Crazy Detective
303 Why Didn’t You Say Earlier?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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303 Why Didn’t You Say Earlier?

"it's okay, don't worry. they are one of ours! hehe…."

when zhao yu and li beini walked closer, they heard a man's voice that sounded like a great bell. the one who spoke was a brawny man in his taekwondo uniform among the crowd!

the man was one head taller than zhao yu. he had handsome long hair and was pretty good looking. he seemed like a powerful and prestigious man.

"yes!" miao ying's hands were on her waist. she spoke to zhang yaohui at her side, "yaohui, we have stuff to do, let's just forget it!"

"but…team leader miao…" zhang yaohui resisted submitting.

"hehehe, exactly, exactly!" the good-looking man said, "this is my junior apprentice. who knew that she's a police officer now! bravo, bravo!"

"hmph!" there was a young man who was wearing the same taekwondo uniform. he said scornfully, "what so amazing about the police? can she fight well?" 

"hey, son! don't just demand one thing after another! who the hell are you?" zhang yaohui pointed at the guy and said, "you ran into my colleague and don't even know how to apologize. where're your manners?"

"what is it? what the hell?" the other guy in the taekwondo uniform shouted arrogantly, "who knocked you? you need to grow a pair of eyes! you saw me walking and bumped into me! that's what you deserve! so how about now, police officer? are we convicted of assaulting a police officer? do you want to arrest us? pfft…"

"you!" ma wei was burning with rage and roared, "such a bad-mouther. are you picking a fight?"

"great!" the other side retorted, "if you dare, come into our studio and battle us! see who is the one crawling out later! arrest us if you can. if not, f*ck off!"

"you…" the detectives had never come across anyone so big headed, and they were only young brats that were puffed up with pride and arrogance. everyone was so worked up that they were going to get in a fight.

"lei bin," suddenly, miao ying shouted at the good-looking man, "is this how you teach your disciples? they show no respect at all!"

"hehe, junior!" the man named lei bin laughed. "there are prerequisites for manners! you know what it's like in our field. we speak with confidence! you practiced the same thing, didn't you? hey, listen up!"

lei bin shouted at his disciples, "mind your manners! this female detective was jen yu! you have to call her your senior! honor my words when i say this, you might not be able to beat her even if you fight her together!"

"could it be, master?" his disciples were shocked. "that's impossible! we are the province champions. it would be impossible for us not to win against a woman! i don't think so!"

"hehehe…" lei bin walked in front of miao ying and smiled maliciously. "junior, i am your senior! it's a bit rude calling me by name, isn't it?"

"lei bin, i have official duties to fulfill, don't waste my time!" miao ying said coldly. "have your disciples apologize to our colleague and we shall let it slip!"

"what? haha…" all of them laughed and someone said, "that's a joke! why would we apologize? senior, right? i do not believe in what master said. if you dare, let's battle for one round and see who is greater?

"hey!" lei bin shouted at that disciple, "who taught you to be so rude?! stand back! lei bin roared and that disciple's expression changed. he obeyed and hid in the back.

"my junior!" lei bin turned around and said, "what is it? is it that your abilities have behind after you became an officer? don't you…don't you want to take revenge for what happened back then?"

"you…" it was miao ying's turn to make a face, as though lei bin had revealed something.

"hahaha… i don't think you have to courage to do that!" lei bin laughed and said, "if so, you apologize to my disciples then! you can leave after that!" lei bin's speech made his disciples even more snotty.

"hey…do you know the immensity of heaven and earth?!" zhang yaohui took out the handcuffs and spat, "i can arrest you for obstruction of justice!"

"sure!" one of the disciples said bossily, "not only do we have surveillance cameras installed, but we also have the audio recording as well! come on! lock us up! we will see if you will make it to the front page of the newspaper!"

"you…" miao ying was burning with anger. she did not want to be pestered by these arrogant b*stards but she could not just walk off either! "this is difficult… what should i do?" she wondered.

just then, zhao yu appeared. although he just got there, he pretty much understood the entire situation. maybe their colleagues had caused a little friction with the taekwondo troop, and they wanted the other party to apologize, but the other party refused to do so, hence the anger. then, this man named lei bin was most likely miao ying's former teacher, and they seemed to have some friction too.

although he had not gotten the "kan" hexagram that day, zhao yu could not let go of such amazing opportunity. if he were to fight for miao ying, the two of them might progress further.

he thought to himself, "hmph…what lei bin? what, taekwondo? i was here waiting for you villains to appear! finally, you're here today. i guess i can only say it's your unlucky day! hahaha…"

"my dear," to show that he had enough reason to fight for miao ying, zhao yu grasped her shoulders and said, "what happened? did you run into some crazy ass dog again? do you need me to clean it up for you?"

"zhao yu…" to be frank, miao ying had hoped that zhao yu would come over and help. to deal with b*stards like lei bin, they would need a hooligan like zhao yu. but seeing zhao yu calling her "my dear", miao ying slapped zhao yu's hands away.

"oh?! that's rare…" lei bin smiled and said scornfully, "you have a boyfriend? that's shocking! my junior's boyfriend, how many punches can he take?"

"aiya!" zhao yu pretended to be shocked. "that's such a big dog! no wonder my little miao miao is so pissed! don't be angry, my dear! i am here now, don't you worry, i had a rabies vaccination!"

hearing zhao yu's speech, the police detectives started laughing.

"hmph!" lei bin scoffed. "i knew miao ying's boyfriend would be someone mentally ill. bro, what's your patient number at the asylum?"

"9527!" zhao yu replied without thinking. "and your mother is 9526. that crazy b*tch runs to my bed everyday! you might even have a younger brother or sister by now!"

"you?!" lei bin lost control of his temper and shouted at zhao yu, "you…b*stard…"

"f*ck…" zhao yu proceeded with a number of curses. he was famous for his ability to swear in public. it was like he was singing a song as he spoke an essay of curse words.

lei bin was furious! the police detectives were all dumbstruck, let alone the taekwondo troop.

"bravo!" lan bo complimented him softly with the others. "bro yu is so amazing! this is god-level cursing…"

"ugh!" lei bin was so furious that he threw a punch at zhao yu, who happily welcomed it in order to set him up. the moment lei bin hit him, the police detectives would have sufficient reason to arrest him for assaulting a police officer!

lei bin was not stupid either. seeing zhao yu expect the punch, he quickly stopped! "good one, son!" lei bin said angrily. "if you're a man, let's battle fair and square! if you're just a p*ssy, go ahead with your swearing! see who's the one embarrassing themselves!"

"hmph! my hands are itching!" zhao yu fondled with his fists and said, "i'm famous for my excessive strength. if i were to kill you, please don't make your wife marry me!"

"you!" lei bin pointed at his taekwondo studio angrily. "let's go! see who's the one who's gonna die!"

"hmph! let's go then!" zhao yu took huge strides over.

"zhao yu…zhao yu…" miao ying quickly pulled him and said, "no way, you can't!"

"don't worry!" zhao yu pressed miao ying's hands and said sincerely, "team leader miao, anyone who bullies you is doing the same to me. even if you want to let this slip, i can't!"

"no! not that!" miao ying's looked embarrassed. she pulled zhao yu aside and said softly, "zhao yu, it's not that i want to let it slip, but…you can't fight him! i…after i practiced martial arts, i hardly lost any battle. i lost ten in total! and of these ten, besides the one where we had a draw, the remaining nine were all lost to this lei bin! believe me, you…you are no match for him!"

"what the f*ck!" when he heard that, zhao yu was shocked. he complained in his head, "miao, why didn't you say that earlier?!"

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