Crazy Detective
286 I Want Only You!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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286 I Want Only You!

"Bus terminal?" Miao Ying was stunned. "A long distance travel bus? That's…that's impossible, right?

"We aren't sure!" Zhang Yaohui said. "Apparently, someone saw the suspect who was disguised as an elderly person. Right now, the police are investigating the security footage. Let's hurry up and go over there…"

"Okay!" Miao Ying nodded, and very politely said to Luan Xiaoxiao, "Bureau Chief Luan, we're going to go investigate now!"

"Okay! Good work!" Bureau Chief Luan nodded. "If you need cooperation from the traffic department or any other departments, call me right away!"

"Okay!" Miao Ying started packing up, but noticed Zhao Yu spacing out. She immediately yelled at him, "Hey, Zhao Yu, come! You've already slept enough these past few days. Drive!"

"Oh…I…" At the moment, Zhao Yu was still checking out the items in his mind. This time, he had obtained another invisible bulletproof vest. The bulletproof vest is very useful—it could save his life in a time of emergency.

"What? Let's go!" Seeing Zhao Yu glued to his spot, Miao Ying immediately waved her hand, gesturing for him to hurry up.

"O-okay!" Zhao Yu finally returned back to reality, and followed Miao Ying and the others towards the bus terminal. However, seeing that Zhao Yu did not intend to drive, Zhang Yaohui, who knew Zhao Yu's temper, went to the driver's seat.

Zhao Yu was still thinking about the system in his mind, thinking back to that day's adventure. He had thought his "Gen-Dui" hexagram had not been completed very well. He had not made any money, nor did he capture the robbers behind the Bank Robbery Case, but how come his completion rate was so high?

Oh… After some consideration, he finally understood. It seemed like the core reason behind his high success rate was because he did something good! He had bravely taken down an underground black-market organization. Obviously, this was beneficial to maintaining peace in society. Maybe that was why his completion rate was so high?!

Doing good things meant a high completion rate and good items. It seemed like the system was trying to force him into being a savior of justice?

"Team Leader Miao," Liu shook his head he sat in the car, "the robbers had already robbed a bank. Why would they take a long distance bus? Also, why wouldn't they have taken off their masks first? Why would they ride with their disguise on? Isn't this…unreasonable?"

"Yeah!" Zhang Yaohui said as he drove, "All their previous methods were very professional, why would they make such an amateur mistake now?"

Miao Ying did not reply, but pondered with her brows knitted.

"Cough!" Lan Bo said, "Why wouldn't they? Maybe it's because the robbers are looking down on us! Maybe they're purposely making fun of us police!

"God! If that's true, then we have to catch them!" Liu was angry. "We have to beat them up!"

It was late at night and there were no cars on the road. Miao Ying and the others quickly arrived at the bus terminal. At the time, the police responsible for traffic orders had already pulled the relevant security footage for them. All the personnel working at the bus terminal had also rushed to the scene.

As it turned out, that night, when the police came with the photos of the seven suspects, a female ticket booth worker actually recognized one of them. She said that on the afternoon of the bank robbery, she checked the tickets for one of the people in the photo, and it was exactly the old man suspect!

It really was a coincidence. One, because this female ticket booth worker had naturally good memory. Two, she felt like the old man's face seemed very familiar, like he was an actor or something. That was why she remembered so clearly.

Once Miao Ying and the other investigators arrived, they immediately looked through the security footage. Through the security footage, they could confirm that that person was indeed the suspect.

Truly incomprehensible. These robbers' way of thinking was completely out of ordinary! Since they had already successfully robbed a bank, why would they dare to ride a long distance bus without even taking their disguises off? Could it be…they really overlooked it? Also, how could they have pulled off a huge robbery, but they did not even have their own car.

Not long after, the ticket seller, who sold the ticket to the suspect, was found! According to their own memory, as well as the security footage, they said that the suspect took a bus going towards Lingyun City.

Lingyun City was right beside Qinshan, only requiring a three hour bus ride. Since it was an express bus, there were not any other stops on the way. The suspect could only have gotten off at Lingyun City.

The ticket seller also said that when the old man was buying the ticket, the man said that he had lost his ID, and had not bought the ticket with his ID. He just gave a random name, and the ticket seller simply sold him a ticket, seeing that he was quite old.

Due to the ticket seller breaking a rule, the manager reprimanded her severely. But, clearly, scolding her would not do much good. Even if she had not sold the ticket to the suspect, he would have most likely found some other way to leave.

Lingyun?! Hearing the name, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered what the blonde Zhou Yang had said while drunk. He had said that the robber was most likely from out of the city! Could it be…he had guessed correctly? Were these robbers really from Lingyun? Or perhaps somewhere even further away? Just why had they come so far? Was it really for the stamps?

"Where's the driver? Also, all the customers?" Miao Ying demanded of the bus terminal's manager, "Don't all your buses have security cameras? We need the security footage from that bus. Also, we need to talk with the driver. Also, provide a list of the customer's names to us! There may have been other suspects on that bus!"

"We've already contacted them," the manager said. "The name list is easy. We'll send it over to you right away. However, this bus is under Lingyun's jurisdiction, all the security footages is in the Lingyun bus terminal! I can help you guys contact them, but, please let them know that you guys are with the police!"

"Of course!" Miao Ying waved to Zhang Yaohui, and Zhang Yaohui immediately started calling Bureau Chief Luan.

"We can't…" Miao Ying looked at the investigators and said, "This is a huge case, we have to go there!"

"Team Leader, we're going to Lingyun?" Lan Bo said, "Send me and Liu!"

"You guys haven't slept much in the past three days!" Miao Ying shook her head. "I should go! You guys stay here and keep investigating the surveillance footage from the bus terminal, as well as the people that were on the bus. See if the robbers left any evidence behind!"

"Isn't it…not good for you to go personally? We still need you here to take care of other business!" Liu was rather worried. "Also, you haven't rested much either!"

"Don't worry!" Miao Ying said, "If I rush over right now, then after I'm done investigating, I'll be back by tomorrow morning! Also, isn't there someone here who's quite energetic?"

Seeing Miao Ying point her slender finger at himself, Zhao Yu squinted. "Team Leader Miao, what are you trying to say? Could it be…you want me to go with you? As your driver?"

"Yeah! What? Do you have anything to say?" Miao Ying asked aggressively.

"No. How could I have anything to say?" Zhao Yu smiled. "But we're both single. If we're together in one car, aren't you afraid I'll have perverted thoughts about you?"

"No!" Miao Ying patted her belt, and a shiny gun appeared within view. "Bullets can stop perverts!"

Zhao Yu swallowed and said, "Hehehe, Team Leader Miao, you might not know, but I don't have a driver's license! If I drive now, I'll be breaking the law."

"Shut up!" Miao Ying arrogantly beckoned for him. "Zhao Yu, come! I want only you!"

Sh*t! Zhao Yu felt goosebumps all over him. He only had one thought, "You win!!!"
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