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330 One Last Glance

Everything was out of control the moment of Duan Dacheng snatched the bag. Qiu Xinyang and his mother were stuck in their seats, unable to move, and could only watch Duan Dacheng snatch the parcel from their feet. Once the parcel was opened, other than milk, there was a lot of nutritious food, snacks, and a large box of dates!

"No! Don't take our food… That's mine… Uncle…Uncle…please…my mother…my mother needs it! Don't rob our food…" Qiu Xinyang cried in horror.

"Oh! You…you…" Qiu Xinyang's mother was struggling too, but her body remained motionless. Struggling intensely, more blood started to gush out from the wound where she had pierced by an iron rod.

"Dacheng, Dacheng, what are you doing?" Gong Xiuzhen tried restraining her husband's arm. "How could you take people's things? Hurry…give it back…"

"My wife, what do you know?" Duan Dacheng glared red-eyed at her and bellowed, "We've already got nothing! If we get this, we will be able to eat until we were saved!"

"Yes, yes!" said Tang Linking, who had not spoken for a long time. "We'll all be saved if we divide the food equally. We should be sharing at this moment! Kid," she turned around to face Qiu Xinyang and proclaimed, "Your mother will die soon anyways. It's useless if you keep all the food for her. You will save many lives if you share it!"

"No! No! My mother will be fine, she's fine! I should save my mother…" Qiu Xinyang sobbed. "I need to keep the food for her. That's all mine, you can't take it! Mother…Mother!"

"Come on, don't be like this." The driver, Zhang Hongran, rushed over and exclaimed, "That food belongs to him. Hurry, give it back to him. They're quite pitiful enough!" After that, he turned around and said, "Kid, hold on, I'll get some tools to get you out of there!"

"Don't move her, don't!" Suddenly, Shao Zhenjiang, who had been deeply grieving over losing his wife and son, said, "His mother has been stuck there, we can't move her! She's might bleed to death if we do. Listen to me, just leave her like that, don't move her!"

"Mother…Mother…" Qiu Xinyang was left to cry helplessly.

Qiu Xinyang's mother had become weaker by that point. Before she died, she used her last ounce of strength to put her hand on Qiu Xinyang's head and gently caress his hair, wordlessly expressing the infinite love for a mother has for her child.

"Mother…Mother…" Unaware his mother had passed away, Qiu Xinyang was still crying as he held his mother's hand tightly.

"Kid…" Sun Yihan had burst into tears too. She was frustrated as she couldn't say any words to comfort the kid.

"So? Don't you want to survive?" Duan Dacheng was trying to incite a response from them and remarked, "We should distribute the food equally so that everyone can have it little by little, while waiting for the rescue team. This the only solution if we want to survive. We really don't know when the rescue team will get here! Any opinions? Still got any opinions!?"

The remaining passengers said no more words after they heard Duan Dacheng bellow in rage. This time, even the driver Zhang Hongran and Shao Zhenjiang did not say another word. They remained silent and stood around the food, then started dividing Qiu Xinyang's belongings…

Qiu Xinyang stared at the ugly faces of the people. He could weep no more. A feeling of hatred and hostility had begun to brew in his heart…


Back to the present. By the time Qiu Xinyang, who had bruises all over his face, was taken away by a police car in handcuffs. He had already been woken up since he fell unconcious.

Although the police car had left Ghost City—an abandoned city—but Qiu Xinyang could not help but keep turning around to look back at it. In his heart, he knew that this could be his last glance of Ghost City!

No one could imagine that Ghost City was the origin of his family's happiness. Years ago, he used to stand at a higher point in Xin Yuan Street with his parents, gazing down over it.

His father uttered, "My child, I bought three of the best villas there, and they're all connected! You can live in one of your own when you grow up, and I'll live in one with your mother!"

"Father, what about the other one?" Qiu Xinyang asked curiously.

"That one is for your future brother!" As he spoke, the father smiled and pointed to his mother's stomach. A blissful smile appeared across the mother's face.

"Oh! Amazing! I will have a brother soon! We can play together…"

A naive child as him who was smiling happily at that moment would never expect that he would be forever separated from his family some years later. Even his last glance had become so miserable and dreary…

"Hey," Zhao Yu asked anxiously as he hugged Daheng in the ambulance, "Nurse, how come everyone is awake except the dog? Is it okay?"

"Don't worry! It will be fine!" a young nurse confirmed. "Seeing that all the humans are awake, the dog will be fine too! It's probably because the dog's resistance is weaker than humans'. We will examine it once we get to the hospi—"

Before the nurse could finish her words, Daheng whined a few times before he awoke and sat in front Zhao Yu.

"Woof..woof!" Daheng barked a few times and shook his tail persistently, as if trying to recall why it had fainted.

"Look, just like I said!" The nurse nodded in satisfaction.

"Hoo…" Zhao Yu heaved a sigh of relief. He patted the dog's head gently and said, "You really scared me!"

"Woof...woof…" Daheng had been revived and was instantly energetic. Although Daheng was still the expert fecal detector, it had contributed a lot in this case. They might not have found the hidden basement beneath the garage if Daheng had not smelled Sun Yihan's scent.

"Ah… Hero, please leave me my beautiful dream…" Zhao Yu's phone rang; it was a call from Miao Ying. Miao Ying was also concerned about Daheng and started asking about its condition once Zhao Yu picked up.

"Come." Zhao Yu put the phone in front of Daheng. He patted the dog's head and said, "Daheng, your sister is calling!"


"F*ck you!" Miao Ying exclaimed. "Zhao Yu, I was quite clear about what happened earlier, but I'm clueless as to why Wang Shengyao and his team members fainted. They were supposedly right behind you, right?"

"Cough! Don't mention it again!" Zhao Yu immediately said, "I subdued and handcuffed the criminal after the gunfight. Then, I went to the basement to save people, but I only found that Wang and his team member had fainted. It's just a coincidence, right?"

"Hey!" Miao Ying smiled nonchalantly and said, "Don't I know you? Tell me the truth, did you use Qiu Xinyang's thing to make people faint?"

"Miao, you've guessed it!" Zhao Yu exclaimed. "We almost sacrificed our lives in order to get the criminal, but Wang Shengyao and his team members were planning to pull the rug from beneath our feet without doing anything to deserve it! If Qiu Xinyang was captured and claimed by them, do you think you could bear the injustice?"

"I knew it!" Miao Ying exclaimed. "Zhao Yu, this time, you did a good job, and got payback for all of us! Don't worry, no matter what Wang Shenyao says, we can just fight it and say everything was due to their carelessness, causing them to be knocked out by the criminal. They can't win this one, get it!"

"Yes, madam!" Zhao Yu was completely delighted and even said something in English!