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306 Taking Advantage

Zhao Yu's fighting style was very wild, very different from regular fighting methods! Even though Lei Bin was a martial arts expert, when he was caught by Zhao Yu, he did not know how to handle it. When the two fought, there was a big difference in perspective. Zhao Yu fought like his life depended on it—if he could not win, he would die. Thus, he put in all his effort and spared nothing! But Lei Bin was different. He had never faced this sort of person. Along with Zhao Yu's arrogance, Lei Bin was completely taken off guard by Zhao Yu.

Once Lei Bin realized the problem, it was already too late. In less than forty seconds, Lei Bin was already completely beaten down by Zhao Yu. His face was covered with blood as he wailed continuously.

All the members in the Taekwondo Dojo could not watch anymore, and immediately ran over to try and help Lei Bin. But obviously the investigators would not let them. They immediately blocked the group, and the two sides fought once again

"Hey! What's this? You guys are biting and spitting blood. That's playing dirty! Stop! Stop!"

"Hey! They agreed on no rules ahead of time! As long as he could beat the opponent it was fine. Who's playing dirty?"

In the heated conflict, one of the Taekwondo members rushed through the crowd, and kicked Zhao Yu! Yet, the equally angry Miao Ying could not hold it back anymore. With a tornado kick, she sent the other flying.

Then, Miao Ying immediately rushed forward broke the arms of two other taekwondo students who rushed over. This finally stunned them completely, and no one dared to try to rescue Lei Bin.

At the moment, Lei Bin's wail grew weaker and weaker, and the completely berserk Zhao Yu continued to swing his fists over and over at Lei Bin's face. Now, even the investigators could not just stand and watch. Zhao Yu would end up killing him!

Zhang Yaohui and the others went to drag Zhao Yu off. By the time they had gotten Zhao Yu out of the way, Lei Bin was covered in blood, moaning on the ground, unable to stand.

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying rushed forward and held Zhao Yu up. "Are you alright?"

"Hehe…" Zhao Yu was still laughing weirdly. Even though he managed to hold himself up, he was trembling all over. "Team Leader Miao, I won! I won…"

"Yes, you won!" Miao Ying nodded, her expression complicated. "Zhao Yu…go…I'll take you to the hospital!"

"Wai-wait!" Zhao Yu suddenly shouted at the students of the taekwondo dojo. "Hey! The one that ran into my friend, come out, apologize to my friend!"

"Ah?!" The members of the taekwondo dojo were all stunned. To think that he would still remember at a time like this!

"Yeah!" Zhang Yaohui immediately agreed. "Your boss was defeated! Apologize!" As it turned out, after the Key Case Investigation Unit had finished eating, and were walking past the Taekwondo dojo's door, due to the narrow hall, a Taekwondo team member and Liu walked into each other. But when they collided, the rude Taekwondo student was purposely aggressive and pushed Liu onto the ground. It was clearly the Taekwondo student's fault, but they refused to apologize, and were quite rude, causing a conflict.

If you fight, you have to beat them into submission. That was Zhao Yu's motto.

At the moment, seeing their boss beaten down like this, the Taekwondo students were on the verge of a mental breakdown. No one dared to act up again. Soon, the person who ran into Liu unwillingly yelled out, "Sorry."

"F*cking sh*t!" Zhao Yu showed his bloody teeth and roared, "Hey! Louder, I can't hear!"

"Yeah, yeah, we can't hear!" Even though the investigators supported Zhao Yu, every one of them felt like it was already enough! Their dignity had already been restored by Zhao Yu's blood. The apology no longer mattered. Yet, Zhao Yu still would not let it go, and angrily said, "Kid, if you don't submit, then we can keep fighting! Your senior Miao looks like she's itching to fight!"

The person had just seen Miao Ying break the arms of his friends. He immediately shivered in fear, and bowed to Liu respectfully, yelling out, "I AM SORRY!"

"Ah, did you not eat yet? I can't hear…" Zhao Yu still refused to let it go. But Miao Ying was too worried about Zhao Yu's injury, and had long lost her combative spirit. With a gesture to the other investigators, everyone immediately rushed Zhao Yu out.

Only after the investigators left did the Taekwondo students let out a huge sigh of relief. They immediately went to help Lei Bin…

A few hours later, Zhao Yu had finally gained some sense in the hospital. His biggest specialty was his fortitude. Even though he had been beaten so badly by Lei Bin, he had not even broken any bones. But the old wound on his head had been ripped open again, and needed new stitches. Also, his face was bruised in many places.

At the moment, Miao Ying had already sent all the investigators away. Everyone still had the important case to investigate, and they could not waste too much time.

"Zhao Yu…" Miao Ying sat beside Zhao Yu tiredly, scolding him, "Why don't you ever listen to me? Why did you have to fight him? We…we could have used a different method to take care of it!"

"I live for pride!" Zhao Yu laughed. "You can kill me, but you can't humiliate me! Even if you humiliate me, it's fine, but not my woman!"

"Alright you little pervert! Who's your woman?" Miao Ying had already gotten used to Zhao Yu's free spirited nature, and immediately yelled at him, holding some bandages, "Sit up straight!"

Zhao Yu saw the bandages in Miao Ying's hand and thought that he still had blood on his face, and that Miao Ying was going to help him clean it up. Yet, just as he sat up, Miao Ying unexpectedly kissed him!!! This kiss was light, yet meaningful.

"Ah?!" Zhao Yu shrunk back in shock, in disbelief. "You…you're acting…perverted?! Ah…my worldview!"

Miao Ying was blushing a bit originally, but after hearing such shameless words from Zhao Yu, she could not hold back her laughter.

Zhao Yu was experienced in this field. When he saw Miao Ying kiss him, he obviously wanted more. He rolled his eyes slyly, instantly coming up with a plan. He immediately yelled at the door, "Hey, you guys didn't see anything, okay!"

"Ah?!" Miao Ying was still a girl. When she heard that someone was at the door, she turned bright red. She turned to see, yet, there was no one at the door. Yet, when she turned back, Zhao Yu had already leaned forward, and was kissing her deeply on her lips…

"Mm…!!" Miao Ying was shocked and tried to pull away. But Zhao Yu expended some strength, and forcefully continued to kiss her.

Suddenly, it was like Miao Ying had been shocked by electricity. Even though she struggled a few more times, but her resistance grew weaker and weaker… Their lips met and their passion ran high. Being able to kiss his crush made Zhao Yu infinitely excited. His hormones nearly overwhelmed him. But even though Miao Ying's heart started beating fast, and her face turned red, ten seconds later, she pushed Zhao Yu back into the bed!

"Zhao Yu! Don't just take advantage of the situation, okay?" As it turned out, in that moment of passion, Zhao Yu had put his sinful hands on Miao Ying's chest, and was caught red-handed.

"What! We're both adults! What's there to be shy about?" Yet Zhao Yu was not even red or embarrassed. "If you think the hospital's unacceptable, then let's go to my house! A night of glory awaits!"

"Get out!" Miao Ying pressed down on him forcefully, and said seriously, "Zhao Yu! Let me tell you, that kiss just now was because I lost a bet. I'm only paying up!"

"What bet?" Zhao Yu acted confused.

"I keep my word. If I lost a bet, I lost!" Miao Ying spoke honestly. "Just in case you use this against me later!"

"Mm…but…" Zhao Yu pondered seriously. "Just now, when we did it, you were the first to use your tongue…oh? Wait, wait…" Miao Ying grabbed Zhao Yu's ear, and Zhao Yu's painful wailing came from the hospital room…