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328 Dangerous Play

Zhao Yu rushed out because he was worried about the safety of Liu Xueshan and another detective. It would be fine if they were temporarily unconscious after they inhaled the white smoke, however, it could be a serious issue if it was life-threatening. Furthermore, Zhao Yu was not going to waste his time with Qiu Xinyang, who was extremely guileful. When Qiu Xinyang found out that he was unable to get into the basement, he might choose other more vicious attacks, such as setting a fire. If that happened, Zhao Yu and his team members would be in even bigger trouble.

Therefore, since Zhao Yu was blessed with the the invisible bulletproof suit, he decided to strike back right away.

P-taff…P-taff… The enemy who was standing upstairs started shooting at Zhao Yu as he saw Zhao Yu bolting towards him!

Originally, the culprit was at a much better position at higher ground, and thought that he could knock Zhao Yu down with one shot. However, he did not anticipate that Zhao Yu showed neither fear nor care at all and continued charging forward without slowing down even a bit. In the blink of an eye, Zhao Yu had arrived right in front of Qiu Xinyang.

Bang! Zhao Yu returned one gunshot as soon as he was face to face with his enemy, who was wearing a respirator.

Puff! The enemy was shot right in his thigh.

After being shot, Qiu Xinyang fell down immediately, and frantically shrieked in pain. But with a respirator on his face, all his screams had turned into unclear moans and groans. Nevertheless, although Qiu Xinyang had been shot, he was still holding the gun. The moment he saw Zhao Yu was still coming for him, he fired at Zhao Yu one more time. However, now Qiu Xinyang was completely stunned - he watched the bullet hit Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu moved as if nothing had happened!

As the guy was hesitating, Zhao Yu had already rushed to the front and landed a flying kick, kicking away the gun in the culprit's hand.

"B*stard! Go to hell!" Zhao Yu punched him in the face, and the respirator was knocked off. Qiu Xinyang fell to the ground in pain. Afterward, Zhao Yu grabbed his collar and followed with another punch to his face.

Bang! Being hit with such violent punches, Qiu Xinyang got a bloody nose, with his mouth slanted and his eyes gleamed. He lost his ability to fight back right away.

Zhao Yu planned to give him another punch, but as there was still residual white smoke at the scene, the guy was comatose, and his eyes were rolling back into his head as he inhaled some of the white smoke after his respirator had been taken off.

Seeing that his opponent could no longer resist, Zhao Yu held the men's face. Taking a closer look, he was right! This guy was none other than the culprit of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case—Qiu Xinyang!!

Unexpectedly, as Zhao Yu guessed, Qiu Xinyang had taken a risk to come back here! Undoubtedly, he intended to kill Sun Yihan, despite having to fight with the police.

What on earth had caused the hatred between them that made Qiu Xinyang desperate enough to do anything regardless of the price?

The white smoke started to lose its effectiveness, and Qiu Xinyang mumbled in astonishment, "Im-impossible… How is he still conscious without a respirator…" He was completely knocked out once he finished his words.

Zhao Yu quickly looked around and found that Liu Xueshan and another detective were on the ground, unmoving. Luckily, there was no blood or wounds. Most likely, they had just fallen unconscious.

After Zhao Yu had set his mind at ease, he took out his handcuffs and handcuffed Qiu Xinyang. When he was putting the handcuffs on Qiu Xinyang, he saw that Qiu Xinyang's thigh was bleeding from being shot. To prevent him dying from blood loss, Zhao Yu used a strip of cloth as a tourniquet. After finishing, he used a walkie-talkie to call Li Yan and the others, and planned to ask them to come up from the basement. Unfortunately, there was no response from Li Yan and others.

"Oh no!" Zhao Yu thought.

Immediately, he bolted to the basement. It turned out the white smoke had been circulated everywhere. Li Yan and others had collapsed from the smoke because they had not worn a respirator. Neither Li Yan nor Sun Yihan, or even Daheng, were spared. All of them had fainted in the basement.

"Thank goodness!" Zhao Yu thought to himself and felt lucky. If not for the invisible breathing device, Qiu Xinyang's sneak attack would have worked!

Gazing at the white smoke in the room and his unconscious team members, Zhao Yu was faced with a dilemma. Should he help the people or deal with the white smoke first?

After careful contemplation, Zhao Yu made a decision. Due to there was a time constraint of the breathing device, it would be better to get rid of the white smoke first. He could only save everyone else after he had dealt with this.

Zhao Yu stooped down to pick up the thing which was emitting smoke, and planned to find a pile of sand outside and bury it. However, as Zhao Yu was carrying the white smoke machine and leaving the basement, he was caught off guard by four detectives who were rushing in from the yard, their pistol in hand. After Zhao Yu took a quick glance, he recognized them! It was Wang Shengyao, and three members of the special task force!

"Sh*t!" he thought to himself. Looking at these people, Zhao Yu did not felt any relief. Instead, he quickly lowered his head.

"Team Leader, look!" one of the detectives had found Qiu Xinyang and showed Wang Shengyao. "Isn't this the suspect? My God…why is he here? What happened to these police officers?"

"Ah, this guy has been shot!" Another detective found a gunshot wound and the handcuffs on Qiu Xiyang. "What? Handcuffs! Was there a fight just now or…?"

"It doesn't look like it! It seemed like they already fainted! What a mess!" another detective said.

"Stop talking!" Wang Shengyao took an immediate look around the area. Meanwhile, he also glanced at the garage, causing Zhao Yu to hurriedly lower his head.

"You guys, listen to me, bring the suspect to our car now," Wang Shengyao demanded. "Be quick, change his handcuffs to ours!"

"Ah? Team Leader…do you mean…" The detectives were shocked.

"Anyhow, bear in mind, we caught the suspect first, okay?" Wang Shengyao said, "you guys must take the suspect to the police station safely. I will settle things here. Hurry up! Rongyang branch's members will arrive soon!"

"Yes, Sir!" Several detectives had already realized Wang Shengyao's intentions, and quickly took out their keys and changed Qiu Xinyang's handcuffs. 

Hahaha… Zhao Yu could not help smiling in the basement hallway. He thought, Wang Shengyao, you shameless fellow! At this moment, you still dare to come here and snatch the food from the jaws of a tiger. Don't you know this is very dangerous?

Hahaha… Thinking of this, Zhao Yu hurled the white smoke machine directly at Wang Shengyao and the others.

"Ah? What's this? Be careful… Hey? Eh Eh Eh…" This was the last sentence that Wang Shengyao and the other detectives said at that moment. The white smoke was so powerful. Less than a minute later, followed by a thump sound as something fell to the ground. The scene soon returned to peace and quiet!