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336 Zhao Yu’s Concern

As all of the detectives headed to the luxurious restaurant directly from the police station, and were not prepared beforehand, everyone was dressed informally. Some were even wearing their police uniform.

That day, Miao Ying did not dress up on purpose either. She only changed into a simple long brown dress and wore a pair of white high heels. Although she was not decked with jewels, Miao Ying was the most charming one among them! Under the dim light, she was like an elegant princess with her bright eyes and white teeth, chatting cheerfully with the others, attracting everyone's attention.

There was delicate wine and food on the dining table just like a painting. But looking at the delicious food before his eyes, drinking wine that he could not even pronounce, Zhao Yu felt uneasy. It turned out, since the very beginning, he had forgotten a very important issue, which was the gap between!

He thought he could win Miss Miao's heart through his hard work. He thought he could make her like him, and even stand a chance to further develop their relationship. But at the dinner that night, he could clearly see the gap between him and Miao Ying. Not only financially, but there was also a humongous gap in terms of sophistication!

Miao Ying could speak foreign languages fluently, and she knew how to appreciate high quality things while Zhao Yu himself was just a genuine country bumpkin! Compared to the Miao Ying before his eyes, and besides their natural chemistry, he was too far behind to compensate for everything else.

That very moment, Zhao Yu finally realized, Miao Ying was just Miao Ying, unlike anyone else. Although Yao Jia from his previous life was spirited and head strong, she was only one woman among many other people! But the Miao Ying before his eyes was not just another person…

All of a sudden, Zhao Yu felt a sense of inferiority that he had never felt before. He did not seem to do himself justice at the dining table. He did not clamor arrogantly like before, but behaved just like a tiger that was sick, seeming listless.

"Zhao Yu, were you hurt from Qiu Xinyang's anaesthetic smoke?" Miao Ying noticed that Zhao Yu was not behaving like his usual self, and raised her glass to him. "Come on, show me what you can do. Down it?"

Zhao Yu did not reply, but Zhang Jingfeng, who had quite a bit to drink, clapped and encouraged him, "You have to down the drink! Rongyang Branch's two great cavaliers that scare everyone. Hahaha…"

Actually, what Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had done was not only well known in Rongyang Branch, but had also spread throughout the entire Qinshan police force! "Two great cavaliers" was just a nickname that people gave the two of them. But it was a nickname after all, so it was a bit rude to say to the person themselves. Liang Huan heard it and immediately shut Zhao Jingfeng up.

Miao Ying was not bothered, but held her glass up while waiting for Zhao Yu.

Although Zhao Yu was worried, he had never feared drinking. He raised his glass and toasted with Miao Ying, then chugged it down. Honestly speaking, the wine seemed expensive but Zhao Yu felt that it was not as refreshing as drinking beer.

Miao Ying drank gallantly too.

"Good!" the police detectives bowed and complimented. They saw their two team leaders drinking so freely, so they started treating the expensive wine as beer too. Everyone started to take bigger gulps, some even started playing drinking games.

The police detectives were quite impressive. After a few drinks, they managed to make a high class dining place feel like a roadside stall. There seemed to be no restrictions among them.

Miao Ying had quite a bit to drink herself; her cheeks were flushed. She was getting more bold by that point. Not only did she start treating everyone like her brothers, but she also rolled up her sleeves up to her shoulders, revealing her snow white shoulders…

The delicious meal took an unpredictable turn unexpectedly. At first, it was just the detectives that were staring in amazement, but in the end, it was the foreign waiters that were staring in amazement! That was the first time these waiters saw customers that could enjoy themselves so much as they ate western food.

After dinner, most of the detectives had had quite a bit to drink. But when someone suggested KTV, every detective responded with enthusiasm. So everyone called for a cab and went to a nearby high class KTV and started singing karaoke.

Zhao Yu was the most sober one among them all because he was too occupied with his worries. He was worried about him and Miao Ying drifting apart, so he was not intoxicated by alcohol just yet. Plus, he noticed another detail. From the beginning until the end of the dinner, Miao Ying did not pay the bill. She had not even taken out her purse or credit card. But the restaurant did not seem to have any objection, as though it was free for Miao Ying to dine in there.

"Tsk tsk…" Zhao Yu had seemingly found another gap dividing them. Not only was she rich and had taste, but she had power too…"This… Sigh…" he began to think.

Just as Zhao Yu was sighing, Miao Ying suddenly sat next to him. Her cheeks were flushed; it seemed that the alcohol had taken effect. She patted Zhao Yu's shoulders cheerfully and said, "Hey you, why are you such a party pooper today? I was waiting for you to say some nonsense! Why did you…suddenly became so responsible? Tell me, did you do something wrong again?"

Feeling Miao Ying's warmth, he replied emotionally, "Captain Miao, you got it right again! I took a photo of you and accidentally posted it on my news feed!"

"Hehehe… You!" Miao Ying smiled faintly. It was a smile that was worth an entire city. "Gangster! If I don't scold you a couple of times a day, I actually don't feel good! Come…" Miao Ying passed an opened beer bottle to Zhao Yu and made a toast.

"Captain Miao, you drank quite a bit today. Slow down!" Zhao Yu was worried that Miao Ying would drink too much so he advised her.

"You…" Miao Ying pointed at Zhao Yu's head with her index finger a dozen times. She finally said, "Zhao Yu, look…" She raised her hands to tie her mushroom hair up, and asked, "If I tied my hair up into a ponytail, would it look better?" When she tied her hair up, Miao Ying purposely showed her ears.

What kind of person was Zhao Yu? Looking at Miao Ying, who was wearing the earrings that he bought for her, he understood what she was trying to do. Talking about putting her hair up was just a guise. The truth was that she wanted to show off her earrings!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu was dumbstruck and was overcome by emotion. Looking at Miao Ying being so delicate and charming, he really wanted to embrace her tightly in his arms. But there were many other people, and he had an unsolvable knot in his heart. So he simply answered, "Forget it. Mushroom head looks pretty good!"

"Oh…" Miao Ying looked a little disappointed. She slowly let go of her hair and it resumed her original mushroom-shaped hairstyle.

"Team Leader Miao, hurry up, it's your turn!" Xiao Liu shouted over the microphone.

Miao Ying took another glance at Zhao Yu and went over to sing…


When it was over, it was almost midnight. Zhao Yu saw that Miao Ying really had had too much to drink, so he volunteered to send her back in her Phaeton. Although Miao Ying had drunk quite a bit, she was not unconscious. Initially, she already found a driver but Zhao Yu chased him away.

Zhao Yu had thought that Miao Ying lived in some wealthy area or garden villa. When he got to the destination, he was surprised that it was only a normal housing area. The most expensive house there would not cost more than her Phaeton.

"Do you live here?" Zhao Yu drove to the door of the housing area. He was planning to get out of the care and ask around in the parking lot.

"Sixth floor, the forth window from the left!" Miao Ying pointed at one of the buildings in the front and said, "Wait until you see the light come up, then you can leave! Drive the car back. I'll get a cab tomorrow. It's very late, it'll be difficult for you to get back!"


Zhao Yu wanted to say something else but Miao Ying said, "Send me a WeChat text when you get home! You drank quite a bit too, drive slowly."


Zhao Yu wanted to say something again but Miao Ying smiled. "What is it? Are you thinking about something dirty? My auntie and niece are upstairs!"

"Oh, really? No, no!" Zhao Yu explained, "If so, should've gone to my place instead! Mm… Forget it… I was just joking…"

"Hehe… Regardless, you being shameless is quite cute!" Miao Ying opened the car door and left.

Zhao Yu lied on the steering wheel and waited. After a few minutes, the room lit up. Miao Ying stood by her bed and waved at him.

Zhao Yu watched the silhouettes against the window and felt a surge of emotion. He was thinking "Wouldn't it have been great if I had gone straight to my place? Mm…that's not right!" He suddenly recalled that his house wouldn't do as his mother was there!

"I'm not short of money anyway. I should have just gone to some hotel," he thought. But it was just a thought. Zhao Yu knew himself well enough. Although he was arrogant, when he ran into something that tugged at his heartstrings, it would be an entirely different situation. Although Miao Ying had said that he looked cute when he was being shameless, Zhao Yu could vividly feel the gap between them.

So when he was driving her Phaeton back to Shun Feng Street, Zhao Yu made a decision. "Miao Ying, Miao Ying, I will definitely chase after you!" he thought. "In the future, I will work even harder to earn money, to work, to diminish the gap between us. Just you wait. One day, I will get you fair and square!!!"