance of any shops, but… But it was directly pointed at a corner of the empty space, the car shed!!!

The car shed was left untouched for many years. It was broken and its roof was badly holed, there were weeds overgrown within. In there, there were a few bicycles that were covered in dust…

It can't be.

Is it that… The real fishy place, was here?

Zhao Yu was not stupid. He saw the problem and these surveillance cameras were all on, he obviously knew that he couldn't just go to the car shed to check thoughtlessly. If he were to alert the enemy, he would lose his chance.

Then, he planned to retreat quickly and then to inform Liao Jingxian or Miao Ying.

But just when Zhao Yu wanted to leave, he heard some movement. When he looked towards where the sound came from, he was shocked when he saw the few bicycles go down gradually!


There was really something fishy?

Zhao Yu quickly hide by the side and watched. He saw the bicycle went down and there was probably a secret door or entrance. That moment, there was a human shadow that was moving at the entrance, it seemed that someone was walking out from inside…

When Zhao Yu stunned, he heard a familiar voice from behind,

"Hey, Police Officer Luo, why are you here again?"

The fuck!

Zhao Yu quivered in fear. He quickly turned around and looked, he saw the one who appeared before him like a ghost, was the police that was in charge of monitoring the cake shop! That time, he greeted him as Police Officer Luo again!

"It's you, you gave me a heart attack!" Zhao Yu's heart was still pumping while he grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into the alley, "Hurry, you look. Take a good look… At the car shed…"

"Huh?" The police took a glance and he got shocked as his face grew pale.

"Let me see, let me see…"

Zhao Yu pulled him back while he extended his head to look towards the car shed, to see who was the person that came up from below. But, when the extended his head, something Zhao Yu had never expected happened!


After the metal clicking sound, Zhao Yu felt something tough pointing at his waist.

"Don't move!"At the same time, he heard the police's ghastly warning.

"Huh?! You…"

Zhao Yu had never guessed that the police that had been trailing Liao Jingxian pointed the gun against him. Oh… Is… Is it… Is this police on the criminals' side?

"You… You betrayer!" Zhao Yu scolded a classic line.

"Don't move if you don't want to die!" The police face grew cold. He shoved Zhao Yu aside and pressed him against the wall. He warned, "Police Detective Zhao, I am holding a muffled gun, if you were to move, I spare no bullets! Quick, are you here alone? Who else know about this place?"

After he asked, the police remembered something. He shouted at Zhao Yu, "Quick, give me your handphone!"

"Alright! I'll give it to you. I'll give you, motherfucker!" Then, Zhao Yu suddenly turned around and punched him!

The police had yet to respond and he was punched by Zhao Yu. He flew to the side and dropped his gun on the floor!

"Huh?" Zhao Yu was shocked and complained, "You didn't shoot? You wasted my bullet proof suit! I have to kill you!"

Zhao Yu was roaring in anger and wanted to pick up his gun on the floor.

Just when he bent down to pick up the gun, he heard weird noises coming from his back. When he turned around and looked, he saw a thing with glowing blue light shot towards himself.

Zrr zrr….

A whiff of electric current was shot and Zhao Yu already lost conscious before he managed to see the situation before his eyes.
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