Crazy Detective
323 The Amazing Daheng
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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323 The Amazing Daheng

"no… oh no… oh…" peng xin fell down and crawled on the floor. she wanted to get up but she suddenly felt dizzy, then she fell and went unconscious after she said "oh no".

huh?! zhao yu was shocked. when he looked towards the entrance of the bookstore, he saw white smoke coming out from the store. in the smoke, liang huan was dragging someone's legs.

although zhao yu was shocked, he understood what was going on. the white smoke in the bookstore was most likely poisonous, so most of the police detectives that had rushed in were poisoned.

the person liang huan was dragging was da fei—the first one who had rushed in. da fei had already collapsed on the floor, not moving at all! when liang huan tried to pull him, he could not hold his breath. he felt dizzy, choked by the white smoke, and fell right at the entrance of the bookstore.

damn it! zhao yu immediately closed the car trunk and rushed over to the rescue! although he was not sure what the white smoke was, his gut feeling told him that he could not inhale any of it. so, he immediately activated the invisible breathing device through the system! the invisible breathing device could provide oxygen automatically. with it, he would not take in any of the poisonous gas.

the other police detectives that came along with him were panicking. they wanted to save their colleagues too. zhao yu was afraid that they might be poisoned by the smoke, so he told them to stay put while he rushed towards the entrance of the bookstore. he dragged da fei and liang huang back, each one with one of his hands.

as peng xin fainted further away from the white smoke, the other police detectives quickly dragged her to a safer area.

"it might be some sort of strong anaesthetic," the police detective told zhao yu after checking on their three unconscious colleagues. "their life shouldn't be in danger. they are just knocked out!"

"call the station to request for backup! i'll head inside to arrest the suspect!" zhao yu then ran into the bookstore.

"don't, team leader!" the police detectives wanted to stop zhao yu but he had already ran into the bookstore.

the bookstore was filled with white smoke, and he could not see what was going on inside. even though zhao yu did not need to breathe, the smoke seemed to be irritant gas as it got in his eyes and made him tear up.

zhao yu was trying his best to look around when he finally found two people lying on the floor in the bookstore. these two should have been from the special task force, and they were already in a heavy stupor. no matter what kind of conflict they had had, zhao yu could not just leave them there. he held their thighs and dragged them out.

"team leader!" the police detectives saw zhao yu dragging another two people out and they were dumbstruck. they did not understand why zhao yu was not being affected by the white smoke. to their amazement, zhao yu brought the two people outside and ran into the shop again, without panting.

as zhao yu had entered the shop earlier, he found the stairs in the shop easily. he saw a kerosene lamp lookalike at the stairs, and that was where the white smoke was coming from. he stepped over the lamp and ran upstairs. it was also filled with white smoke. he saw another police detective on the ground.

"that's weird," he thought. "the detective is unconscious but his arm is pointing towards the window on the second floor. it seemed like he was pointing at something!" zhao yu immediately thought of the suspect, qiu xinyang!

"did qiu xinyang escape?" he quickly looked out from the window. there was a small yard outside, and there was a pomegranate tree right next to the window. on one of the tree branches, was an eyecatching gas mask! needless to say, the gas mask must have been caught on the branch when qiu xinyang was running away!

"f*ck!" zhao yu looked around but he did not see anyone. he contacted the detectives outside with his walkie-talkie and told them to go to the backyard and around the bookstore to track down the suspect!

after that, zhao yu walked around the second floor of the bookstore again to ensure that there was no one else there before he carried the unconscious detective down and out of the book store!

when zhao yu walked out of the book store, the first batch of backup had arrived. the police car's siren was wailing at the entrance of the bookstore, while a group of armored police detectives got out. everyone was shocked to see so many unconscious officers. they called for an ambulance and the bomb squad for professional assistance. 

zhao yu told his remaining colleagues to drive around to intercept the suspect. from the scene, the suspect, qiu xinyang was not far away!

"damn it! damn it!" zhao yu thought. he was directing his colleagues while sulking over the current situation, which was supposed to have been a simple arrest!

he reckoned that the team members from wang shengyao's team had no idea that qiu xinyang was the criminal of the bank hidden corpse case! they were only here to ask about the case, but they had not expected qiu xinyang to attack them with anaesthetic smoke!

if it had not been for these people messing around, they could have arrested qiu xinyang! not only was the suspect not arrested, but a few detectives were also poisoned! god damn it!

at first, they wanted to wait for the bomb squad to arrive to get rid of the white smoke that was knocking people out, but zhao yu knew where it was, and as his invisible breathing device was still working, he rushed into the bookstore and brought out the kerosene lamp lookalike that was exuding the white smoke. there was a pile of sand next to the road, so he threw it into the sand pile and buried it. the smoke then disappeared.

whoop whoop whoop… along with the police siren, team b, led by miao ying, had arrived at the scene. after finding out the details of the incident, miao ying was pissed off too! if she did not have an important task at hand, she would have lodged a complaint against wang shengyao with the higher-ups!

because of the accident at the bookstore, qiu xinyang raised an even stronger suspicion. the police were quite certain that he was the murderer of the bank hidden corpse case! so, miao ying quickly sent qiu xinyang's photo to each arrest team and got in touch with the traffic department to set up patrols to arrest the suspect.

after about ten over minutes, there was no update from each department. no one had seen qiu xinyang.

very quickly, the ambulance arrived! luckily, peng xin was only mildly poisoned. when the ambulance arrived, she had already regained conscious, but liang huan and da fei were in worse condition.

the medical professionals quickly gave them emergency treatment. one of the experienced emergency doctors told them that it had been a strong anaesthetic that was life threatening, and that they had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment!

it was important to rescue them, so along with peng xin, the detectives helped move all of them into the ambulance.

when the ambulance left, the bomb squad arrived!

as zhao yu had already taken care the source of the white smoke, the bomb squad looked at the scene and confirmed that there was no longer any danger in the book store.

"hurry up," miao ying told the remaining detectives. "we have to investigate the bookstore as soon as possible. if sun yihan taken by qiu xinyang, she might be locked up here!"

everyone knew the importance of the matter so they rushed into the bookstore to look through the place.

zhao yu wanted to follow them but he suddenly recalled something. he thought, "qiu xinyang shouldn't be too far away from here, especially in such short period of time. the b*stard might be hiding nearby!"

so… zhao yu opened the car trunk and carried daheng out.

"daheng," zhao yu patted its head and said, "good dog! i am relying on you this time!" he brought daheng to the backyard of the bookstore and took down the gas mask that the suspect had left on the tree. he told daheng to smell the gas mask, and he showed daheng the photo of qiu xinyang.

"come on, daheng!" zhao yu spoke with enthusiasm. "hurry up, find this b*stard for me!"

after looking at the photo, daheng barked excitedly. then, it ran around zhao yu in circles and ran into the alley through the backyard of the bookstore.

"that's great!" zhao yu followed daheng when it decided in which direction to go. the other detectives were excited and chased after zhao yu with their guns on hand.

"bark bark bark…" after a few turns in the alley, they arrived at their destination. zhao yu nearly fell on his knees!

"what the f*ck!" zhao yu cursed when he saw that daheng had led them to a smelly public toilet!!

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