Crazy Detective
325 A Brutal Memorial
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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325 A Brutal Memorial

"Zhang," Zhao Yu was saying to Zhang Jingfeng over the phone, "hurry up. Check which developer invested on the abandoned commercial town project in Moyang Area near Xinyuan Street! I remember Qiu Xinyang's father was in real estate. Check if the ghost town is related to his father, okay?"

"Okay! I'll be quick!" Although Zhang Jingfeng was at the station, he was up to date with the current situation. He was well aware that this was the most crucial moment. Of course he did not dare to delay any further.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu immediately gathered the rest of Team A to wait for orders and be ready to depart.

Since there had been no results from searching up and down the bookstore that Qiu Xinyang had been staying in, Zhao Yu had a feeling that if Qiu Xinyang was the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, the place where he imprisoned his victims and vacuum sealed them would not be too far away!

Looking around, although there were many empty houses around the bookstore, there were still people that came and went. If he were to keep his victims at the bookstore, he had to bear the risk of exposing himself! But it would be a different story if he were to leave them in the ghost town! It was a large area with many buildings, and there was hardly anyone that visited because of its notorious reputation. Even the hobos dared not go close to that area! If one planned to keep someone hostage for about ten days, in order to starve them to death, the ghost town would be the most suitable choice!

But If Qiu Xinyang really was holding Sun Yihan captive in the ghost town, where would they start searching?

At this crucial moment, Zhao Yu remembered Qiu Xinyang's father. "If his father was the developer, would his father be involved with the development of ghost town back then?" he wondered. Plus, Qiu Xinyang had so much money. He could have gone to other places, but why did he opt to stay at Xinyuan Street? Was it be because of some obsession he had that made him open a bookstore at Xinyuan Street?

As his family bought a big house in the ghost town, Qiu Xinyang stayed on Xin Yuan Street and sought comfort in keeping an eye out on the ghost town. If the house did exist, would it be…

Just when Zhao Yu had gathered the team, Zhang Jingfeng called back. As what Zhao Yu had guessed, Zhang Jingfeng said excitedly, "Zhao, you are right! The developing company that belonged to Qiu Xinyang's father did participate in one of the projects in the ghost town. The project was called 'Jin Ding World', a big villa!" Zhang Jingfeng said quickly, "According to the records, Qiu Xinyang's father did purchase the villa that he developed under his personal name! Not only did he buy one, but he got a few! I'm guessing he was planning on making some serious cash. However, due to the break in the capital chain, the project was forced to stop! In the end, it was about seventy percent to completion!"

"Oh! Then…quickly tell me the exact location!" Zhao Yu urged while he signalled two of the Team A teammates to get into the car.

"Fifth row eighth house, fifth row tenth house, and forth row eleventh house…" Zhang Jingfeng suddenly changed the topic after that, "Oh, right, Zhao! After I checked on Qiu Xinyang's dad, I also checked out his mother! I am terrified. Guess what."

"Mm? What is it?" Zhao Yu was getting ready to drive when he heard what Zhang Jingfeng said. He was caught by surprise.

"Qiu Xinyang's mother was a bank manager!" Zhang Jingfeng said. "Although she didn't work in Qinshan Bank, she was involved in the planning of the safety deposit box services, in Qinshan Bank and other banks! I finally understand why the murderer took the risk to store the corpses in safety deposit boxes!"

What he said sent chills down Zhao Yu's spine. "Oh God! That's why!" he thought.

At first, he was perplexed. "Why didn't the murderer find a place to bury the people after he starved them to death? He'd rather take the risk to store them in the safety deposit boxes?" he thought.

It seemed that everything had a reasonable explanation! Qiu Xinyang had stored all the corpses in the safety deposit boxes that his mom had set up in order to have all these people atone for their sins! Using their corpses as a memorial to his mother!

So terrifying! It seemed that those victims must have done something bad to Qiu Xinyang's mother when the tunnel had collapsed, trapping the bus underneath! Hatred had made Qiu Xinyang psychologically twisted!

If Qiu Xinyang could do such a thing for his mother, then what about his father? Was Qiu Xinyang's real home in the ghost town?

Zhao Yu did not wait any longer, but started the car and drove towards the ghost town. Just when they got to the end of Xinyuan Street, they ran into Liu Xueshan and the others.

Liu Xueshan and the others rushed to the east of Xinyuan Street the very moment they got the order to search for Qiu Xinyang.

When Zhao Yu saw them, it was as if a string pulled on his heart, as though it was telling him something important! But as they were in a hurry, he did not think about it much, but asked them to follow him into the ghost town to search.

As the ghost town was a big area, more hands made lighter work. Zhao Yu was already a team leader, so of course Liu Xueshan and the others dared not go against his orders. They followed behind him into the ghost town.

In the ghost town, there was a forest of unfinished building projects that made people feel as if they were suffocating. There were piles of trash in and outside of the buildings. The messiness was a sad sight. Who knew such a huge investment for a commercial area would be left and turned into a ghost town that was filled with unfinished building projects!

The police cars drove through. They could not see any birds flying around, let alone any humans. The sight was miserable.

According to the information provided by Zhang Jingfeng, Zhao Yu led his teammates around and finally found the villa area after a few minutes.

As the villa area had been abandoned for a long time, they could not tell which was which! Luckily Zhang Jingfeng found the project blueprint, and they looked for the villas that had probably belonged to Qiu Xinyang's father!

The villas still stood tall and straight after many years, but they were messy and stinky. Even stray cats and dogs were not willing to stay there for long, let alone people!

Fifth row eighth house, fifth row tenth house, and forth row eleventh house—the three villas were not too far apart. Zhao Yu and the others split up into three groups to search the three villas thoroughly.

Actually, although the villas were not small, because they were still incomplete, the entire layout could be seen. So, the police detectives did not take a long time to search all of the three villas. But after searching, they found nothing!

"Sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed to himself. He looked around. "This one villa area has more than ten houses. If Qiu Xinying were to randomly hide Sun Yihan, it'll be difficult for us to find her! What should we do?"

Sun Yihan had been missing for so long. If they did not find her soon, the chance that she was still alive would get smaller and smaller.

"Team Leader Zhao," a police detective suggested, "Team Leader Miao gave us some police dogs. Why don't we bring them along?"

"Mm…?" Suddenly, Zhao Yu suddenly pointed at the car trunk and said, "I nearly forgot that I brought along a police dog… Mm, I brought my dog!"

When everyone heard that Zhao Yu was going to let his dog out again, they cringed. They had frightened an old lady using the toilet earlier because of his dog, and she had even fainted!

This dog did not seem to be great at looking for people, but was an expert in finding smelly things!

But Zhao Yu was suddenly filled with confidence, and he opened the car trunk to release Daheng again.

"Daheng! This is it!" Zhao Yu patted his dog again and said happily, "Finally, you can do what you do best! Come on! Look for the freshest sh*t nearby…"
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