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When she slammed the door, Zhao Yu was almost tempted to use his only skeleton key to open Miao Ying's door. But if he opened it, then what? In the end, wouldn't he just get booted out by Miao Renfeng?

Sigh! The deceiver had been deceived. Apparently the reason why Miao Ying agreed without hesitation was to trick Zhao Yu. She had already seen through his cheap trick!

"Hmph! Miao Renfeng, you win this time!" Zhao Yu stood outside cursing in his head. "Wait for it, one day I'll get a chance! Miao Renfeng, just you wait and see!"

Unable to do anything, Zhao Yu could only return to the lobby to get another room. The attendant had thought that Zhao Yu already finished what he came to do, and praised him, "Sir, your girlfriend is beautiful!"

Hearing such polite praise, Zhao Yu felt even more awkward. He immediately left after getting the room key. Having driven so long at night, he was quite exhausted. As soon as he entered the room, he first took a hot shower to relax. Yet, after the shower, he ended up being more energetic. Putting kissing Miao Ying aside, he still had to keep working on the case.

He took his laptop out of his bag, and once again investigated the footage of the disguised old man. This time, Zhao Yu looked even more carefully, scrutinizing every movement. Yet, the more he looked, the more he felt like something was wrong. He felt like the look on the old man's face was not just indifferent, but rather, there was a certain happiness in his indifference, as if he had just achieved something he had desired.

Tsk… Zhao Yu felt weirder and weirder, and wanted to know more and more. Did this old man actually have anything to do with the bank robbery?

He was still watching the video when he heard his backpack blow up with notifications. The five drug dealers' phones were still in his bag! This was from Miao Ying's bounty. There were many replies already.

Zhao Yu was still betting with Miao Ying! If there was not any evidence in the responses, he would get punched! Miao Ying's punches were not to be underestimated, and obviously Zhao Yu was not a masochist. Thus, he opened the bag, and went through the phones one by one, trying to see if there was any important information. Yet, from start to finish, other than useless chatting, there was not anything else. Not a single person cared about the suspect's photos!

"God…" Zhao Yu cursed to himself, "What kind of people are these? How come there weren't any normal people?"

Without results, Zhao Yu could only sleep. His only wish at the moment was for the Lingyun Police to find the identity of the disguised old man. Maybe if they figured out what this person was doing, then they would make some progress in the case.

By the time he fell asleep, it was already 4:30 in the morning. Zhao Yu could not sleep well at all. In a fit of dizziness, he even dreamt that he secretly entered Miao Ying's room using the skeleton key, and snuck under her covers… But in the next moment, he suddenly saw the vacuum-sealed corpse under Miao Ying's covers!

He was not sure when what time it was when his phone's violent vibrating woke him up. Zhao Yu opened his eyes to see it was not even seven o'clock in the morning. He had not gotten much rest at all.

The phone that vibrated was one of the five cellphones he had confiscated. Zhao Yu remembered that this was the phone from the woman whose finger he broke. The phone had many shiny decorations on it. At the moment, the phone was vibrating nonstop; someone was probably calling her. Zhao Yu flipped the phone open. On the phone was another strangely dressed woman. Obviously, he did not pick up, and instead shut the ringer off.

"Yawn…" Zhao Yu stretched lazily and once again unlocked the woman's phone. He saw more than ten notifications on her WeChat already. It seemed like the woman was quite popular. She had many friends. Before it had been very late at night, so now that it was morning, there were more responses.

Zhao Yu glimpsed through her messages briefly. This time there were finally people who had seriously looked at the suspect photos. But most of them either had not seen them before, or did not know who they were. In the end, there was not much evidence.

"Ah…" Zhao Yu yawned again, rather disappointed. It seemed that he would not be able to avoid Miao Ying's fist. Yet, just as he finished yawning, the woman received another WeChat message. It was a voice call: "Cousin, why won't you pick up? Where are you?" From the WeChat came a husky woman's voice, "Say, what's the deal with those photos you sent me? How come there were so many people? Why're you looking for them? Also, I think I've seen number twelve from the photos, but I can't be sure!"

Oh?! Hearing this message, Zhao Yu's heart trembled. He immediately responded with a message and asked where had she seen them? What was the situation?

After a few seconds, another voiced message came: "You're still alive? Why won't you pick up my phone call? I remember number twelve a bit. Before, when I worked in the Art Center Plaza's Haggis Soup Shop, I saw him! This guy often goes for haggis soup. Maybe he worked nearby? But the number twelve in your photo seems younger, so I can't be sure! There are so many people that look similar!"

Number twelve? Zhao Yu immediately flipped to the photo, and saw that number twelve was a picture created through the surveillance camera footage. This picture would obviously be a bit different from the real thing. Then…could this person be one of the bank robbers? Arts Center?

Zhao Yu once again looked at the map of Lingyun City, and quickly found the location of the Lingyun City Arts Center. Right at this time, the woman's voice came through from WeChat again: "Right! I remember now, the shop owner was talking with this guy. You can ask the owner to confirm! Geez…disappeared again…did you go mess around with that guy again…"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu's eyes lit up. "Right, why don't I just ask the owner?" he thought. Even if he was wrong, it would still be some information, right? Also, haggis soup was delicious! It would take care of his breakfast too.

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately called Miao Ying, and sent the woman's messages to Miao Ying. Miao Ying was originally quite sleepy. When she heard this news, she immediately woke up. She immediately told Zhao Yu to return the room key and drive to the arts center! Like that, the two headed straight for the Lingyun City Arts Center before they even washed up. Taking advantage of the early morning, it only took them twenty minutes to arrive at their destination.

This Haggis Shop was a decade old. The two only needed to ask around a bit to find it.
The shop was quite popular. Many people did not even have chairs, and could only eat while standing up.

To find the answer as quickly as possible, Zhao Yu headed straight for the owner of the shop, with the phone in his hand. The owner was a middle-aged man. He was working hard in the shop.

"Sir, I need to ask you something, have you seen this guy?" As he spoke, Zhao Yu pulled out the picture of the suspect number twelve.

"Hmm…" The owner did not look at the phone, but rather at Zhao Yu. "What are you guys here for?"

"We're the police!" Zhao Yu showed off his police badge haphazardly, then asked in agitation, "Look carefully, have you seen this guy before?"

"Ah, you guys are the police!" The owner was slightly shocked, and immediately stood up straight and wiped off his hands. Looking carefully at the photo, he said, "This is Cheng Gong from the Cultural Center. Why are you looking for him?"

"Ah?!" Zhao Yu was shocked and asked quickly, "Wait, sir, look carefully, are you sure it's this guy? He…what does he do?"

"I'm certain! Even though he seems a bit younger in the photo, and I don't know his real name," the owner pointed behind him, "he works in the Cultural Center as the prop manager. The opera team all calls him Cheng Gong. He always comes to drink haggis soup here! Maybe, he'll be here soon!"

What?! Inventory? Opera team? Ah! Zhao Yu quivered. Could it be…the bank robber really was him?!