Crazy Detective
312 Don’t Mess with My Son
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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312 Don’t Mess with My Son

After his talk with Liao Jingxian, Zhao Yu finally understood what happened. Apparently, the special investigation team responsible for Qu Ping's murder had long been aware of the problem with the cake shop. Right when they took over the case, they had already looked through the footage of Zhao Yu chasing Zhao Qing. In order to retrace Zhao Qing's steps, the investigators also went to the cake shop once, trying to get the surveillance footage from the shop. Yet, by the time they arrived, the cake shop had already closed, and the manager had gone without a trace. Thus, the investigators immediately redirected all their attention to this. After some further investigation, they felt that this cake shop was most likely the headquarters of the criminal organization as well as Boss Yu. But they were a step too late. The cake shop was already deserted.

But even though the criminal organization had changed locations, the police did not give up there. They sent someone to survey the area day and night, just in case the criminals came back. Yet they had not expected Zhao Yu to notice this place. This was why the police officer came up and chatted with Zhao Yu.

Oh… Once he realized the truth, Zhao Yu relaxed. It seemed like the special investigators that were responsible for investigating Qu Ping's murder were very capable. He did not need to worry at all.

But since Liao Jingxian had already reprimanded him, if Zhao Yu did not tease the other a little, then it just would not sit right with him. Thus, Zhao Yu told Liao Jingxian through the monitor that the reason he was there was to buy a cake! Not to investigate any case! How could he have such a thought? Also, when he had called Liao Jingxian just now, it was to ask him out to dinner, and was not related to the case!

Facing such an act of feigned innocence, Liao Jingxian could not do anything to Zhao Yu either. He could only warn him to keep the case top-secret, and then he hung up.

Once he parted ways with the other police officer, Zhao Yu then left the police car by himself and headed towards the café.

To think the truth was like this! Zhao Yu recollected his memory when he chased down Zhao Qing. At that time, he was focused on capturing Zhao Qing and did not take anything else into consideration. Now that he thought through the entire situation, he realized that had he paid more attention to the cake shop back then, he might have been able to kill two birds with one stone!

But…however…tsk, tsk… Remembering what he just heard, Zhao Yu still felt like something was wrong. It felt like other than the cake shop, there was still other evidence! But what could it be? Would the criminal organization really back off after they were forced to move? Or would they cause an even bigger commotion?

Also…could Jing Yuanyuan's disappearance have something to do with the Bank Hidden Corpse Case?

When he thought this far, Zhao Yu could not help but feel nervous. If his theory was correct, then was Jing Yuanyuan already in danger? According to the criminal's modus operandi, he would first lock Jing Yuanyuan somewhere, without food or water, and wait for her to naturally starve to death.

Jing Yuanyuan disappeared two days ago. It had already been a long time. Could she…bear it? Just how could she be found?

With so much confusion and agitation in his mind, how could Zhao Yu have any desire to finish his blind date? All he wanted to do was to go back to the police station and investigate the case. But he knew his mother's temper well! Since his mother already spent money on the blind date, she would never give up until Zhao Yu at least found a target. Right now, the old lady was probably going nuts over his disappearance!

Zhao Yu had so much on his mind that he had forgotten something rather important. He had entirely forgotten about the voluptuous girl he had seen in the women's restroom! Indeed, just as he entered the café, he saw people yelling something while surrounding the workers in the café. Zhao Yu's mother was there too, trying to reassure the other, "Hey, don't yell anymore! Since the pervert is around here, he should definitely be caught! Don't worry, my son is a police officer. When my son comes back, he will help you guys catch the peeping tom!"

Hearing the word "peeping tom," Zhao Yu suddenly realized. "Crap! Damn! I forgot!" he said to himself. He immediately turned to leave, but a nosy person cried out: "Hey, get to the side, the police are here! Isn't he a police officer?"

"Sh*t…" Zhao Yu wanted to lower his head, but the old lady suddenly saw Zhao Yu and immediately pulled him into the crowd. "Son, good timing. Quick, there is a peeping tom in the women's restroom, you should help catch them! Hey…how did you come in from the front door, didn't you go to the restroom?"

"Ah! It's you?!" Under everyone's gaze, the girl had already recognized Zhao Yu. She strode forward and pointed at Zhao Yu. "Yea, yes! It's this guy! The one wearing the police uniform, it's him!"

"Yeah! My son is a police officer!" The old lady did not quite understand the situation.

"Brother! Brother!" As she spoke, the girl pulled a bulky man towards her and pointed at Zhao Yu. "He is the peeping tom! Just now, he saw me changing clothes, and was peeping from outside the restroom while standing on the pipes! What police? He's just a pervert!"

Ah?! Sh*t… Suddenly, the entire room grew awkward. No one could imagine a police officer could turn into a peeping tom within a second.

"What? What?" The old lady was also confused. She pulled at Zhao Yu. "My son is a police officer, not a pervert! How could you say something like that?"

"I'm not wrong! I would know that face even if he turned to dust!" The girl spoke savagely, "Brother, the person who peeped at me was definitely this guy, I am certain!"

"Kid, impersonating a police officer too!" The brother of the girl walked over and raised his hand aggressively. Now, Zhao Yu's mother was truly intimidated and immediately stepped forward. "You! You're making up lies! My son is a police officer, why would he peep at your sister? Wrong, everything is wrong!"

"Mom…" Zhao Yu had no heart to deal with this. He pulled at the old lady's elbow, "Mom…can you get to the side, please?"

"How can I?" The old lady turned, worry written all over her face. "Son, hurry up and go, I'll stop them here! I gave you life, so how could I not know you? You have always been timid. Don't worry, I'm here for you!" What the old lady said was not wrong. The previous Zhao Yu really was timid. But the old lady did not know that the current Zhao Yu was not at all like the previous Zhao Yu.

"Hey! Get out of the way!" The bulky man rushed forward, still yelling, "Kiddo, if you know what's good for you, pay up! Your police uniform won't do you any good, watch how I deal with you!"

"Go, go!" The old lady latched onto the man, pulling him back. Yet, just as Zhao Yu was about to pull the old lady back to him, the brother of the feisty girl pushed the old lady in agitation and sent her staggering.

Zhao Yu was stunned as he clutched onto his mother. "Holy!" Originally, he had wanted to reason with the other, but how could that ma raise his hands to an old lady?!

Bam! Zhao Yu's anger quickly flared up, and the consequences were as expected. The man did not notice at all and even walked up to him, intending to grab Zhao Yu's collar. In the end, Zhao Yu immediately punched him in the face. The incredibly powerful fist landed squarely on the man's face. Blood immediately spurted everywhere!

"Ah!" The man immediately hunched over, moaning like an injured animal.

Zhao Yu did not care at all and immediately followed up with more attacks, fiercely slamming the other to the ground. The man did not have any way to defend himself, and could only wail in pain.

"You…pervert! And you even hit people!" The girl yelled and stepped forward, wanting to save her brother, yet Zhao Yu suddenly roared out, "Ah!!!" The roar shook the room, and Zhao Yu's ferocity intimidated the feisty girl into cowardice, her hair puffed up in shock.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu kicked right at the man's face, sending him into a fit of dizziness. Then, he lifted the man up by the collar, pulled out a set of handcuffs, and handcuffed the man's hands together.

"I'm telling you guys!" Zhao Yu showed his police badge to the crowd. "I'm a high-level investigator in the Key Case Investigation Unit. Right now I'm investigating a sibling scam case! There's a pair of siblings who are specialized actors. The sister accuses people of peeping on her, and the brother scams them out of their money! Today, I finally found you guys! Okay, don't say anything. Come with me to the police station now!"

"Woah…" Hearing this, the entire crowd broke into commotion.

"Right, I knew it! Officer, good job!" A server of the café stepped forward. "These two were just about to scam the shop! Saying something like our café has management issues, letting a pervert though! Hmph! So that's how it is!" With the server's word, the truth seemed to be clear. All the females presently looking for a date immediately started to look at Zhao Yu.

"No, that's not it! This guy really is a pervert! A peeping tom! I'm not lying, I'm not!" The girl was on the edge of tears.

"Fine!" Zhao Yu said. "I'm a police officer, so I must enforce the law! Take out your evidence! Are there any recordings or photos that prove I'm a peeping tom? Are there?"

"N-no…" The girl's frustrated tears flowed down her cheeks.

Tsk, tsk… Seeing the girl's tears, Zhao Yu felt a bit guilty. No matter what, he was in the wrong, so even though he had to cover up for himself, he probably should not be too harsh. After some thought, Zhao Yu uncuffed the man and turned to the girl. "Fine, since you guys don't have an extensive record, I'll let you guys go! But remember, no next time…"

Hearing this, the elder brother immediately thanked Zhao Yu and pulled his sister way.

Yet, before the two took two steps, Zhao Yu's mother suddenly fell to the ground. "Ow, don't let them go, I'm having a heart attack! It's all their fault! Quick…make them take me to the hospital, ow…"

In that moment, Zhao Yu felt nothing but awkwardness. He immediately patted the old woman on the shoulder and leaned down. "Alright mom, it's time to let it go! Get up…"
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