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279 Pixelated Image and Gecko Power

Zhao Yu's long term detector was on. With the detector, he could tell the location of nearby cameras and electronic devices that video or voice recording functions. What was interesting was that the detector could even sense if someone was using their cellphone. If anyone turned on video or voice recording, the detector would show a red warning sign and pinpoint the exact location of it.

But what Zhao Yu felt was obviously different. He was standing at the entrance of a room next to the boss's office. This room only had a white anti-theft door with no sign.

Zhao Yu felt the warning came from inside of the room. He looked closely at the image in his mind. In the room, there were a number of hidden cameras, and also a high tech infrared alarm device.

"Wow…" Zhao Yu cringed and thought, "Why would a gym need a high tech infrared alarm device? Maybe this room was the gym's finance department? Is there a safety deposit box?"

Eh? Suddenly Zhao Yu felt odd. "What century are they living in? How many people who come to use the gym pay in cash? There are credit cards and PayWave on their phones. What is the use of a safety deposit box?" he wondered. "Plus…" He took two steps back and noticed that there might be a mystery inside the small room. There seemed to be a big space in between the boss's office and this room.

He suddenly understood why the boss's office was so narrow. "Oh…" Zhao Yu thought. He realized that there must be a hidden mezzanine space in the room!

"That's interesting…" Zhao Yu recalled the whole situation. "A gym that's trying to be sold as quickly as possible, and a mezzanine space with an infrared alarm device installed. If there's nothing wrong with this place, then my last name isn't Zhao!" he thought. "But, what's wrong?"

Zhao Yu had a stratagem. He had three invisible fluoroscopic devices in his toolbox! He wanted to use it for some perverted things, but why not use one to see what was behind the door in front of him?

He clicked on his toolbox to activate the invisible fluoroscopic device. The invisible fluoroscopic device was like the invisible invisibility cloak—it only lasted for one minute; he had to hurry up. After he activated it, he was able to see through objects, but the penetration of the invisible fluoroscopic device was not very strong. Places with multiple layer of walls could not be seen through clearly, and there was a severe color difference in the image.

Just when he activated the invisible fluoroscopic device, a fit woman with big bust walked in front of him. Zhao Yu could not help but to look at her chest. He was surprised that the invisible fluoroscopic device did allow him to see through her clothes, but what was behind her clothes was blurry, as though it was pixelated!

"What the!" he thought. Even the system tool had an built-in pixelating function! Luckily, he did not use one on Miao Ying. If he had, it would have been a waste!

He quickly turned around and looked behind the anti-theft door. Even though there was overlapping in the image, Zhao Yu could make out what was going on inside.

It was a square room with a long bench in the middle of the room. All four walls were lockers. It looked exactly like the changing room for their customers.

"Hey? Is this a VIP changing room? That's not right?" Zhao Yu thought. When he had arrived earlier, Mister Zhang had introduced him to the gym's changing room, shower room, and sauna, too!

"Why would there be another changing room here? And if it is a changing room, why would they install hidden cameras and an infrared alarm device? Is it for arresting peeping toms, or preventing thieves, or maybe it's to take some kind of x-rated video?" Zhao Yu wondered.

With his strong curiosity, he looked in the direction where the infrared alarm device was installed. Then, between the room and the boss's office, was the hidden mezzanine space. And it seemed that they had thickened the wall because it looked more blurry compared to the other places, even with the use of the invisible fluoroscopic device.

"Something's really fishy!" Zhao Yu thought. He quickly walked towards the wall to take an even closer look inside. He saw that it was a rectangular room with a lot of stock racks, and the floor was full of boxes. What surprised Zhao Yu was, there were humans! He saw about four to five people busy doing something.

As the strength of the invisible fluoroscopic device were not that good, Zhao Yu felt like he was watching a shadow puppet show. He could barely make out the outline of the people, but from their actions, he could see that they were moving goods on the rack into the boxes on the floor.

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows. "These people look like they're packing something. What are they packing? Is it that…this gym is a drug nest? It can't be. This is Huabei Commercial Building. There're so many people coming in and out everyday. Who'd have the nerve to set up their base here?" he analyzed in his mind.

To be able to see what was in their hands, Zhao Yu was looking so closely that his face was planted against the wall. A buff personal trainer suddenly walked past. He patted Zhao Yu's back and asked, "Sir, what are you doing?"

"F*ck off!" Zhao Yu was lazy to deal with him. He replied, "Have you never seen anyone practicing Gecko Power?"

What? The coach was dumbstruck. "Gecko Power? I wasn't informed that the gym started a new course," he thought.

Just as the coach was stunned, something changed in the room. Someone that was done packing started walking out with a big box. Just when this person was crossing in between the two rooms, the whole wall of racks moved away. The racks were a hidden entrance! The infrared alarm device turned off when the entrance was opened. Then, the person holding the box walked towards the white anti-theft door, about to exit.

It had been one minute, and Zhao Yu's invisibile fluoroscopic device stopped working.

"Mm…you…can you tell me who is the coach conducting the class?" The coach was still trying to figure out what Gecko Power was.

Just then, the anti-theft door opened. A rugged looking brawny man walked out with a huge box in his arms. The box was in black and opaque so that the contents could not be seen. Even though Zhao Yu did not know what was in the box, he was sure it was something secretive!

"No way!" he thought. Zhao Yu could tell that there was something illegal in the box. The people in the room were packing hurriedly. That meant that they were transferring the goods. If he left it, he would not be able to find it again!

At that crucial moment, Zhao Yu pulled the coach in front of him and shouted, "What's wrong? Is it illegal to practice Gecko Power? Are you really a coach? Bah! I learned it myself!" He then pushed the coach abruptly before the coach could respond, who fell towards the rugged looking man that was carrying the box. Accompanied with a 'Boom' sound, the box fell onto the floor and everything inside fell out.