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241 Zhang Jingfeng’s Flashligh

After the leaders left, the office gradually resumed to its normal order. But after the first ever unprecedented chaos, everyone in the Key Case Investigation Unit was anxious and unsettled.

On one hand, Bureau Chief Zhou suddenly got transferred and people were still not used to his new replacement who had only been in for half a day. On the other hand, Miao Ying had caused such a big scene and smashed the captain’s head.

What was going on? The police team solved the Mianling Case and it was supposed to be a time to enjoy the honor. But suddenly everything was a mess and everyone was running around like headless chickens. In the beginning, it was noisy enough to have Zhao Yu alone in the Key Case Investigation Unit, but now there was Miao Ying! The scariest part was that Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were on the same side. One was a gangster and streetfighter, one was educated and knew martial arts. These two people joining forces would be mind-blowing!

Liu Changhu and Mao Wei were sent to the hospital. One’s head was bleeding, while one’s leg injury relapsed. The two of them probably would need to stay in the hospital for quite a while.

Everyone was wondering how Liu Changhu would get revenge on Miao Ying. Beaten up by an underlining, Liu Changhu was so embarrassed that he wished the earth would swallow him up! A lucky guess would be, he would not let it slip. He might have even prepared to press charges! It seemed that Miao Ying was destined to be ruined this time! It was quite certain that she would be dismissed from office, and financial compensation would be inevitable. If worse came to worst, she might have to do time. But while everyone was thinking about that, Miao Ying was calmly handling her task at her desk, not affected by the beating incident at all.

Zhao Yu sat opposite Miao Ying, thinking about his own matters. Logically speaking, Miao Ying beat up Liu Changhu on his behalf, so he should have been very pleased. But because Bureau Chief Zhou had been transferred so suddenly, and the new bureau chief was trying hard to stop them from investigating Qu Ping’s case, Zhao Yu could not be happy. His gut told him that something was extremely wrong!

Tang Zhaolong’s speech during the meeting had been quite convincing! But then he sent Liu Changhu to destroy their work. He seemed a little too impatient! Tang Zhaolong had already confiscated the related video. Even if he wanted to delete Miao Ying and the others’ investigation records, he could have done it according to the proper procedure!

"Why is he so impatient? Is something wrong with him? Was Tang Zhaolong sent by Qu Ping’s murderers? That motherfucker…" Zhao Yu thought.

He was thinking about it when he suddenly felt a shiver go up his spine. "It can’t be. If Tang Zhaolong is on the same side as the murderers, we are all in big trouble! My Team Leader Qu Ping! What have you gotten yourself into?!" he realized.

Very quickly, Zhao Yu started to look into the hexagram he had got for that day. It was a "Zhen-Gen" hexagram again. Uh-oh. Zhao Yu realized he wanted to use the device to pull a prank on Liu Changhu but Miao Ying had beaten him to it. Did it mean "Zhen" hexagram was over? Obviously his status and spotlight had been stolen by Miao Ying! The whole team looked at Miao Ying in a new light, and he was ignored!

"If the ‘Zhen’ hexagram is over, what about the ‘Gen’ hexagram?" Zhao Yu thought. Zhao Yu had thought that he was going to make progress in Qu Ping’s case that day. Now that the whiteboard was gone, and the information on the computer was deleted, how was he going to investigate further?

Sigh! Thinking about Qu Ping’s case made Zhao Yu feel like his strength had melted away. Solving cases in the past, he could always find a clue and go from there. But for this case, it was an entirely different story. The suspect left so little clues and made the investigation tough. Moreover, there was such a big hindrance. Would it really be impossible for him to continue the investigation? Who was the vicious killer behind Qu Ping’s death?!

Just as Zhao Yu was deep in thought, those who went to pry for information came back. Zhao Yaohui said that Liu Changhu and Mao Wei were admitted into the hospital. Mao Wei was alright, but Liu Changhu got some stitches on his head. He was trying to use his connections within the police force to file a police report, putting the blame on Miao Ying.

Interestingly enough, to be considered a minor injury, there was a requirement where the victim’s wound had to be bigger than six centimetres. But Liu Changhu’s cut obviously did not meet that requirement, so this b*stard wanted to bribe the doctor to make his wound bigger!

The rest quickly advised Miao Ying to find someone to mediate between the two of them. If not, and he was considered to have a minor injury she would be in trouble. Miao Ying couldn't care less, but replied humorously that Liu Changhu should take desperate measures at desperate times. 

The teammates were anxious except for Zhao Yu, who was cool headed. He knew Miao Ying’s background well. Even if Liu Changhu got brain surgery, he would not be able to harm Miao Ying.

Xiao Liu came over to report about his progress on retrieving a copy of the information through their internal server, but their colleagues in the server room told him that the bureau chief had sent people to delete their copies too.

Hearing that, everyone’s focus was redirected back to Qu Ping’s case again. Just like Zhao Yu, everyone thought Tang Zhaolong had an unknown background and was acting very suspiciously. He was in a hurry to destroy all sorts of evidence, perhaps following orders!

Also, everyone felt pressure. They felt that it would be difficult to investigate the case because there was so much working against them. Could they not investigate Qu Ping’s case any further?

But Miao Ying was not one to admit defeat. She immediately fought back. She thought that even though it was difficult to proceed as all the evidence was lost, there was one more way to continue, which was to look into Qu Ping herself. Looking into her past and finding out what she had been up to, what had she witnessed would help. Was she investigating something magnificent in secret? Then was tragically killed?

Hearing what Miao Ying said, everyone felt as though there was a light that shined out of the darkness again. But what everyone did not expect was that the dim light that they saw was a "flashlight" that Zhang Jingfeng brought forward to them with his stomach in knots.

"Hey everyone, I found it!" Zhang Jingfeng looked around then said softly and but excitedly, "I found the suspect! Have you heard of the Crimson Eight Secret Service Squad? I think, you’ll never guess, that the person in the video, the one who framed Hou Meng, was part of SWAT!!"