Crazy Detective
326 Magical Fecal Detector
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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326 Magical Fecal Detector


In order to get the best result, Zhao Yu turned on his cellphone and showed the photos of Qiu Xinyang and Sun Yihan to Daheng. This action made other detectives quite speechless—who on the earth would show photos to a dog! However, Daheng became excited and started turning around in circles after he saw the photos. Then, he headed off in some direction.

Honestly, although Zhao Yu knew that Daheng was a well-known fecal detector, looking at this musty building, he was not that certain about the result. But seeing how Daheng was searching around, he could only give it a try and follow the dog.

Unexpectedly, this time, Daheng did not lead them a long way away, instead, it headed towards one of the nearest villa. It was building number ten on the fifth row, which Zhao Yu had just searched once.

"Woof, woof…" Daheng barked excitedly as he lowered his head and sniffed around. Once it entered the villa's yard, it headed straight for the garage on the left rather than the main entrance as expected. Because the building was not completely constructed, the garage was just two empty houses, without a door either.

Zhao Yu had just searched here. The garage was musty and covered with weeds and moss. The place was utterly empty. But Daheng refused to leave once he entered the place. He continuously barked at the garage on the left.

Zhao Yu felt like there must be some fresh poop in this garage. Otherwise, Daheng never would have found this place! But...whose poop was it?

Zhao Yu was pondering as a detective, named Li Yan, entered.

"Hey? You…" Before Zhao Yu could stop him, Daheng had rushed ahead of Li Yan and started barking at something in the garage.

"Team Leader!" Li Yan was starring at the ground. He exclaimed, "Here…someone's been walking through this place often! Look, there are the footprints! And wheel tracks…"

Ah? Upon hearing that, Zhao Yu hastily approached. There were not only human footprints, but there were track marks of an electric car as well. 

Did it mean...there was something there?

"Woof, woof…" Daheng was still barking when Li Yan stepped forward. Finally, he found something extraordinary and exclaimed, "Wow! There's…there's a door here!" As soon as they got into the garage, they saw a door on the ground. They definitely would have missed it if they had not come up close as the door was covered in weeds.

Li Yan saw a handle on the door and pulled it immediately. But he found the door was locked and would not budge.

"It's a built-in lock! The keyhole is here!" Li pulled off the weeds and saw a keyhole.

"Come, Let's do together!" Zhao Yu demanded. Several detectives were pulling on the handle together, but, it would not move. Finally, they broke the handle after pulling too hard.

"Ax, ax!" Liu Xueshan sprinted to the police car and got an ax from it. Then, they start breaking down the door. There was the sound of metal banging on metal after two to three cuts on the door!

"Oh, my god!" It's an iron gate! Liu Xueshan was surprised and dropped the ax grudgingly.

"Shoot it! Let's see if we can break the chain or not!"

The other detectives were distracted by Zhao Yu's comment.

"Team…Team Leader," Li Yan replied, "we were taught in the police academy that bullets might ricochet off metal. We shouldn't shoot the lock because we might get hurt!"

"Well…haha…" Zhao Yu stroked his head and explained lightheartedly, "I saw it in the movies!"

All the detectives were speechless at that moment.

"Well…watch me! Stay away!" After he finished speaking, Zhao Yu selected the skeleton key in his mind. As soon as he decided to use the item, the door was unlocked. With a Hula sound, he forced the heavy door open.

Wow! All detectives were dumbfounded. They were confused by Zhao Yu. He asked to shoot the door open, and then the next second, he just unlocked it so easily. What was going on?

Actually, Zhao Yu would never use a special item unless it was a true emergency. If Sun Yihan really was trapped down there, then the quicker Zhao Yu could get in, the more likely she would be saved.

Once the door was opened, a cold and damp air blew out from below, which made everyone shiver! A deep slope and narrow steps appeared on the right as they looked down.

Wow! Zhao Yu was shocked. The design of this place obviously allowed convenient transportation, as well as an easy escape. Did it mean…this place was Qiu Xinyang's den?

"Woof! Woof!" Suddenly, Daheng barked twice at the door leading underground. There was an instant echo; the room seemed so empty.

"Daheng, lower...lower your voice!" Zhao Yu gave the order to his dog first, then led some team members to go down and check. Just to be safe, he asked Liu Xueshan and another detective to stay in front of the door.

Zhao Yu and Li Yan each took a flashlight from the police car and walked carefully downstairs. It turned out there were about forty square meters of basement below the garage. Surprisingly, they discovered a wide hall after they walked to the end of it. However, they were shocked and got nervous after they saw the things that were laid out in the hall. Immediately, Li Yan pulled out his gun!

Tons of miscellaneous items were stacked in the hall. Among them, there were many daily necessities, a sofa, a bed, a bookshelf, and so on. Moreover, there were many portable generators in the corner!

As they walked further into the hall, a large machine covered in worn-out leather appeared before everyone's eyes. Zhao recognized it once he got a glance of it. This was a large vacuum sealing machine!

"Oh my God!!" he exclaimed in his head. Undoubtedly, this must be the place where Qiu Xinyang had committed his crimes! Qiu Xinyang definitely was the murderer of the Hidden Bank Corpse Case!

"Look…" Li Yan shined the flashlight on the shelf located opposite of the vacuum sealing machine. Many old photos were there, and basically, there were photos of Qiu Xinyang and his parents when he was a child. But who could have imagined that Qiu Xinyang, the boy who smiled so brightly in the photos, had become a murderer and killed so many people!?

When he shone the flashlight to the right, they saw several respirators and some chemical bottles. 

"Team…Team Leader," Li Yan was rolling his eyes in shock, trembling as he asked, "shall we report this to our superior at once?"

"Sure! Sure!" Even though Zhao Yu had a strong stomach, he was shocked by current situation as well. He nodded quickly when Li Yan suggested reporting the situation.

"Woof! Woof!" Unexpectedly, Daheng barked twice at this tense moment. A savage howl in such quiet basement made the detectives tremble!

"Daheng, didn't I tell you to lower your voice? Well…" Just as Zhao Yu was about to complain, he found that Daheng had already gone deeper into the basement, and seemed to have found something as well. Immediately, Zhao Yu got a flashlight and ran after it. Within a few steps, in the deepest part of the basement, he found a dark, black iron gate!!!
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