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327 Watch the Stump and Wait for a Hare

"Hey! Hey hey…" Zhao Yu smacked the metal door while shouting, "Is there anyone in there? Anyone? Sun Yihan, are you in there?" As it was damp, the cold metal door had many water droplets hanging off of it. Zhao Yu's hands were wet after he smacked the door.

"Bark! Bark bark…" Daheng felt that he had contributed successfully. It ran around Zhao Yu in circles while barking.

"Stop, stop barking! I can't hear, shh…" Zhao Yu shouted and Daheng then lied down.

Dong dong dong… Zhao Yu smacked the door again, but he could not hear anything going on behind the door.

Sh*t! Zhao Yu was panicking. "If Sun Yihan is locked inside, in such a dangerous environment, I wonder if she is even alive." In his desperation, he pulled the door lock on the metal door. The big lock hung outside the door was could not be opened!

Tsk Tsk… Zhao Yu scanned through his toolbar and realised that there was no universal lock picks. "Do I have to use the energy booster to break open the door with force?" he wondered. The moment he thought of using force, he remembered Liu Xueshan's axe. He shouted at Li Yan, "Li Yan, hurry up and go get the axe!"

"Yes!" Li Yan took the order and wanted to leave, but the other police detective stopped him. "Hold on, Li. Team Leader, look," the detective took out a bunch of keys from the book shelf and said, "maybe this has the key to open the door?"

Zhao Yu's eyes widened at the sight, and he grabbed the keys immediately. He started to stab each key into the lock. Fortunately,the very first key he tried worked! The heavy lock clicked and open!

Wow! The jubilant police detectives quickly took the lock and opened the heavy metal door! The metal door made a creaky noise and it finally opened. A gust of hot air greeted them as they opened the door, and a whiff of an unpleasant stench was pushed by the hot air… Looking with their flashlights, everyone was shocked when they saw someone lying on the ground! The person was wearing a yellow dress, and was lying on the floor, unmoving. They could not tell whether she was dead or alive.

"Quick, hurry, hurry, hurry…" Zhao Yu was the first to rush in. He picked up the person on the ground.

"Mm…" As she was moved, she whimpered softly.

"Huh? Still alive! Alive! That's great!" The detectives were extremely delighted. Li Yan quickly broke the good news to his colleagues outside via walkie talkie, and told them to call the medics.

Zhao Yu quickly swept away her hair. Although her cheeks seemed to be twisted and out of shape, he could roughly make out that she was indeed the Sun Yihan that had disappeared!

"That's great!" he thought. To see that Sun Yihan was still alive, Zhao Yu was relieved.

"Bark bark…" Daheng barked again at the narrow space inside the metal door. It looked extremely excited. Zhao Yu turned around and looked, and he finally understood what Daheng was trying to say. As Sun Yihan had been trapped for many days, she had taken a dump, so…in short, Daheng was still Sherlock Holmes.

"Team Leader!" Li Yan said, "I heard that people who have been trapped underground can't be exposed to light immediately, and we can't give her food or water. How about we wait for the medics here!"

"Mm…" Zhao Yu nodded but an idea popped in his mind right after! "No!" He suddenly stood up and urged the detectives, "No way, we have to send her now. Hurry up. Cover her eyes and carry her to the car. Then rush to the hospital for treatment!"

"But…but…why?" The detectives did not understand why Zhao Yu was so fired up.

"Li Yan!" Zhao Yu then said, "Send Sun Yihan off and tell Liu Xueshan to get rid of the other two police cars. We will stay here to set up an ambush around the garage. Get your guns ready!"

"Huh? Why?" Li Yan was puzzled.

"If I'm right, Qiu Xinyang is on his way here. Let's 'watch the stump and wait for a hare'!" Zhao Yu said confidently.

"What?!" The detectives were all shocked and asked, "Team Leader, how is that possible? Qiu Xinyang is not dumb. He has already run away. Why would he come back? That's impossible!"

"No!" Zhao Yu was certain. "I understand how Qiu Xinyang thinks. He never wanted to run. His hatred has consumed him! He purposely withdrew money from the ATM to expose himself, just to mislead us into thinking that he wants to get a bus and flee from the West Bus Station!

"Actually, he only wanted us to go to the ghost town so that he could…"

"It can't be." Li Yan was confused. "If he were to come back, he'd be heading straight towards his doom?"

"Correct!" Zhao Yu said. "He's ready to die, but he has to do something beforehand, which is," Zhao Yu pointed at Sun Yihan, "kill her! The last survivor from the bus back then!"

"Huh?!" All the detectives were shocked. They did not believe Zhao Yu's prediction.

"We have no time! Hurry up!" Zhao Yu urged. "Qiu Xinyang will be back soon. Everyone, leave quickly. Li Yan and I will go around the garage to wait!"

"Okay!" The police detectives did not believe him, but they dared not go against his orders. They quickly covered Sun Yihan's eyes with some cloth and carried her out.

"Liu, Liu!" Zhao Yu quickly called for Liu Xueshan to ask him to coordinate from above but…no one responded. When everyone reached the corner in the basement, Zhao Yu heard a weird noise from above.

"Hold on!" Zhao Yu stopped the rest of the group and signaled for them to back off. Li Yan and the others realized something and felt nervous. They immediately retreated. Zhao Yu took out a handgun and wanted to go up to check. But just when he got to the entrance, something that was producing smoke suddenly appeared! It was something round, and the entire thing was emitting white smoke. When it rolled out, the place was consumed with a thick cloud of white smoke.

"Oh no!" Zhao Yu had seen it once and knew its effects! So he immediately used an invisible breathing device! But there were many police detectives behind him, and Sun Yihan was already weak, and also Daheng…

"Go back, quick! Hold your breath, do not breathe it in…" Zhao Yu turned around to remind everyone, but he had yet to finish his sentence before he heard a gunshot from above!

Bang… A bullet flew past Zhao Yu, hit the engine and made a ding sound.

Huh?! Zhao Yu was frightened and he quickly hid in the basement.

Bark bark bark… Daheng was barking while Li Yan and the others were alert. They had rushed to the rack in the basement to put gas masks on! If the gas mask were effective, they would not be knocked out by the white smoke.

But… even if they were not knocked out, the enemy had gun. If he rushed in from above and shot everywhere, it wouldn't be good!

But, at that crucial moment, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of what Miao Ying had said before.

"Hey, that's right." We are police. How can we be afraid of criminals?" he thought. He looked at his right hand, which held a gun. If he can shoot me, I can shoot him too!" Then, Zhao Yu quickly pulled the trigger.

Bang! The bullets shot out aimlessly, but the sound of the gunshot still intimidated the enemy above. His shadow indicated that he was stunned, probably contemplating if he should rush down or not.

"Oh…" Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized. The enemy outside was most likely Qiu Xinyang. He might have knocked out Liu Xueshan and the others with the white smoke and taken their guns.

No way! "This person is already crazy! We can't let him just do what he wants. We need to bring him under control as soon as possible," Zhao Yu thought.

Zhao Yu did not hesitate. He quickly opened his toolbar to activate the invisible bullet proof suit, and rushed out without a care for his safety!