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278 Depth of Breath Gymnasium

As it turned out, Cang Ba was not a name, but a nickname. The person looked like a Cang Ao but had the personality of Jing Ba, thus gaining his nickname. When Zhao Yu saw him, he immediately realized this. Even though the man looked burly and terrifying, when he talked, he looked exactly like a yes-man.

"Bro Yu, what I said was a hundred percent true! Me and Baldie have been friends for many years, I'd never lie to you guys!" Cang Ba spoke to Zhao Yu outside the gym. "My boss really does want to sell this place as fast as possible. The prices and everything have already been released. You guys just need to take one look to understand!

"The machines, the coaches, and everything, you can have it right away! Even though the membership cards won't be accepted anymore, the contract for the building still has four more years. Also, the rent for this year has already been paid, so you don't have to worry about that either!" He pointed at the gym and said, "I've already been here for quite a few years, it's very popular! We don't understand why the boss wanted to sell this place at all! Bro Yu, listen to me, this is definitely a good deal for you. You'll definitely make tons of money."

"Yeah, yeah…" Baldie and the others all rushed to Zhao Yu's side. To the few of them, this was a once in a lifetime chance. If Zhao Yu really did buy this gym, then the few of them would not have to worry about the future after this. Yet, what kind of person was Zhao Yu? In his previous life, he lived and died by the ways of the street, and knew of all about trickery and deception. He still felt like this gym was quite suspicious. There was no way something so convenient would simply fall into his lap. Thus, before coming, he had already called Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan, and asked them to find out the details regarding this gym, to see if there were any issues.

The gym was indeed quite advanced. The words "Depth of Breath" were on the door. Zhao Yu was not very familiar with the gym business, but he had heard of the name before. Also, the location of the gym was too perfect, on the fifth floor of the Huabei Commercial Building. It was indeed luxurious. Many people who chose to come here to exercise were not really here to exercise, but rather to show off their status.

The gym was indeed quite crowded. All sorts of machiners were being used by youthful beauties working out. There were also some energetic and muscular coaches who were personal trainers.

Zhao Yu and the others did not wait for long before a man wearing white dress shirt came forward. The man was pale and white, with smooth youthful skin. He gave off the feeling of a young new worker.

Cang Ba saw the man approach and immediately introduced him to Zhao Yu, saying that the young man was the owner of the Depth of Breath Gymnasium, Mister Zhang.

Hm? Hearing Cang Ba's introduction, Zhao Yu was instinctively alert. The Mister Zhang in front of him was simply too young. If he were the manager of the gym, then it would make sense, but someone so young as the owner? Zhao Yu would never believe it!

The youthful Mister Zhang shook hands with Zhao Yu, and started to introduce his gym, stating its size, the number of equipment, how many coaches, members, its yearly profit, etc.

To Zhao Yu's shock, the gym size was truly beyond his imagination. Whether it was size or the facilities, everything was top-notch. Besides routine exercise machines, there was even a yoga room, a sparring ring, an indoor cycling room, and more! The bigger shock, and the reason why Zhao Yu was suspicious, was the 2.5 million yuan price tag. If the price was ten times that, then it would be more reasonable.

"That…" Zhao Yu interrupted when he about it. "Mister Zhang, I don't understand. Such a valuable business, why are you trying to sell it? Why so urgently?"

"Ah, that's…" Mister Zhang seemed a little hesitant. He pondered a few seconds before answering, "It's truly unfortunate! My father is stuck in Australia with a huge debt. If I don't send the money over, he'll die! Sigh! Otherwise, why would I part with this business?"

"Oh, truly a loyal son!" Zhao Yu praised him, yet cursed in his heart. This excuse was truly PATHETIC. Watch, this gym definitely had some problems! But the more suspicious he became, the more curious Zhao Yu was for the truth. He felt like if he could figure out the main issue, then maybe he could lower the price of the gym even more!

"Come to my office!" After touring the gym, Mister Zhang gestured for them. "You can take a look at our recent financial statement. I guarantee everything is legal!"

"Hah! Obviously!" Cang Ba spoke from the sideline. "This is in the Huabei Commercial Building, if we didn't have the paperwork, how could we open a gymnasium here? Hehehe…" This was the first time the Blonde and his friends had seen such a huge business. Each of them could only laugh along, but were unable to say anything fitting.

Under Mister Zhang's signal, everyone walked into his office. The office was not big, but it was was very modern. Once everyone found a place to sit, Mister Zhang started discussing the financial situation of the company with Zhao Yu, as well as taking out all sorts of permits for him to see. He also said that the news was just released, and quite a few people already were interested. If it was not for the fact that he was rushing to save his father, he would never sell at such a low price! Thus, he hoped Zhao Yu would decide as quickly as possible.

"Mister Zhao, I'll make it clear. Right now, I just want money. The faster I get the money, the less my father has to suffer!" Mister Zhang spoke honestly, "So, the person who can pay the fastest, easiest, I'll give them the gym. I already finished writing the transfer contract!"

"Hehehe…" Zhao Yu was all smiles. "Mister Zhang, you should know that the money isn't a small amount, and I'm not too familiar with this business, so I have to be a bit more careful!"

"Cough!" Cang Ba said, "Yu, what's there to be careful about? Our boss Zhang is an honest person, you don't have to worry at all!"

Cang Ba had barely finished talking when Zhao Yu's phone rang. He looked down to see it was Zhang Jingfeng. Zhao Yu knew this was because Zhang Jingfeng had found something. He immediately apologized to everyone, and walked out of the office to find a hidden area to take the call.

"Zhao, the gym's clean!" Zhang Jingfeng said, "Every year the income is about 700,000 yuan. Everything's by the books, no bad records, no property disputes!"

"Oh, really?" Zhao Yu could not believe it.

"Nor was there anything on the property side. The contract is for five years, there's still three years and a half years before it's over!" Zhang Jingfeng said, "Huabei Commercial Building usually does one year contracts. For them to be able to contract five years, clearly they had a good relationship with the president of the building!"

Tsk… Hearing this, Zhao Yu could not help but smack his lips. From his instincts, this gym had to have some issues, yet there did not seem to be any on the surface. Then…what about under the surface? Could this gym host some illegal activities? Maybe help people deal with shady money? Now that the business was done with, they wanted to run? Thinking this much, Zhao Yu then gave Mister Zhang's name to Zhang Jingfeng and asked him to investigate, to see if he was telling the truth.

During the call, Zhao Yu obviously did not want anyone to hear. He walked further away. Yet, just as he slipped into a neighboring room in the owner's office, the invisible detector in his mind suddenly lit up with a red warning…