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304 Unorthodox Fighting Style

Zhao Yu finally realized why Miao Ying's reaction was so bizarre! Based off of Miao Ying's usual personality, these Taekwondo people would have already been beaten to a pulp, wailing for their parents! But due to the skilled Lei Bin, Miao Ying was between a rock and a hard place. If she forced him to apologize, she might embarrass herself; but, if they did not apologize, she would lose face as the team leader!

Zhao Yu was also too rash in his attempt to help Miao Ying out. He did not quite understand the situation. Lei Bin turned out to be an expert that even Miao Ying feared!
Thinking back to when he and Miao Ying fought in the police academy, even though it had been a draw, Zhao Yu knew himself. Had it not been for his shameless fighting strategy, he would have lost! If it really was a one-on-one battle, he would never beat Miao Ying! Now he was faced with this Lei Bin, who could even beat Miao Ying. How could he win, then?

But surrendering was not in Zhao Yu's personality. Now that he had accepted Lei Bin's challenge, obviously he could not just run away! Also, Zhao Yu had always been competitive and combative. Faced with a strong opponent, he suddenly found a long-lost feeling of excitement.

"Zhao Yu, listen to me," Miao Ying tried to stop him, "don't fight with him. Let's just let this matter go!"

"Oh? Are you guys leaving or staying?" Lei Bin yelled arrogantly. "If you're scared, then just call me your dad! It's not shameful!"

"F*ck off, you motherf*cker…" Even if Zhao Yu could not beat the other in a fight, he was infinitely better at cursing. He immediately retorted and transitioned into a long smooth stream of cursing.

"Kid! You have quite the sailor's mouth! Come!" Lei Bin spoke angrily, "Let our fists do the talking!"

"Zhao Yu…" When she saw that Zhao Yu was about to take the bait, Miao Ying worriedly grabbed his elbow, and shook her head. Then she yelled at Lei Bin, "Lei Bin, fine! If it's like this, then I'll fight you instead!"

"What?" Lei Bin crossed his arms. "You two are quite the lovebirds! Don't worry, why don't you guys come at me together?" As Lei Bin spoke, all the Taekwondo members laughed out loud.

"Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu smiled gently at Miao Ying. "I, Zhao Yu, can bear anything, but I can't bear seeing a woman humiliated! Today, no matter what happens, even if I am beaten to death, just watch from the sidelines!"

"Zhao Yu…" Miao Ying pulled at him again, but Zhao Yu had already turned and left.

"Oh…oh…ooh…" Seeing that there would be a good show, all the members of the Taekwondo Dojo emitted all sorts of strange yelling. The investigators followed Zhao Yu and Miao Ying into the Taekwondo Dojo.

The Taekwondo Dojo was at its busiest. Hearing someone came picking a fight, everyone obviously crowded over.

"Hmph!" Lei Bin walked in and asked Zhao Yu, "Kid, tell me, what's your style? Taekwondo, Sanshou, or free fighting?"

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu also huffed coldly, and said in disdain, "What style? As long as the other person can't move anymore it works. How about it?"

"Zhao Yu…crazy…" Miao Ying muttered angrily.

"Fine! Fine! "Lei Bin clapped his hands proudly. "Kid, this is all on you, so don't blame anyone else! Everyone here heard you, if I disable you, don't blame me!"

"Don't worry! Later, if I waste you, I also won't touch your wife, since I already did!" As he spoke, Zhao Yu took everything off and handed it to his co-workers, then proudly stood in front of Lei Bin.

"Even at death's door you still talk big! Fine! Come!" Lei Bin waved at Zhao Yu, then stood in a fighting stance.

"Hey? What are you trying to do?" Zhao Yu looked as if he was about to fight, then suddenly pointed behind Lei Bin. "Isn't this a one-on-one? Why do you have a helper?"

"What?" Lei Bin was surprised, and immediately turned to look. Yet, Zhao Yu suddenly flew through the air with a kick!

Due to their close proximity, Zhao Yu had thought that his ambush would succeed. Yet just as he was about to hit his opponent, Lei Bin, who had realized he had fallen into a trap, immediately jumped up straight from the ground. Not only did he dodge Zhao Yu's kick, but he also returned it with one of his own.

Zhao Yu had not expected the other's incredible speed, and immediately dodged aside, barely avoiding the attack.

"Kid! Sneak attacks, huh?" Lei Bin had wanted to yell more, but Zhao Yu suddenly rushed towards him, kicking right at his weak spot. Lei Bin immediately lowered his hands to block Zhao Yu's leg. Then, something Lei Bin could never have dreamed of happened. Zhao Yu spit on him!!

The spit was too fast, no one would have been able to avoid it, and it landed squarely on Lei Bin's handsome face!

Woah! That spit shocked everyone present! No one would have imagined that Zhao Yu would use such an underhanded trick! Both the members of the Taekwondo team and the Key Case Investigation Unit were all stunned! Miao Ying's eyeballs nearly bulged out of their sockets!

"Ah…" Lei Bin was going nuts. He had wanted to wipe it away, but Zhao Yu took this chance and punched. This was Zhao Yu's special technique—kick at their groin, spit on them, then hit their nose! It targeted all of the opponent's weak spot!

Lei Bin had always fought fair and square with others. He had never seen such an underhanded technique. He was immediately taken aback, and was put in a defensive position! Zhao Yu knew that he had to use this advantage to its fullest! Otherwise, once the other recovered, he would have no chance!

Thus, Zhao Yu immediately rushed forward, and started beating on the other endlessly, wanting to take him down. However, Lei Bin was still quite experienced. Even though he had fallen into a trap, he was not completely confused. As he avoided Zhao Yu's attacks, he looked for a chance, then aimed a spinning kick right at Zhao Yu's face!

Zhao Yu had not expected that Lei Bin would be so skilled. In his shock, he instinctively used his arm to block! But Lei Bin's spinning kick was many times stronger than even Miao Ying's. Even though Zhao Yu had blocked to the best of his ability, he was sent flying by the powerful kic.

Boom… Zhao Yu fell to the ground, but immediately climbed up.

"Arghh…" Lei Bin finally took this chance and wiped away the spit on his face. He yelled out in disgust, almost ready to skin Zhao Yu in rage.

"Ah?! D-d-don't take your pants off!" Zhao Yu suddenly yelled at Lei Bin again. As Lei Bin was distracted, Zhao Yu rushed forward, wanting to land another kick. Yet, this time, Lei Bin had already predicted it. Even though he looked down, he was still carefully paying attention to Zhao Yu's actions. Just as Zhao Yu readied his attack, he turned and did a powerful sweeping kick.

The sweeping kick was powerful and fast. Zhao Yu had no chance to dodge, and was immediately swept onto the ground. Lei Bin smiled fiercely as he saw the chance for a counterattack, and immediately readied a kick at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu rolled on the ground, but at the same time flailed his feet wildly through the air, not giving Lei Bin a chance to kick him.

Zhao Yu had everyone furrowing their brows. This sort of fighting was too rowdy, it was merely move made for survival!

"Hmph!" Lei Bin looked for the right opportunity, then grabbed Zhao Yu's ankle. Then, expending some strength in his arms, he threw Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu rolled on the floor then stood up, but felt everything was spinning around him. In the end, right as he found his balance, Lei Bin shot out a sidekick right into his chest!