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310 Quite Miserable

What, a cake shop?! How come Miao Ying suddenly mentioned the cake shop again? After some pondering, Zhao Yu finally understood what Miao Ying was trying to say. It seemed like Miao Ying had already seen his position on the GPS tracker, and saw that he was very close to the cake shop where he had caught Zhao Qing. Could it be that Miao Ying had thought that Zhao Yu was trying to find some evidence on Qu Ping's murder at the cake shop? But the truth was Zhao Yu was here to attend a blind date. What…what kind of awkward misunderstanding was this?

But…yet…Miao Ying's words suddenly reminded Zhao Yu, "That's right!" he said to himself. "The cake shop…" When he remembered back to capturing Zhao Qing, he saw that Zhao Qing had left while holding a cake. But while trying to capturing him, the cake had suddenly disappeared! This was why Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had wondered if there was something special about the cake. But, in the end, they heard from Bureau Chief Liao that the special investigation team had already decided that the cake was normal.

At the time, Zhao Yu felt like he had been missing something. Now that Miao Ying mentioned it once again, Zhao Yu suddenly came to a realization! "Holy shit! The cake didn't have any issues, but…what about the cake shop?! Zhao Qing was a murder suspect. To suddenly come to the busiest part of the city to buy a cake, isn't that kind of weird? Could it be…there's something suspicious about the cake shop itself?! Could it be…the headquarters of the criminal organization?! Woah!"

When he thought up to that point, Zhao Yu suddenly shivered. Maybe the cake shop was like the Depth of Breath gymnasium, a front for a criminal organization in a busy area? No…

Zhao Yu thought that he had to contact Liao Jingxian as soon as possible and tell him his theory, so he could investigate the cake shop. But his mother kept a close eye on Zhao Yu. He had to attend this blind date no matter what!

With no way out, Zhao Yu immediately told her about Jing Yuanyuan's situation, and the old lady was stunned. He even took a picture of Jing Yuanyuan's ID and showed it to his mother.

"Ah? No way? Nine years older? That's…" The old lady was suddenly agitated. She immediately grabbed the phone and made a call. "Hello? Aunt Xiao Qing, what happened? How did you guys mess up the age? Jing Yuanyuan's nine years older than our Yu! Hm…who? Jing Yuanyuan's the daughter of your second aunt? Didn't you say you found someone for my son? How could you guys do this? What? Disappeared?! Hmph! Disappeared or not, she's still nine years older than my son! You guys…sigh! At least it's a blind date, otherwise, I'd be arguing with your second aunt right now!"

As soon as she hung up, the old lady started comforting Zhao Yu, "Son, don't worry, if she's nine years older than you, then there's no way! Let's find another one. Here, look, I think number sixteen, nine, and twenty-three are all pretty good, you can pick one…"

God… At the moment, Zhao Yu's expression turned completely dark as he broke out in cold sweat. The situation was simply too awkward, none of the blind date attendees but him had their parents with them. He was the only one in here with a nagging old lady, and many people were rolling their eyes at him.

"I…I…I have to use the bathroom, okay?" Zhao Yu could only make an excuse

The old lady sighed. "Fine, come back soon. I'll pick someone for you…" Before the old lady even finished speaking, Zhao Yu had already disappeared. The restroom was upstairs. Zhao Yu had just arrived at the door of the bathroom when he ran into two tall ladies in evening dresses.

"Woah!" A lady dressed in blue was slightly shocked as she stared at Zhao Yu. "There's even police here…woah…"

Actually, Zhao Yu had not lied. He really did have to use the bathroom. Even though the two ladies were quite stunning, Zhao Yu did not have any desire to chitchat, and immediately moved to the side and squeezed into the bathroom. The door of the bathroom was not soundproof at all. Zhao Yu had just unbuckled his belt when he heard the ladies outside.

"That one's pretty good! Lin, didn't you say you always wanted a police officer as your husband?"

"Get away, if you ask me…Jing Yuanyuan's the one that needs a police officer for her husband!" The other lady continued, "Look, she's already disappeared for two to three days, right? Not even a corpse! See, if she manages to lose herself, doesn't she need a police officer?"

"Hehehe…look at you talk! But real talk, a boyfriend like him is quite attractive! It's just a matter of if he has money or not…"

Hearing the two ladies talk, Zhao Yu suddenly realized something. No way? This was the second time someone mentioned Jing Yuanyuan's disappearance within a few minutes! It…could not be a coincidence, right?

Could…this be related to the Bank Hidden Corpse Case? But…he did not get the "Gen" hexagram from the system. Could it really be a coincidence? Jing Yuanyuan had disappeared. Could…she be the next victim?!

No… Zhao Yu felt like regardless of what happened with Jing Yuanyuan, he still had to investigate just in case. He would rather be mistaken than let evidence slip away! Thus, after peeing, Zhao Yu immediately called Zhang Jingfeng and asked him to investigate Jing Yuanyuan. It was good that Zhao Yu had taken a picture previously, he sent it to Zhang Jingfeng right away.

After that, Zhao Yu then called Liao Jingxian and reminded him of the cake shop. Yet, Liao Jingxian's phone was dead. No one picked up even after many rings!

This guy was always missing during crucial times!

Zhao Yu was quite annoyed, then looked out the window of the bathroom. He noticed that there were many connecting pipes outside of the bathroom. If he followed the pipes onto the side street, he could leave the coffee shop. Could he?

Zhao Yu pondered. The Tingting Coffee Shop and the cake shop were only one door away. "Should I just go and investigate the cake shop?" he wondered. After he finished investigating, he could still come back and attend the blind date, right?

Right! There was no hesitation. Zhao Yu opened the restroom window and immediately hopped out, and stood on the pipes. The pipes were not maintained well; when Zhao Yu stood on it, the pipe shook gently. Zhao Yu grabbed at the wall, and carefully scooted forward.

Yet, even though he was very careful, he had forgotten something very important. Beside the men's room was always the women's, thus, he had only walked two steps on the pipe before he reached the female bathroom. But the window to the bathroom was wide open, and he could see what was happening inside.

Originally, the bathroom stalls were all separated, so Zhao Yu should not have seen anything. Yet, it was his unlucky day, and he could not avoid the awkward situation that followed. Inside the female's bathroom was a girl changing clothes, and she had just removed all of her clothing! Even more coincidently, it was a young girl with incredibly large breasts. She had just removed her top, and before she could put on her new clothes, she looked up and locked eyes with Zhao Yu. It was as if time had frozen for one second, two seconds, three seconds…

It was on the fourth second that the girl with the afro finally reacted. Her face twisted, and she let out an explosive screech, "Ahhhhh!" The voice pierced through the heavens, the sound wave crashed towards Zhao Yu almost explosively.

"Ahhhh!" Zhao Yu's hand came loose, and the pipes under his feet started vibrating violently. He waved his hand through the air frantically, trying to maintain his balance, but still fell.

Boom… With a dull thud, the Zhao Yu was seeing stars as he raised his thumb. "Holy sh*t, huge!!!!"