Crazy Detective
308 My Mother!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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308 My Mother!

To Zhao Yu's surprise, the Miracle System's hexagram today was "Xun-Li." Xun for wind and Li for fire. One represented familial relationship, and the other represented friendship!

"No way?' Zhao Yu thought. He was a bit doubtful. "At least give me a 'Gen' hexagram, or 'Kan,' that way, at least I can make some progress on the case, or my relationship with Miao Ying." Yet, neither of the two hexagrams appeared, and he could not help but be a little disappointed. It seemed that he had not put his all in the case, and he had to work harder from now on.

Miao Ying was indeed quite busy. After chatting a bit with Zhao Yu about the investigation, she stood up and left for the police station. Obviously, the doctors wanted Zhao Yu to stay in the hospital longer to make sure he was okay, and Miao Ying tried to persuade him to stay in the hospital as well, but how could Zhao Yu stay in the hospital?

As soon as they took care of his wound, he left with Miao Ying.

Originally, Zhao Yu had wanted to return to the police station with Miao Ying, but Miao Ying insisted that he go home and rest. She said that the Bank Hidden Corpse Case was not a simple case, and it required all of their attention. Thus, as the team leader of team A and B, they had to rotate and rest up to preserve their energy.

Zhao Yu was finally convinced by Miao Ying, and went home to rest. Due to not having the "Kan" hexagram, Zhao Yu did not have any good excuse to try and make Miao Ying go home with him! Besides, based on the current situation, there was no way Miao Ying would go with him either.

Once they returned home, it was almost two in the morning, but Zhao Yu had no desire to sleep. Thinking back on that day's adventure, it had been quite intense! A completion rate of 101%, a first-class item that increased his strength, added with the intense, passionate kiss with Miao Ying, Zhao Yu considered his day quite successful. But he still felt like he was missing something! After pondering for a while, he realized that he was not lacking anything but the evidence to solve this case!

Just what was missing? Why was this Bank Hidden Corpse Case more and more difficult to investigate with every step?

Zhao Yu had another idea. He kept getting the feeling that the influence of the Bank Hidden Corpse Case would not be as large as what others were projecting. Actually, logically speaking, with already seven victims killed in such a cruel way, the scale and severity of this case had long surpassed the Mianling Case! But compared to the huge commotion caused by the Mianling case, there was not that much going on other than in the forensics office. Also, there were not many family members for the victims. Even though the police had a strict non-disclosure on all the information, they still told the victims' family members. Yet, not many came to retrieve the corpses.

Other than the many family members that came when they discovered Gong Xiuzhen's corpse, there were not many family members who came for the other victims. Not only that, but none of them were very outspoken. Was it because the police were avoiding publicity, or was there some hidden facet at work? Either way, this case kept giving Zhao Yu a awkward feeling, as if many there was a piece out of place. Just what was the truth behind this strange Bank Hidden Corpse Case?

After thinking about the case more, Zhao Yu once again started considering his and Miao Ying's relationship. Today, he had seen a more fragile side of Miao Ying, but it was because he had seen this fragile side of her that he felt Miao Ying was even more perfect. It showed that no one was perfect. Even as a martial arts expert, she still had her own worries and concerns. Especially when Miao Ying surprisingly kissed Zhao Yu! It made him even more eager, filled with hope for more.

Even though their relationship was not very clear, after the passionate kiss in the hospital, Zhao Yu felt like the day he would make Miao Ying his own was not far off anymore!

Zhao Yu really did like Miao Ying. When he was with Miao Ying, he felt the heart pumping sensation of love. Miao Ying's feisty wildness did not matter, nor her focus while at work or even her rebelliousness. Everything about her had Zhao Yu drunk and hungry for more. Just as he sang at the karaoke, "Though I know missing you is painful, I still think of you…"

Knock, knock… Knock, knock… Even though it was early in the morning, a rhythmic rapping on Zhao Yu's door roused him.

"Who is it!" Zhao Yu got out of bed groggily, muttering in annoyance, "So early in the morning too. Can I not sleep in peace?" Yet, when he looked through the peephole, he stopped as if he had been struck by lightning. The person who was knocking on his door was none other than his mother!!!

Zhao Yu's hometown was a small town in a small province near Qinshan. It was almost one-hundred kilometers away from the city. He had never imagined that his own mother would come to his house so early in the morning!

Zhao Yu still felt very ambivalent about the other Zhao Yu's parents, unsure of how he should approach this situation. Thus, for the longest time, he had delayed meeting with them with various excuses, like work or training. He had not even gone home for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Bam, bam, bam… The old lady continued to knock on the door without a word. Zhao Yu's mother was more than sixty-years-old, but due to the physical work she often did, she was very healthy. To have come this far, Zhao Yu obviously did not dare to keep her outside waiting. But once he opened the door, how would he face her? Even though Zhao Yu was very wild and bold, faced with his own mother, he panicked for the first time.

Just as the old lady knocked on the door, the door across from Zhao Yu's house opened. Huahua walked out in her pajamas, brushing her teeth as she asked Zhao Yu's mother, "Hey, can you stop knocking? Lady, who are you looking for?"

"Zhao…Zhao Yu! I'm looking for Zhao Yu. He's a police officer!" The old lady's eyebrows knit together as she spoke. Once Zhao Yu heard the exchange, he knew he could not hesitate anymore. He immediately opened the door.

Yet, as soon as the door opened, the first thing he heard was a dog barking. "Woof, woof, woof!" A dog nearly a meter tall rushed out from behind Huahua, and circled around Zhao Yu.

"Da…Daheng?" Zhao Yu first looked at the dog, then at the old lady, then yelled, "Mom! Why are you here?"

"My God, a dog inside the house? How could this be?" The old lady was shocked. She turned and looked at the scantily clad Huahua, then at her own son, at a momentary loss for words.

"Oh…it's auntie! Good day, auntie!" Huahua immediately put down her toothbrush and greeted the old lady, then turned to Zhao Yu. "Officer Zhao, Daheng's leg is already healed. As long as she doesn't move around too much, it'll be completely healed in a few days!"

"Oh…that's great! Thank you! Mm, mom," Zhao Yu pointed at Huahua and introduced her, "this is my neighbor…mm…" Yet, the old lady completely ignored Huahua and strode into Zhao Yu's house. Daheng did not know who the old lady was, so she immediately started hovering around the old lady.

"Go away!" The old lady roared. Daheng shrunk back in fear and immediately hid behind Zhao Yu.

"Mm…" Zhao Yu could tell that his mother was quite angry. He turned and shrugged at Huahua, then closed the door.

"I'm telling you!" As soon as the door closed, the old lady pointed in Huahua's direction angrily. "That kind of woman won't do, don't get too close to her! One look at that woman and I can tell she's not some good girl…"

"Mom!" Zhao Yu yelled, but felt like it was a bit awkward. The Zhao Yu from his previous life had been very distant from his parents. It had been a long time since he had called someone "mom."

"Hmph!" The old lady angrily stared at Daheng as she scolded, "My son, you're even closer to the dog than me, ah…" As she scolded, she looked up at Zhao Yu. Suddenly, the old lady jumped up and pounced. She exclaimed, "Ah! Son! You're hurt!!?"
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