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268 Plans Gone Wrong

As it turned out, behind Zhao Yu was another table of people eating hot pot. The three of them were shirtless, middle-aged male drunkards. There were too many beer bottles at their feet to count. Since Zhao Yu's back was facing them, he did not notice, but the three of them were stealing glances at the beautiful Yao Jia. In a place like this, Yao Jia's beauty stood out.

Even though Yao Jia was slightly drunk, she still noticed the three's perverse gaze. But since they did not do anything out of line, Yao Jia did not care too much. Yet, there is a reason why alcohol is known as liquid courage. A male with a burly build stood up to use the bathroom. However, he did not go to the public bathroom across the street, but took off his pants beside them! Below was a ditch. Peeing in public was already uncivillized, but after he took off his pants, he turned shamelessly, directly facing Yao Jia! Yao Jia obviously screamed!

Zhao Yu did not know what happened at first, but when he turned, he was immediately enraged. "Jesus Christ! Pervert at this age! Are you sick of living?" Zhao Yu yelled, and grabbed a beer cup with his left hand, then threw it at the man's face! Zhao Yu had aimed for the man's face, but his left hand was weaker, and the beer cup was unexpectedly heavy, and flew lower than intended. It landed right on the man's private area!

"Ah…" The scream suddenly raised a few octaves, almost like a squeal.

Zhao Yu instinctively wanted to rush forward to kick him, but being cuffed to Yao Jia meant his movement was limited. He could only grab Yao Jia's beer too, wanting to crack the man's head open! But the other two drunkards could not just sit and watch. The two immediately rushed in front of Zhao Yu, cursing as they came forward.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu could only turn and throw the cup at one of them. Yet the bald man with a goatee was quite agile despite being drunk. He immediately ducked and dodged the cup. Zhao Yu immediately punched, wanting to knock him out, but he had forgotten his wrist was connected to Yao Jia's. When he punched, Yao Jia was pulled forward and ended up in front of him.

Suddenly, a second person rushed forward and was about to slam into Yao Jia. Zhao Yu immediately rushed forward, protecting Yao Jia in his arms. Within that time, the second person already rushed in front of him and grabbed Zhao Yu by his waist! The bald man immediately rushed up and kicked Zhao Yu. But Zhao Yu had not drank much. He immediately turned with lightning reflexes. In the end, the bald man kicked his friend instead!

"F*ck you!" Zhao Yu glared as he yelled, then immediately headbutted the man, slamming right into their brow.

"Ah…" The man wailed in pain and immediately bent over. Yet, despite bending down, he grabbed Zhao Yu's calves, putting him off balance.

"Ah!" the bald man let out a strange yell and rushed at Zhao Yu again. Zhao Yu immediately turned halfway, protecting Yao Jia as he changed their direction, dodging the kick.

"Quick! Kick!" Zhao Yu immediately signaled at the man by his feet. Even though Yao Jia was pale with fear, she was quite capable in a time of need. She immediately raised her feet, and her high heels hit the head of the man holding Zhao Yu's calves! The man immediately bit the dirt and rolled in pain. Zhao Yu took this opportunity and escaped his clutches.

"Muwahaha!" Zhao Yu roared and raised his leg, kicking the bald man's stomach.

"Ah…" The bald man cried out in pain and bent down. It seemed like Yao Jia got addicted or something, and she immediately punched the bald man's face.

Bam! With a crisp sound, the bald man did not react much, yet Yao Jia shook her wrist. "Ow, ow, ow…" she cried.

The bald man paused, yet, Zhao Yu's heavy punch quickly followed. With a loud noise, the bald man was immediately sent to the floor.

"Ah! I'm going to kill you guys!" Zhao Yu and Yao Jia turned to see the man with his pants down finally reacting. He rushed at the two before he could get his pants on.

Zhao Yu looked at his enemy, then at Yao Jia, and laughed slyly. He pulled at Yao Jia and ran head-on at the man. Yao Jia also understood. Just as the three were about to collide, Zhao Yu and Yao Jia suddenly opened their arms, and the handcuff's chain caught the man's neck. With the strong force, the chain wrapped around the man's neck, and he fell down, facing the sky. The back of his head slammed against the ground, and the man had the wind knocked out of him.

"Oh…oh… No…not good…" Even though they had finished off their opponents, Yao Jia's expression changed. She clutched her chest, as if about to throw up. Zhao Yu suddenly realized that Yao Jia had drank too much, and then moved too quickly. Right now, her stomach was definitely upset. She was about to throw up!

Zhao Yu immediately slapped Yao Jia's back, and Yao Jia finally threw everything up. The seven-thousand yuan Rafi was all thrown up on the face of the man with his pants down!!!

Oh… Seeing such a disgusting scene, Zhao Yu felt like his stomach was upset too. Yet, after Yao Jia threw up, the alcohol probably went to her head, and she fell into Zhao Yu's arms, completely knocked out.

Twenty minutes later, at Shunfeng Street, Zhao Yu's home.

"Yes, Zhang!" Zhao Yu was seriously speaking into his phone. "That Cang Jie, I don't care what method you use, please freeze all accounts under his name. That kid's a b*stard. I'm gonna deal with him! Oh, also, help me figure out his car information. Didn't he use Yao Jia's name to buy the car? If he dares to return it, try and do something so it won't be easy for him! Afterwards, I'll thank you properly, take you out for pool or something…" After Zhang Jingfeng agreed, Zhao Yu finally hung up.

After putting down his phone, Zhao Yu could not help but be a bit nervous. Right now, the beautiful Yao Jia was lying in his bed. That beautiful and perfect shape almost made Zhao Yu dizzy. He was more familiar than anyone with Yao Jia's body. Right now, seeing Yao Jia so close in front of him, within his arm's reach, he could not help but fall into a whirlwind of nostalgia.

Back then, when he and Yao Jia were a couple, how great had it been? How magnificent? Yet, everything from his previous life had disappeared with his death! Even though the gods had given him another chance, and the Yao Jia in front of him was not the one from his past life. "But…should I do it anyway?" he asked himself.

Zhao Yu was not drunk at all. He knew that this Yao Jia was not the same as his old lover; he knew even more clearly that Yao Jia had just gone through a breakup and was drunk, and to do anything now would be immoral. Not only that, but he also knew that his heart longed for another beautiful woman instead!

In his hesitation, he pulled out the wallet in his pocket and took out the key. He uncuffed the two's wrists. As it turned out, he had not forgotten his keys—it was all on purpose.

Actually, when he got Yao Jia's emergency phone call, he did not actually think about it that much. His original intentions had been to successfully complete the "Kan" hexagram and get a good item! But when he actually saw Yao Jia, he could not help but remember the old Yao Jia. People often recall others from items, but Zhao Yu was reminded of his love when he saw Yao Jia, and temporarily fell into a trance. Because of that, he purposely hid the key, wanting to interact more intimately with his previous lover! He had gotten to the point where he could get what he wanted. The beauty was lying in his bed, yet he was hesitating…

Yao Jia was completely drunk. Should he do it? Then say he was drunk as well and was confused? Would that be okay? Even though he was still conflicted in his mind, Zhao Yu still could not help but unbutton Yao Jia's shirt. Feeling her burning hot body under his hands, Zhao Yu's desires were winning him over, and he slowly began to let his sinful hands wander.

But the mysterious "Kan" hexagram was too powerful. Just as Zhao Yu's hands had reached their destination, his phone suddenly rang. "Ah—hero, please leave me a good dream…"

The loud ringtone wailing loudly in the silent night, startling Zhao Yu. He immediately grabbed his phone and answered. He could not even hold his phone properly, and juggled it a few times before he managed to get a good grip.

"Oh…" Yao Jia was disturbed, and turned over sleepily. Zhao Yu was drenched in cold sweat. He picked up before even seeing who called him.

"Zhao Yu, open the door!" Through the phone came Miao Ying's tired yet impatient voice. "I'm already at your door. Make room, I'm staying at your house!!!"