Crazy Detective
238 Important Instructions
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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238 Important Instructions

"What?! What?!" Hearing this shocking news, Zhao Yu leaped from his seat, his pancake fell to the floor!

"Zhang! What did you say?" Someone beside them asked. "It’s too early for jokes!"

 "No, it’s not a joke!" Mao Wei nodded. "I heard it too. Bureau Chief Zhou might be transferred. The new bureau chief is on his way to Rongyang Branch!"

 "What?!" This time, everyone was truly thunderstruck.

 "That’s impossible, right?" Li Beini pondered. "Bureau Chief Zhou was doing a good job. Why is he being transferred? Now is when the police station is at its busiest, why is this happening?"

 "Zhang!" Zhao Yu immediately asked Zhang Jingfeng with great agitation, "Bureau Chief Zhou is being transferred, where is he being transferred to? Why is he being transferred?"

 "I don’t know!" Zhang Jingfeng also showed great agitation. "It’s just too sudden! The news just came from the city office. I almost thought today was April Fool’s day!"

 Sh*t! Zhao Yu looked back at the whiteboard, suspicion rising in his mind! Could there be such a coincidence? At such a critical moment, Bureau Chief Zhou was being transferred! Could…all this…be related to Qu Ping? If it’s really so…then…

 "Ah—hero, please leave me a good dream…" Right then, Zhao Yu’s phone suddenly rang—it was Miao Ying. Just as the call connected, Miao Ying immediately asked, "Zhao Yu, have you heard? Bureau Chief Zhou is being transferred?!"

 "I heard! I just heard…"

 "How could this be? Could it…be related to our investigation?" Miao Ying’s thoughts were the same as Zhao Yu.

 "I thought so too! But…it’s too confusing right now!" Zhao Yu could only sigh.

 "Okay, I’ll go talk to Chief Luan!" Miao Ying realized Zhao Yu did not know any more than she did and immediately hung up.

The moment Miao Ying hung up, Zhao Yu finally realized that something big was happening!


 Ten o’clock in the morning. The news reporters came to the office again. Through many different sources, the investigators learned that the person replacing Bureau Chief Zhou Andong was a county level bureau chief transferred over from the Tongyang County Branch. The person’s name was Tang Zhaolong!

 Since Tongyang County and the Rongyang area were far apart, no one really knew anything about Tang Zhaolong. They only knew one thing: Tongyang County was the smallest, poorest county within Qinshan. To transfer a county level bureau chief from such a poor county to Qinshan Branch Office as a high-level official for no reason was completely out of norm. If there had been no inside help, then something like this could never have happened! Clearly, whoever was supporting Tang Zhaolong was immensely powerful.

 During this time, Miao Ying and Mao Wei had already inquired with other officials. But no whether it was Liu Changhu or Luan Xiaoxiao, they were all completely unprepared.

 Bureau Chief Luan immediately called Zhou Andong, but he did not pick up. The agitated Luan Xiaoxiao even called Zhou Andong’s wife, but nobody picked up. No one knew just what happened to Bureau Chief Zhou.

 At eleven o’clock, Tang Zhaolong arrived accompanied by numerous other city level officials, reporting to Rongyang Branch. As soon as he met with the various officials of Rongyang Branch, he decided to officially conduct the new Bureau Chief Welcoming Meeting, taking the office at lightning speed!

 There was a total of four-hundred or so investigators in Rongyang Branch. Other than those on a long vacation or rest, everyone attended this meeting. This was to meet the new bureau chief, so no one dared to be absent.

 During the meeting, Zhao Yu finally met the new bureau chief face-to-face. Tang Zhaolong looked like he was around forty-five. His hairline was receding somewhat, he was fairly round, his skin was white and smooth. He was clearly someone who had been pampered.

 Tang Zhaolong’s words were short. He only told everyone that Bureau Chief Zhou had an emergency situation, and in order for this not to interfere with work at Rongyang Branch, the higher-ups specifically sent Tang Zhaolong to take up the position. He hoped that his new colleagues would be willing to cooperate with him and support him. At the end, Tang Zhaolong specifically asked the investigators of the Key Case Investigation Unit to stay, telling them that he had more to say.

 Soon, as the meeting dispersed, all the city level officials had left, and there was only the Key Case Investigation Unit members left, including Zhao Yu.

 "Okay!" Seeing everyone present, Tang Zhaolong exhaled heavily, then turned to the investigators. "Now that everyone’s gone, we can talk freely! I know everyone’s curious. How did a county level official like myself end up as the bureau chief of Rongyang Branch?

 "I’ll tell everyone myself, I’m also confused! The transfer was incredibly sudden. As for what happened to Bureau Chief Zhou, even I don’t know one bit!

 "Hm, I’ll tell you guys now, I didn’t even finish cleaning up my office in Tongyang before I was promoted to this job! When I was leaving, I only got two important notes. One was that I had to quickly deal with the Mianling Case’s clean up, and finish it up as soon as possible. The second was," Tang Zhaolong swept through the crowd and spoke seriously, "to ask you guys to completely stop any investigations regarding Qu Ping’s murder. If anybody continues to investigate in secret, it will be considered going against the higher-ups’ commands, and they will be severely punished!"

 Ah?! What? Suddenly Zhao Yu felt like his brain nearly exploded. He immediately threw a look at Miao Ying. Miao Ying’s reaction was the same—complete disbelief!

 "Everyone calm down! Listen to me!" Seeing the commotion, Tang Zhaolong tried to calm the crowd. "Even though I don’t know the details, I can explain a bit. I understand that Qu Ping was an excellent member of the police force, and that her death was a huge loss to the Qinshan Police Force! Everyone here wants to find the truth behind her murder. I understand you guys’ thoughts.

 "But the truth is, the killer of Qu Ping was already captured. It was the evil Hou Meng! The person committed the crime and should be judged!"

 Sh*t… What the hell? Hearing this, the members of the Key Case Investigation Unit were no doubt dejected, especially Zhang Yaohui and the others. They had found new evidences that went against Tang Zhaolong’s words. How could they listen to him?

 "Don’t be rash! Listen, let me finish!" Seeing the situation going sour, Tang Zhaolong politely continued, "I’ve already heard about the new information you guys obtained, that there’s another killer!

 "What I’m saying is that you all need to believe me. The higher-ups aren’t blind. They definitely wouldn’t do something so disgusting as to hide the truth and frame another person for this crime. The reason why the higher-ups sent me to deal with such a matter was because they had further instructions!"

 Hearing Tang Zhaolong’s explanation, the crowd finally calmed down a little.

 "It’s like this! I think, regarding Qu Ping’s murder, you guys all realized something else was wrong!" Tang Zhaolong spoke wisely. "Actually, the reason the higher-ups won’t let you guys investigate is not because they don’t want you to investigate. The truth is, the higher-ups are trying to protect everyone, that’s why they did this! You guys can understand what I’m saying, right? Hm…Liu…Captain Liu, right?"

 Hearing the new Bureau Chief call on him, Liu Changhu immediately stood up.

 "Oh…Captain Liu," Tang Zhaolong said, "later go ahead and give me all the new evidence regarding the Qu Ping Case! You guys don’t have to worry about anything else regarding this case! Everyone do not worry, the higher-ups will definitely give you guys a proper answer. We’d never let Qu Ping die without an explanation!"

 "Yes!" Liu Changhu nodded in agreement.

 "Also, I hope all the investigators can keep this a secret and not let this become a public matter." Tang Zhaolong also warned everyone, "Behind Qu Ping’s death is a force we, the regular police, cannot oppose. Thus everyone should think of their own safety and leave everything to the higher-ups!"
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