Crazy Detective
311 Mess Around
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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311 Mess Around

"Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen…" Lying on the floor, Zhao Yu suddenly started counting and stopped counting at fourteen. "Oh my god?!" He raised his head and looked around. His looked surprised, but had his guard up.

When Zhao Yu landed on the floor, he realized that display panel of the invisible detector in his mind captured a lot of surveillance cameras. The cameras filled the whole area, and were scattered at every corner!

"That's not right?" Zhao Yu thought.

The place where Zhao Yu fell from the second floor was an intersecting alley among all the buildings. Half of the place was closed down. Around the area, besides an abandoned parking lot and some trash, there was nothing else. However, there were fourteen surveillance cameras. This kind of situation was actually beyond his imagination.

"Why are there be so many surveillance cameras monitoring this place?" he thought to himself. From the display panel of the invisible detector, Zhao Yu could tell the exact location of ever surveillance camera, as well as the range and model of the camera.

These cameras were scattered around the outer wall of the building, and all of them were hidden behind power lines and cables. One would not be able to see them unless they were looking carefully.

Zhao Yu was puzzled. "Are these surveillance cameras used to monitor secretly? For peeping?" he thought to himself. He then looked up and saw the location of the surveillance cameras and he realized that the cameras covered the whole area without any blind spots!

"Oh…" Zhao Yu came to a sudden realisation. The setup of the surveillance cameras was not to monitor something, but probably to safeguard something! "Then…what are they safeguarding?"

All of a sudden, Zhao Yu linked these cameras to the cake shop. "Is this place really the base for the criminals? Are these cameras used to guard something? So if something went wrong, they could escape in time?" he thought.

Was it possible?

Zhao Yu quickly got up and his heart was pumping. If these cameras were used for guarding, then he was exposed! Plus, he was even wearing his police uniform!

The very next second, Zhao Yu calmed down. He realized that these cameras were all not functioning. It clearly showed on the display panel that not all fourteen surveillance cameras were on!

Zhao Yu was even more confused! He walked towards the camera nearest to him and found it behind a bunch of power cables. The invisible detector introduced the surveillance camera regarding its resolution and autofocus. Zhao Yu compared these data with what he knew and was surprised that these cameras were all imported premium goods, and they cost quite a bit of money! Not only was the video resolution clear, but they had night vision capabilities. Plus, they were really small in size so they could be easily hidden.

"What the…" Zhao Yu took a deep breath. "Such high standard surveillance cameras in this quiet area…there must be something fishy! I can find something for sure if I follow the cables of these surveillance cameras," he thought. Then, he found the source for the cables. After walking around a bit, he found them connected to the back of a shop under the eaves. He was dumbfounded when he found out that the surveillance cameras were from the cake shop!

"What the!" Zhao Yu quickly took out his phone and called Liao Jingxian, but he did not pick up again.

"Damn it!" Zhao Yu cursed and immediately walked towards the main entrance of the cake shop through the alley. Just when he passed the crowded street, he realized that the cake shop was closed! It was the peak shopping time in that area, so it would be impossible that the cake shop was not open! Zhao Yu felt that there was something fishy about it. He quietly walked to check the entrance of the cake shop, but the door was locked and there was no movement in the shop. 

Zhao Yu was thinking whether or not he should use his invisible fluoroscopic device to check what was going on in the shop. Maybe the criminals were still in the shop. If so, he would be able to earn some brownie points again.

When he was focusing on his device bar in his mind, his phone rang. "Ahh… Hero, please leave me my beautiful dream…"

"The f*ck!" Zhao Yu exclaimed in his head. The volume was so loud that he frightened himself. When he unlocked, he saw that his mother calling. Needless to say, the old lady was waiting anxiously.

Tsk tsk… Zhao Yu was at a very crucial moment in investigating the case. How could he pick up the call? He immediately pushed the red button to decline the call.

"Invisible fluoroscopic device, let me see…" Just then, his phone rang again, "Ahh… Hero…"

"F*ck, f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck…." Zhao Yu silenced his phone and looked. Zhang Jingfeng was calling him. He could not reject Zhang Jingfeng's call. He quickly picked up the phone and walked somewhere else.

"Zhao, I found the person that you wanted me to check on!" Zhao Jingfeng explained, "Jin Yuanyuan, thirty-five-years-old. Lü Yuan International Travel Agency Departmental Manager, living in XXX. You are right, this woman is missing. The family filed a missing person's report saying she was lost on her way to work. Nowhere to be found!"

"Oh? Missing?" Zhao Yu said, "Zhang, please go and ask for more details from the family. Check if there is any similarities with the missing persons from the Bank Hidden Corpse Case."

"What?!" Zhang Jingfeng was shocked. "Bank Hidden Corpse Case? You mean, this woman might be a new victim?! Oh my God…"

"I am not sure. But we should follow up about this!" Zhao Yu said.

"I know! If she was, then it'd be great! If we found Jin Yuanyuan, we could find the murderer of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case! Zhao," Zhang Jingfeng replied excitedly, "Miao…Team Leader Miao…should I inform her?"

"Mm…inform her too! She would back us up!" Zhao Yu ordered and thought that if Miao Ying knew that he had found a new clue, then he would be able to explain attending a group blind date.

"Hey, isn't that Police Officer Luo? How have you been?" Suddenly, there was a uniformed officer that walked over from the other side of the road. He greeted Zhao Yu as though they knew each other.

"You are?" Zhao Yu hung up the phone and said, "My surname is not Luo. I think you got the wrong guy!"

"Great wits have short memories." The officer was smiling. "Look closely, do you remember me? We've met before!"

Zhao Yu took a closer look and found that the officer seemed really familiar.

"Come on, it's been a long time. Let's catch up! How are you doing?" The officer pointed at a convenience store nearby as he spoke, showing his intention of talking to Zhao Yu in there. Zhao Yu wanted to yell "F*ck off!" but suddenly, he recalled that this officer was Liao Jingxian's underlining!

"That's right! When Bureau Chief Liao came for meetings in the police station, this guy was always following him," Zhao Yu remembered.

Mm… Zhao Yu was even more curious. He wondered, "Where did this police officer come from, and what does it mean?" So he followed him. The officer took a few turns and stopped in front of a truck.

Dong dong… Dong dong dong… He knocked a simple rhythm on the truck, and the door swung open. Zhao Yu followed him and saw what was in the car. It was a control car in disguise! There were a few police detectives sitting inside. They were monitoring the surveillance videos.

"Officer Zhao, here!" The police officer pressed a button near the display. Then, Liao Jingxian's face appeared on one of the screens.

"Zhao Yu! What are you trying to do?" Lian Jingxian did not wait for Zhao Yu respond and scolded him directly, "Didn't we make it clear that you don't have to worry about this case? Why did you…why did you come and mess around?"
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