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280 The Person Who Opened the Shelf Is Him?

Zhao Yu purposely put in some strength. When the coach rammed into the man, the entire storage box fell harshly on the floor, and a bunch of things fell out of it as well! Unexpectedly, what fell out was a bunch of bags!! There were wallets, leather bags, backpacks, handbags of all varieties in color and type!!

Zhao Yu was an expert in this. With one look he could tell these bags definitely had not been obtained legally. Not only were the bags different brands, but they were even different ages! Without a doubt, these were most likely stolen! Who would have thought that this was the thieves' stolen goods headquarters?

Seeing these goods, Zhao Yu's eyes lit up. He thought to himself, "I was just here for information on the black-market organization, to think I ran into one straight up! If I catch these people, can I use them to get information regarding the bank case's black-market organization?"

When the man saw that the items in the box were exposed, his expression changed drastically. He immediately rushed to the ground and started picking up the bags, putting them back into his box. At the same time, he cursed at the coach.

The fitness coach was also agitated. He was so muscular and large, yet was shamed by Zhao Yu. How could he bear it? He immediately turned around, about to argue with Zhao Yu.

But Zhao Yu did not have any time to deal with him. Seeing the man picking up the bags, he immediately stepped up and kicked the man's temple! With a resounding sound, the box once again fell to the floor, and the man instead flew sideways. After slamming down on the floor, he only had the energy to shake his head in pain.

"Ah?! You…what…" The coach's eyes bulged in fear. Originally, he had wanted to question Zhao Yu, but when he felt Zhao Yu's terrifying aura, he went quiet and stepped aside.

Zhao Yu knew these people had partners. Once he knocked the man aside, he immediately pulled out his phone to ask for backup. Yet, just as he opened his phone, a video popped up on his screen.

The video was from Liang Huan. The message with it said that the video was of the security footage from the bank. The person in the video opened the safety deposit box that the robbers had discovered!

Zhao Yu opened the video and was completely dumbfounded! "Ah! Holy sh*t!" he cursed. He first took a look at the person on the phone, then at the man he had just kicked! They were the same person!

"My God! Isn't this…too much of a coincidence?" he wondered in disbelief. If everything was as he imagined, then this man lying in front of him right now was the person who registered for the safety deposit box that was broken into. Which meant that these people were the black-market organization whose goods were stolen from the bank?

"Oh…" Zhao Yu suddenly realized, this was definitely the power of the miracle system! He had originally thought that the Depth of Breath Gymnasium was a match for the "Dui" hexagram, for money. Yet, unexpectedly, he found a huge clue for the Bank Robbery Case instead! If so…

Seeing the man about to wake up, Zhao Yu immediately pulled out some handcuffs, about to restrain him. Yet, the man's companions from within the secret room suddenly realized something was wrong, and immediately sent someone to the door to check! That person was also holding a black storage box. He opened the anti-theft door with some difficulty, about to come out.

Zhao Yu knew the rule of first attack advantage. Seeing this, he immediately rushed forward and slammed into the anti-theft door. The person inside was bounced back against the door. With a resounding sound, the anti-theft door slammed shut and locked! Boom! The person and the storage box flipped and fell!

"Ah? What's wrong?" From within came the voice of a woman, "Quick, go out! Everyone rush out!"

Zhao Yu heard and immediately used his shoulder to block the anti-theft door. He called Zhang Jingfeng for help.

Bam, bam, bam! The people inside slammed at the door harshly. Zhao Yu's body bounced against the door.

"Hello? Zhang, quick!" As soon as the call connected, Zhao Yu yelled, "Huabei Commercial Building, fifth floor, Depth of Breath Gymnasium! Hurry and send someone over. I found the suspect of the Bank Robbery Case, quick!"

"Ah?!" Zhang Jingfeng was completely dumbfounded when he heard. Only when Zhao Yu repeated what he said did Jingfeng realize the severity of the situation. He immediately went to Miao Ying for help!

Bam, bam, bam! The people inside heard Zhao Yu asking for reinforcement and already knew his identity. In their agitation, they slammed on the door harder and harder! Zhao Yu was holding the door closed with all his strength.

In the end, their commotion attracted the attention of other people. The coach from the beginning brought a bunch of other coaches over. "It's him! Learning wall climbing or something. He even hit people!" The coach put his hands on his waist as he yelled at Zhao Yu.

"Get away!" Zhao Yu roared. "Police investigation! Get out of my way!"

"Oh! Okay, okay!" The coach did not dare to refuse. He immediately lowered his head and backed away!

"Oh? Something isn't right?" A female coach who taught yoga asked, "Shouldn't you have a warrant? Also, where's your police uniform?"

"Right…" The coach suddenly realized the lady was right, and once again walked forward.

"Handcuffs! Look! Handcuffs! I see it!" Another coach pointed at Zhao Yu's handcuffs and said, "It's definitely a police officer, he's undercover!"

"Oh…" The fitness coach once again backed away awkwardly.

Bam, bam, bam… The people behind the anti-theft door were even more agitated now, slamming against the door harder and harder. Zhao Yu clearly could not hold it anymore.

At this time, the young owner, Mister Zhang, as well as Cang Ba, the Blonde, and his friends all heard the commotion as well, and came to check it out.

"Ah? Bro…you…" The blonde was shocked.

"Ah?!" Mister Zhang's expression changed quickly upon seeing the situation. He immediately rushed forward and kicked Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu could never imagine that even though Mister Zhang seemed thin and weak, on top of his formal clothing, he would attack so fiercely! With no other choice, Zhao Yu could only lower his head and dodge.

Due to the lack of resistance, the anti-theft door sprang open. Three bulky men rushed out from behind the door, as well as a middle-aged woman wearing a black suit. This woman was near fifty, with short hair. Even though she seemed a little agitated, her eyes were filled with ruthlessness, clearly murderous!

"Sis!" Upon seeing the woman, Mister Zhang became strangely respectful. Zhao Yu realized, it seemed like this woman was the boss behind the gymnasium!

"Say, we were talking about business inside, what happened now?" Cang Ba stood in the center of the attention scratching his head, still talking about the gym business.

"Take the goods away, take down any opposition!" The woman that was called Sis fiercely gave her command, and everyone immediately rushed toward Zhao Yu.

"Police! Nobody move!" Seeing his enemies approaching, Zhao Yu made a gesture as if he was pulling out a gun.

"Ah?" The three bulky men shivered in fear. One of them almost wanted to run.

"Don't get scared!" The woman was quite sharp. She already saw that Zhao Yu did not bring a gun and yelled out immediately, "If we don't take care of him, we won't be able to take our goods! Bros, fight with your life!" Hearing this, the three men no longer hesitated, and once again rushed toward Zhao Yu.

Seeing this, Mister Zhang immediately waved his hand towards the crowd. "Everyone disperse. This is none of you guys' business! Go back to work!"

"But," the confused coach asked, "Mister Zhang, that guy said he was the police! How about we call the police first?"

"Zhou Yang!" Zhao Yu tried to hold off the three bulky men as he yelled at Zhou Yang and the others, "Catch them all! These people are suspects! Don't let them get away!"

"Ah?!" The blonde and the others were stunned by the news, but they were quite loyal. Hearing Zhao Yu's command, they immediately rushed up, attempting to help Zhao Yu.

"Hey, hey, Baldy, Shouhou, Zhou Yang!" Cang Ba stood there idiotically, trying to calm the situation. "Isn't there…some kind of misunderstanding? It's only a gym, how could there be a crime? Also, who's the police?"

"Get out of the way! Otherwise I'll take care of you first!" Zhou Yang rushed up, about to push Cang Ba away. Yet, the very agile Mister Zhao simply huffed coldly, and with a quick step forward, threw out numerous lightning fast kicks. The blonde and his friends, along with Cang Ba, were all kicked away in an instant.