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261 Custodian Turned Thief

"How does it work?!" Zhao Yu thought to himself. He felt like he was on fire and was injured all over. "System! What are you trying to do? Are you trying to mess with me? Why would you give me another 'Kun' hexagram?"

From all the hexagrams that Zhao Yu had gotten, he feared the "Kun" hexagram the most. Every "Kun" hexagram was at the cost of someone's life. Not only had the "Kun" hexagram appeared again, but it also appeared continuously. Who could deal with that?

"On top of that, it is a "Kun-Kan" hexagram. It is related to a woman this time? Who could this woman be? Miao Ying?!" he wondered. He already had a water battle with Miao Ying yesterday, how about today? "Oh my f*cking god…" It was like the previous day. Zhao Yu was severely agitated, not sure what to do next. But no matter how shocking the hexagram was, life goes on.

After being jittery for a while, Zhao Yu changed and had some steamed mutton before heading out for work. Although all the information and progress about the case had been updated via cellphone, the updates were not thorough. Zhao Yu knew that the robbers had yet to be arrested, so he did not bother reading it, but wanted to find out more from his colleagues directly.

Just when he went to enter Team A's office, he heard Tang Zhaolong giving a lecture. "Team Lead Miao, how do you work?" Tang Zhaolong's hands were on his waist as he shouted at Miao Ying who was standing next to the whiteboard. "It has been one night, why is there no progress at all? Five robbers, and not one was arrested. About my fifth aunt, you found the corpse but you can't even come up with a suspect. Can you do it? If you can't then I'll get a replacement."

"Bureau Chief Tang, how could you say that?" Miao Ying was enraged. "This case is not as easy as it seems. The robbers were well prepared! Not only are they familiar with bank operations, but they are also familiar with the police force investigation method. Everyone in the office was busy the entire night. You didn't even encourage us, but came to pressure us further, you—"

"Miao Ying!" Tang Zhaolong raised his hand and pointed at Miao Ying. "Don't start complaining to me! The one who is having the toughest time is me! The higher-ups are pressuring me for updates. Who can provide me with one? I'll give you one day to arrest the suspect."

Watching Tang Zhaolong throw a tantrum, Zhao Yu obviously knew why. He smiled cheekily as he thought about a bad idea.

Zhao Yu walked into the office, took a glass without people noticing, and went up behind Tang Zhaolong quietly. Right then, he let go of the glass. It shattered on the ground.

"Ahh!!!" Tang Zhaolong jumped two feet high and nearly hit the ceiling as though someone stepped on his tail. As he was scared stiff, he lost balance and fell on the ground. His hands accidentally pushed the two whiteboards down. Quite a scene. "Who! Who! Who?!" Tang Zhaolong got up with his pale face.

"Aiya! I'm so sorry!" Zhao Yu patted his hands and apologized sincerely, "Maybe my Parkinson's is acting up! I'm so sorry, Bureau Chief!" As he spoke, he took the broom and swept the glass on the floor into the dustpan. But due to him sweeping hard, the debris and dust flew on Tang Zhaolong.

"Hey, hey, hey? Zhao…Zhao Yu…you…" Tang Zhaolong backed off. He wanted to give Zhao Yu a lecture, but he recalled the paranormal encounter a while back and was dumbstruck. He quickly left with his two left feet.

Zhao Yu threw the broom and dustpan aside once Tang Zhaolong left, and put on a cheeky smile. The police detectives were unhappy with Tang Zhaolong. Seeing him being frightened by Zhao Yu made them laugh. Especially Miao Ying. She smiled and shook her head, thinking to herself, "Who is the best at pretending? Rongyang Team A Gangster Zhao!"

"Mm, how is it, Team Leader Miao?" Zhao Yu saw Miao Ying laughing happily, so he pulled a chair and sat in front of her and asked, "Any progress?"

"Zhao Yu, you are under my supervision now! When everyone was busy investigating last night, you skipped work without reason. What do you have to say?" Miao Ying pouted.

"I got a cold after our water fight! So I went to see the doctor!" Zhao Yu never needed a script to lie. He pretended to sneeze.

"I think…you went drinking!" Miao Ying scoffed at him. "Hei He Street Roadside Stall. You had a great time, huh?"

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu smiled and said casually, "Team Leader Miao. We have yet to arrest the bank robbers, but you are monitoring me instead? Let's be honest, are you falling for me?"

"Booooo…" As though they were putting up a comedy. The police detectives heard Zhao Yu's shameless reply and booed him.

"Sigh…" Miao Ying seemed to have developed an antibody for Zhao Yu's shamelessness. She did not panic but shook her head at Zhao Yu and said, "I am afraid that you might be killed! Do you think that I'm monitoring you willingly?"

"Mm…" Zhao Yu wanted to annoy her further, but Miao Ying put her finger up to signal him to keep quiet. She then turned around to ask Zhang Yaohui, "Yaohui, how is it? Have you finished investigating the surveillance cameras?"

"We're almost done!" Zhang Yaohui was holding a stack of photos when he spoke. "We have found sixty-six suspects through the surveillance cameras at each intersection in LC area within the time frame. We are now comparing their appearance one-by-one."

"Mm! That's not sufficient." Miao Ying commanded, "Assign them to investigate at every corner in LC area to restrict the investigation area!"

"Yes!" Zhang Yaohui dropped off the photos and left.

Zhao Yu then looked at a few photos and complained, "Are you serious? This…this is definitely an aunt going out to do grocery shopping. She's also a suspect?"

"Who knows?" Li Beini answered. "She had a basket with her, it could've been used to carry the stolen items."

"That's right, we can't leave out a single detail!" Miao Ying said, "The truth is that the robbers are very cunning! They might be trying out some new tactics."

Just before Miao Ying finish speaking, Hu Bin ran in suddenly and said to her, "Team Leader Miao, Department Chief Wang wanted me to send you a message. When we were analyzing the camouflage suits that the robbers left, we found that some had extra padding, and that there were various height enhancers in the shoes too.

"Which means, the robbers changed their height and body appearance before committing the crime. In other words, the appearance of the robbers on the surveillance videos is not accurate!"

Wow! Hearing what Hu Bin said, everyone was shocked. Who knew that the robbers were that cunning? They even thought about how to change their appearance!

"Bravo!" Zhao Yu was stunned. "Experts are everywhere!"

"How about…DNA? The robbers were wearing masks, right? Did you manage to get any?" Miao Ying quickly asked.

"We did, but we couldn't find any matches!" Hu Bin answered. "These robbers most likely did not commit any crimes before, so the DNA we found can be tested against any future suspects that we bring in!"

"Okay, we understand. Thank you!" Miao Ying thanked Hu Bin politely, "If there are any updates, please let us know immediately!"

"Okay!" Hu Bin saluted her and left.

At that very moment, although Zhao Yu was bothered by the mysterious "Kun" hexagram, he felt that his mind was much clearer. So he quickly asked Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao, I have yet to clarify something!" He furrowed his brows, "Those robbers, what did they take away from the bank?"

"Sigh!" Miao Ying did not answer, but Li Beini sighed and replied, "More than half of the registration information on the safety deposit boxes are fake. The bank put up notices for owners to retrieve their items! But after a day, barely anyone came!"

"That's interesting!" Zhao Yu exclaimed. "It seems that there are many secrets hidden within the safety deposit boxes! They lost something, but nobody dares come to retrieve their things. Is it that…the items are illegal, perhaps?"

"Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying smiled. "I've heard that you know Mister Tao from the bank. How do you feel about him…as a person?"

"What do you mean by how do I feel about him?" Zhao Yu suddenly understood what Miao Ying meant and asked, "Oh…are you…thinking that, this was a self directed show by the higher-ups of the bank?