Crazy Detective
343 The Back Door
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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343 The Back Door

half past ten in the morning, on the fifth floor of huabei commercial building, in the manager's office of depth of breath gymnasium.

there were many people. besides ji huachun and his few friends, there were representatives from both parties of the contract. one was the manager of the commercial building, the other one was blondie zhou yang and his troops. as the puppet master, zhao yu was there.

ji chunhua was really very capable. he used a few regulations through the judicial process to force mister zhang, who was standing trial in the detention center, to return the gym's rights of use to the commercial building. then, he used his special connections to offer the commercial building a deal to have them transfer the ownership to zhao yu for a reasonable price. then, a transaction that even mister tao couldn't handle—ji chunhua dealt with it within twenty-four hours!

the contract signing went smoothly. after they went through the formalities successfully, blondie zhou yang would officially become the boss of depth of breath gymnasium.

after the formalities, the commercial building manager shook zhou yang's hand and joked with him, "mister zhou, if there is anything you need, you can always look for me, but please do not change the lock on the back door by yourself! this is a lesson learned from our previous mistake which caused us much trouble! the commercial building is huge, but we can't afford to go through the trouble. our chief doesn't want to deal with the police or court anymore!"

"hehe, of course!" actually, zhou yang did not understand anything but shook the building manager's hand anyway.

when the representatives from the commercial building left, zhao yu stopped ji chunhua and pulled him back into the office. he then passed him a card. "here's two hundred thousand, for you!" zhao yu stuffed the card into ji chunhua's hands.

"this…" ji chunhua was surprised, and he asked with mixed feelings, "officer zhao, what does this mean?"

"i, zhao yu, never mistreat my friends," zhao yu said straightforwardly. "you helped me, and i wouldn't accept your work for free! friends, the more the merrier!"

"then…" ji chunhua looked at zhao yu carefully and said, "okay, officer zhao. if you treat me as a friend, then let's forget about what happened back then. in the future, if you need help, call me! but please stop taking my tea leaves and teacups, okay?" ji chunhua took the card and went to shake zhao yu's hands.

zhao yu was playful. he almost shook ji chunhua hand, then suddenly did a dance. he rolled his eyes and chanted, "abracadabra, taishang laojun came alive…" ji chunhua suddenly broke out in cold sweat, and zhao yu then shook his hands while laughing.

just like the saying, "a smile at meeting and enmity is banished", the resentment between the two melted away.

zhao yu giving ji chunhua a two hundred thousand reward obviously had profound meaning. as he found ji chunhua very capable, if he were to run into any trouble in the future, he might need ji chunhua's help.

friends can be your carrier while an enemy is a barrier. if he were to be on good terms with ji chunhua, that would only benefit zhao yu's future career.

ji chunhua was smart too. he knew from the very beginning that zhao yu was the one that wanted to buy the gym. if he were to hold a grudge against zhao yu, it might be harmful to zhao yu.

besides that, the grudge between zhao yu and ji chunhua was because of hou meng. it was already been confirmed that hou meng had been framed, so he had nothing to do with team lead qu ping. therefore, zhao yu had no reason have any issue with ji chunhua anymore.

after dealing with ji chunhua, zhao yu had no worries. he led the troop from yu xi street to inspect the gym and discuss the future plan for the business. as zang ba had worked at the gym for many years, he had a better understanding of the business, so zhao yu invited him to join them. anything about the gym could be managed by him directly.

zang ba suggested to zhao yu that according to the current situation of the gym, they should retain the original operating progress of the gym in order to keep established customers. it would not be beneficial to make any great changes. zhao yu agreed. due to the underground black merchant, the customers that had signed up for yearly packages were now suspicious of the gym's situation. hence, it was best to develop trust with the customers first.

but leaving the other things aside, zhao yu wanted to develop a few spots at the back of the gym. he wanted to build a fighting studio. it would be convenient for him to refine his skill, and it would be an excuse for miao ying to come over.

zang ba nodded and said that the previous boss had the same idea, but as the gym was not their main concern, they did not carry out the plan. as zhao yu had the same idea, he could contact related people.

then, everyone walked around the gym and met some of the coaches. interestingly, there were many coaches that had seen zhao yu's fight with mister zhang. hence, when they saw zhao yu, they were intimidated. plus, they were also surprised when they saw their new boss zhou yang being so respectful towards zhao yu.

most interestingly, the coach that had argued with zhao yu back then found him and said, "mm…coach, i finally found you! i have a few female students that were dying to learn gecko power from you! please give them some pointers later! if you don't mind, i would like to learn too…"

"okay, that is not a problem…" zhao yu pretended to be stupid!

but the other day, zhao yu had revealed his identity as a police officer, and there were coaches that already brought it up. zang ba was smart and told them that zhao yu was really a police officer, and had been sent by his higher-ups to be in charge of security, and to be a part-time coach!

oh… with such explanation, he tricked the coaches.

after he met the coaches, zhao yu returned to the manager's office with his troop. on the way back, zhao yu saw that the storage room connected to the manager's office where the former owners had stored the stolen good had been demolished by the commercial building management. there was only an emergency exit left, which was the back entrance that the commercial building manager was referring to.what the manager meant was to tell zhou yang not to do any illegal trading like what had happened previously. otherwise, the commercial building would get involved.

"to renovate the back door in private?" zhao yu thought. "oh…i see, that place was the back door of the gym, which was renovated into the storeroom of the underground black merchant."

looking at the empty space near the back door, zhao yu was reminded of the illegal trading situation back then. at first, he found many surveillance cameras and an infrared alarm device, which caught his attention.

"hey? hold on… surveillance cameras… backdoor… oh, my?!" suddenly, zhao yu recalled something important. "cake shop! yes!" he thought.

zhao yu found a lot of surveillance cameras behind the cake shop. he ran into the special task force that was monitoring the cake shop. so, he was certain that the cake shop was the lair of the criminals! but then, zhao yu felt a bit odd, and thought that something was not quite right! he thought about it and realized what went wrong!

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