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302 Though I Know Missing You Is Painful

"Though I know missing you is painful, I still think of you…" Hanshen Restaurant's biggest specialty was the private karaoke rooms, letting the customers sing as they ate. At the moment, the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit members were all gathered in one huge room enjoying a feast as they sang. And the singer was the main character—Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu shamelessly said that this feast was to celebrate Li Beini becoming an official investigator, and also, to celebrate his promotion to the team leader of Team A. Thus, he had to enjoy himself! Even though he was only a temporary team leader, Zhao Yu was quite proud and wanted to celebrate properly.

Also, he was also happy about the money he had gotten that day. The five-hundred thousand yuan reward money for the Mianling Case had been distributed. According to the allocation table, he made 190,000 yuan by himself. Quite a bit!

Hanshen restaurant was on the same level as Laoqinrenjia restaurant. Each meal could cost tens of thousands or even more. Yet, the generous Zhao Yu was not lacking money in the least. Not only did he order a luxurious feast, but he even invited Bureau Chief Luan, Secretary Chao, Office Director Lin, Forensics Department Leader Wang Xing, and even Director Lu. The two large tables in the private room were filled with people! The scale of this feast was much bigger than what Mao Wei had offered.

But Bureau Chief Luan was still busy, and halfway into the meal she excused herself and left with Song Chao. Once the Bureau Chief had left, everyone became more open, and ate more freely.

Zhao Yu took the opportunity and chose the song "Though I Know Missing You is Painful", and was emotionally performing in front everyone.

"So many couples come and go, yet meeting you is one in a million!" When he got to that point, Zhao Yu purposely wagged his finger at Miao Ying as if he meant to say that he was singing this song for her.

When Miao Ying saw this, her expression went dark, and she started eating, no longer sparing a glance for Zhao Yu.

At first, Miao Ying had wanted to stop Zhao Yu. She said that this was a very important time during the case investigation, not good for parties. She suggested that he wait until the case was over. Yet, Zhao Yu persisted. He said that if they waited for the case to finish, there would be no more excitement! Besides, even if everyone was working their hardest, there was not much progress, right? So, why not relax a bit. Maybe then their minds would work better, and there would be new ideas.

Miao Ying could not win the argument, and could only go along with Zhao Yu's whim. But Miao Ying still warned him way ahead of time, even though it was a celebration, they still could not drink, because after dinner, they had to continue the investigation.

Even though it was less fun that way, Zhao Yu still agreed.

At the party, other than Zhao Yu, the happiest person was definitely Li Beini. The girl knew, based her current situation, it would have been difficult to become an official member. The reason for her promotion was all thanks to Zhao Yu. If it had not been for Zhao Yu taking her along and solving numerous big cases, she most likely would not have had a chance.

At the party, Zhao Yu treated her like his own sister, toasting her. This made Li Beini even more thankful. Even though she knew that Zhao Yu saw her as a sister, and that his relationship with her was completely platonic, when Zhao Yu flirted with Miao Ying as he sang, she still felt some jealousy.

But, out of everyone present, only Li Beini thought that way. All the other investigators had seen how terrifying Miao Renfeng was, thus, when they saw that Zhao Yu dared to flirt with her, everyone pitied him.

Zhao Yu was carried away by the atmosphere. Not only did he not fear the consequences, but he approached them boldly. As he sang, he shamelessly teased Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, you made me suffer so! I had nothing before knowing you, and now nothing can cure my love. Team Leader Miao, I was captivated by you, what to do..."

Bam! Miao Ying could not take it anymore and threw down her chopsticks.

This noise scared all the investigators stiff. They feared the explosion that was soon to come!

"Though I know missing you is painful, I still think of you…" Yet, Zhao Yu continued singing. He even handed the mic to Miao Ying. "Team Leader Miao, you should sing too! Once Team A's leader finishes, it's team B's turn, right? Muwahhaa…"

At this point, all the people present wanted to start betting! The majority of them wanted to bet one-hundred yuan that in the next second, Miao Ying's chopsticks would go through Zhao Yu's head! Yet, they were wrong. Miao Ying did indeed picked up her chopstick, but only to pick up her food, not to kill someone.

Once Zhao Yu finished singing, dinner was almost done! Even though the food was great, everyone was still thinking about the case, and could not fully relax.

Thus, once Zhao Yu finished his song, no one touched the mic again.

Afterwards, everyone chatted for a while, and the celebratory dinner officially came to a close. Zhao Yu and Li Beini first sent all the officials off, then Zhao Yu went to pay the bill at the front desk.

After eating, Miao Ying and Zhao Yu had already split up their work. Tonight, some of the investigators would return to the police station and continue their work, while the rest of them would return home to rest.

Originally, Zhao Yu did not have much to do with what was happening at night, but since he had just been promoted to team leader, he was still high on his sense of accomplishment. Thus, he decided to return to the police station with Miao Ying.

But after paying the bill at the front desk, Zhao Yu could not find Miao Ying anymore.

"Huh? Where did she go?" Zhao Yu was a bit worried. Maybe Miao Ying was mad at him and purposely abandoned him.

"Senior." At this time, Li Beini walked out from the restaurant. "Thank you for today, sincerely! How about this, I also got some reward money, so how about we split the cost for the party!"

"Hah! Bullsh*t!" Zhao Yu yelled. "Don't ever say that sort of thing on the street. That's called slapping me in the face, got it?"

"What? Slapping you?" Li Beini was intimidated.

"If I said I'm paying, I'm paying!" Zhao Yu laughed as he patted Li Beini on the shoulder. "Did you forget what I said before? From now on your problem is my problem. Why would we split anything?"


"No 'buts'! Hurry up and go tell your parents the good news! Today you don't need to work over time! Hehehe, from now on I'm your team leader, you have to listen to me!"

"Then," Li Beini looked around, "where did Team Leader Miao go? How…are you going back to the police station?"

Zhao Yu wanted to speak up, but suddenly noticed a bunch of people gathered on one side of the restaurant. They were not strangers, but his own colleagues, including the tall Ma Wei.

Zhao Yu immediately looked up and noticed that beside the restaurant was a Taekwondo Dojo. The people gathered at the door of the Taekwondo Dojo seemed to be saying something.

What's up? Zhao Yu pondered. Today he had gotten the "Zhen-Dui" hexagram, he had been promoted and got his reward money. Were there any other adventures waiting for him?

Tsk, tsk… Since they were all people he knew, Zhao Yu obviously did not just watch them from the sidelines, but went to see what was going on. Li Beini saw and could only follow.

When he got there, Zhao Yu finally saw that in front of the investigators were a few people in Taekwondo uniforms. The two sides were yelling at each other. There seemed to be a conflict.

No way? Zhao Yu felt a bit helpless. These people had just fought with Wang Shengyao this morning, and now again?