Crazy Detective
240 Both Mentally and Physically Fi
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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240 Both Mentally and Physically Fi

Truthfully, seeing Liu Changhu and Mao Wei stacked together so pitifully, Zhao Yu could not even react properly. Right as he was stuck trying to figure out the situation, Miao Ying suddenly walked out murderously from the crowd. Within that moment, the aura of rage emitting from her body forced all the investigators away; no one dared to come close.

 But something interesting was that Miao Ying was not standing there empty handed. She was holding half of wooden stool. The seat had fallen off, and only the two wooden legs remained; it looked just like Zhao Yu’s!

 Sh*t. Zhao Yu nearly bit his tongue in shock, and immediately threw his own stool behind him.

 Before anyone could react, Miao Ying appeared and immediately walked in front of Mao Wei and Liu Changhu. She raised the two wooden legs then slammed them down on the two’s backs!


"Ah…Ah!" The two’s painful wails perfectly matched the rhythm of the wooden stick hitting them, like music.

 "You guys…you guys are breaking the law! You guys deleted our files! That’s invasion of privacy! This is going too far! Ah!" Miao Ying slapped them as she yelled in anger.

 "Ow! My leg…my leg!" Mao Wei shielded his injured leg as he rolled on the floor, nearly in tears.

 Peng Xin could not watch anymore and stepped forward to stop Miao Ying. But Miao Ying was too angry. Seeing Peng Xin move to stop her, she turned and stopped her, her left arm locking Peng Xin’s neck with the stick, while her right arm nearly broke Peng Xin’s elbow!

 "Ah!" Peng Xin let out a painful wail.

 Zhao Yu was on good terms with Peng Xin so he could no longer stand and watch. He immediately rushed forward and pressed on Miao Ying’s elbow, stopping her. "Team Leader Miao, don’t get so mad, don’t get so mad! It’s me, it’s me!"

 This time Miao Ying was quite polite to Zhao Yu! After a few moments, she finally let go of Peng Xin. Peng Xin held her elbow and fled to the side in fear.

 "Miao Ying! Just you wait!" Right at this time, Liu Changhu yelled as he held his head, "I’m going to get you fired! You’re going to jail! Just you wait!"

 "You!" Furious, Miao Ying once again picked up the stick, intending to attack again.

 Zhao Yu was truly afraid Miao Ying would permanently injure Liu Changh. He immediately made a face as he roared at Miao Ying, "Team Leader Miao? What, are you hitting me as well now?" Then, before Miao Ying could move, he jumped backwards all by himself.

 Mao Wei had already crawled to the side with his injured leg. Liu Changhu was about to stand up, but the heavy Zhao Yu suddenly flew through the air, straight towards him. With a loud noise, he slammed Liu Changhu onto the ground.

 "Ah…" Liu Changhu nearly stopped breathing as he slammed on the ground. His head landed on the door frame.

Miao Ying paused in confusion, but once she realized what Zhao Yu was doing, she finally huffed and tried to calm her anger.

 "Ah! Ow, it hurts!" Zhao Yu laid on Liu Changhu as he yelled. He flopped all over Liu Changhu causing him to yell out in pain.

 When Miao Ying watched Zhao Yu, she could not help but smile a little! But her smile almost looked like a demon’s in the other investigators’ eyes. Each of them shivered in fear, almost afraid to breathe.

 In the end, Zhao Yu was quite merciful. He figured they could not just keep messing around like this. Only when he finally pulled Miao Ying into the B Team break room did the others dare to go and help Liu Changhu and Mao Wei.

 "Team Leader Miao, calm down! Calm down! Don’t be rash." Zhao Yu never would have imagined that he would end up trying to calm someone else down. Usually, it was other people telling him to control himself. But right now, Zhao Yu only had admiration for Miao Ying! Even though he himself was rash and bold, he never thought that someone would dare to crack open Liu Changhu’s head. In the police station too! Miao Renfeng really truly was Miao Renfeng!

 "It’s over, it’s over!" Zhang Yaohui rubbed his hands, his face pale. "Team Leader Miao, how could she do that? Liu Changhu is still a captain. To hit your own boss! What is she going to do now?"

 "Yeah!" Lan Bo started pacing nervously. "Cracked his head open too! Reporting to the Bureau Chief is a big deal. If this is judged by severity, Team Leader Miao, you…"

 "It’s fine! Don’t worry about me!" Miao Ying spoke without a care. "I followed the rules! Even if they had orders from above, they can’t just go and delete our files like that! To come during our lunch break and delete them secretly like thieves! If this gets out, it’d be the joke of the police station!"

 "Right! Right!" Zhao Yu finally stood alongside Miao Ying, equally as angrily. "They even erased my investigation analysis board! Those sh*theads, the lesson was well deserved! I am so mad!"

 Hearing Zhao Yu support her actions so crudely, Miao Ying’s anger suddenly dissipated.

 Zhao Yu could never have imagined that something he had hoped for for so long would happen so suddenly! Not only was Miao Ying against Liu Changhu, but she had even fought him! But Zhao Yu knew that even though Miao Ying fought Liu Changhu, she would be fine! In the end, it would be hard to say who would get the short end of the stick!

 Right at this time, the officials, Tang Zhaolong and Luan Xiaoxiao, who had heard the news rushed over. Both of them were a little stunned watching the angry Miao Ying, at a loss for words. During their entire time as a higher-up in the police station, they had never seen an underling who cracked open their boss’s head!

 But after knowing the entirety of the situation, Tang Zhaolong was enraged. His expression darkened as he spoke with Miao Ying, saying that Liu Changhu had just been following orders. As an underling, she should have listened to her higher-up’s command. How could she act so wildly?

 "Miss Miao Ying!" Tang Zhaolong said, "As a team leader, you should be cooperating with your higher-ups. How could you do this? Fighting in front of others, and from the same office too! Aren’t you afraid of the shame if this gets out?"

 This time, Miao Ying finally showed a side different from Zhao Yu. She did not raise her hand and threaten violence, but instead started citing the rulebook. She said, "According to certain laws, the higher-ups were violating standard operations of the police squad! You guys didn’t give us any warning before deleting out information. This is completely against the rules!

 "Also, according to the Privacy Act’s x page y ruling, you guys are invading the police members’ personal privacy! According to the Evidence Act’s x page y ruling, you guys had already committed the crime of destroying evidence. We have perfect reason to sue you guys!" Miao Ying also warned Tang Zhaolong, saying that if Liu Changhu sued her, then she would countersue him as well as Bureau Chief Tang Zhaolong himself!

 Then, let’s see whose lawsuit would win?!

Miao Ying’s words all had evidence to back it up. With the threat and intimidation mixed together, Tang Zhaolong was immediately stunned! He could not help but carefully reconsider. The higher-ups had just promoted him to this office, yet as soon as he got here, he was being threatened with a lawsuit by his underling? How embarrassing would it be if this got out? In the end, even if he won the lawsuit, he would have won the battle but lost the war! Also, he was not even sure if he would win this lawsuit!

 "But," Tang Zhaolong still did not want to give up as he scolded Miao Ying, "no matter what, you shouldn’t hit people, right?"

 Hearing this, Miao Ying immediately started reciting a section from The Police Law Ordinance, "If someone is attempting to destroy evidence, then the police members are allowed to use violence to protect the evidence! So what I did was all in compliance with the rules. I am only enforcing the law!"

 Hearing this, Tang Zhaolong’s pale face turned purple in anger. He had nothing to counter Miao Ying’s argument and only flung his sleeve in anger as he left the office. The other officials also had nothing to add and followed him out.

 Everyone could finally react, and realized that Miao Ying was not only a skilled martial artist, but she was also a skilled debater. She was both mentally and physically capable!

 Zhao Yu was even more stunned. He finally understood something his predecessors had said: There is no need to fear a shameless martial artist, but there is much to fear from a shameless debater!!!
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