Crazy Detective
281 This Coach Is So Amazing!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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281 This Coach Is So Amazing!

The three brawny men were all chunky and tall, strong too. They knew that their wrongdoings had been exposed. So, needless to say, they were brutal towards Zhao Yu, and wanted to finish him up, and flee with their goods immediately. But Zhao Yu was an expert in fighting. Although he was fighting three men, he did not panic. He was fighting the three of them courageously.

It was difficult to fight the crowd with just a pair of fists. Zhao Yu was hit by a few punches and kicks. But Zhao Yu's signature move was cruelty. Every hit he threw was at their vital parts. He crushed one of the men's nose bridge, and kicked another's eye; he was groaning in pain!

Looking at his injured comrades, the only man left ran towards Zhao Yu and tried to hug his waist.

Zhao Yu quickly pulled his collar and turned around to throw the man. There was a set of dumbbells nearby, and when Zhao Yu threw the man, the man hit the dumbbells harshly! The dumbbells rolled all over the floor, and the man's head was bleeding!

"Huh?!" The lady boss, who had a ferocious look in her eyes earlier, saw the ferocious Zhao Yu and panicked. She retreated and wanted to make a run.

Zhao Yu saw the one with the broken nose rush towards him again, so he clenched his fist tight, ready to knock him down again! Suddenly, there was a sudden strong wind. Zhao Yu felt odd and quickly blocked with both of his arms. Then a powerful spin leg struck his arms.

Zhao Yu slid across the slippery ground for a few meters. He looked up and saw that the person who had delivered the powerful spin kick was the delicate Mister Zhang!

Zhao Yu felt his arms burning, and he was amazed. Who knew that this delicate young man could be someone who practiced martial arts!

"Sissy!" Mister Zhang posed in attack form and told the lady behind him, "Leave with the goods now! I'll take care of it from here!"

"Okay!" The lady had the same idea. She shouted at the other brawny men and said, "Quick! Grab the things! Let's go!"

That moment, the man that had been kicked by Zhao Yu earlier finally woke up. He, along with the other three men, took the boxes tried to make a run!

Zhao Yu panicked and wanted to hold them back, but Mister Zhang made a weird noise like Bruce Lee and rushed towards him. He had quick reflexes and was ruthless. He did a black flip and kicked his right leg at Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu knew his strength, so he quickly moved back and dodged it by a hair's width. During that time, the lady commanded the men to run with the boxes!

"Stand there! Where are you going?" At the most crucial moment, the Blond, Zhou Yang, Baldy, and the others stood up. They blocked the woman and the other men's way. The brawny men were afraid to fight Zhao Yu, but looking at these frail opponents, they did not hesitate to drop the goods and beat them up.

The gym turned into a madhouse. Zhao Yu and Mister Zhang were crossing swords while the Blonde and the others were fighting the brawny men. The coach and the customers were shocked and did not know what to do.

Mister Zhang seemed as though he trained his stamina; he was jumping up and down like a kangaroo! Zhao Yu fought a few rounds with him, but did not manage to land a punch, and got kicked by him instead.

Over at Blondie's fight, they were enthusiastic, but they were too weak. They got punched and were crawling on the floor even though the fight had just started!

"Alright, don't waste any time!" The lady leader saw that the obstacle had been removed, and she urged the men to hurry up and leave.

"Wayaya!" Zhao Yu saw his comrades beaten up and was furious. He ran towards the men again, but Mister Zhang followed closely behind and kicked Zhao Yu's back. Then, he did a beautiful back flip and fly kicked Zhao Yu. He fell on the floor again.

Zhao Yu was on his back and was raging with anger. At that moment, he could have used the invisible invisibility cloak to fight back, but the competitive Zhao Yu did not want to win the battle under the counter; he wanted to win fair and square. He got up and rushed towards Mister Zhang again.This time, Zhao Yu leaned forward and rushed towards him using all his strength, like a bull.

Mister Zhang smirked and moved aside, dodging Zhao Yu easily. Then he brutally kicked Zhao Yu's back! MIster Zhang was shocked because Zhao Yu did not bother with him, but dashed towards the lady called 'Sissy'!

That moment, the lady leader was ordering the men to run away with the boxes, so she did not see Zhao Yu running at her. Mister Zhang was alarmed and chased after Zhao Yu closely. He then spin kicked when he got closer to stop Zhao Yu from attacking the woman.

Zhao smirked as he had been waiting for this moment. Running at the lady was just a cover up. He actually wanted to attack Mister Zhang! As Mister Zhang rushed into his kick, Zhao Yu caught his ankle as he turned around!

"Huh?!" Mister Zhang was caught by surprise and fell on the ground as he lost balance. Zhao Yu dragged his ankle and pulled him around on the ground, as if he were pulling an alligator's tail.

Boss Zhang could really fight. Even though he was at disadvantage, he could aim another kick at Zhao Yu's shoulder and arm. But Zhao Yu could not care less. He held on to his ankle tightly, even as Mister Zhao kicked his arms.

"Hmph! Who told you to kick?! Who told you to do a spin kick?!" Zhao Yu said in his head. He bellowed and started running with Mister Zhang lying on the floor. He intentionally smacked Mister Zhang's body against all of the workout equipment!

After crashing into everything, Mister Zhang was dizzy, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding. He had lost his ability to fight back. Zhao Yu took advantage and threw him at the humongous vase near the door, as though he were throwing a discus!

"Ah!" Mister Zhang groaned when he fell onto the vase! The vase shattered and Mister Zhang fainted with blood all over his body…

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu clapped his hands and cursed in his mind, "That motherf*cker. Let's see if you can still jump around."

Just when he had just finished dealing with Mister Zhang, Zhao Yu rushed in front of the woman. At that very moment, the woman's face turned purple. The ferocious look in the lady's eyes was nowhere to be found!

"Quick…quick save me!" With the lady screaming for help, the four men that were running in front left their boxes and turned around to rescue her.

"Hehehehe…" Zhao Yu smiled at the lady and ran to hold her shoulders.

"Huh?!" The lady jumped in shock. Zhao Yu held her shoulder with one hand, and he grabbed her thigh with the other. Then he pushed her up against his neck, and held her horizontally in the air.

"Ahhhh!" the lady was screaming her lungs out. Zhao Yu threw her. As the four men were running toward him, the woman's body hit and knocked them over like bowling pins!

Zhao Yu quickly ran over, raised his fist, and punched the men's faces. They were all beaten up, their faces full of blood, not having the strength to even groan. They were brutally injured!

While Zhao Yu was fighting so viciously, a beautiful gym babe with hot body was gawking at him! She pouted and exclaimed, "Oh my God! This coach is so amazing! He's so strong!" Then she flirted with the coach that had fought with Zhao Yu earlier, "Coach, I…I want to learn Gecko Power too. Can I?"
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