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237 The Shocking Turnaround

That afternoon, Zhao Yu signed the award notice. He had gotten a cash reward of eight-hundred seventy-eight thousand. Although it was far from what he had expected, he was rather happy with the results. It may be understandable if he had accepted the ten-billion cash reward personally, but there were multiple constraints when it came to the police force.

The police force is a unit that serves the people. Closing crime cases is their responsibility. Accepting private cash rewards was against the rules and was unreasonable. If Liang Wanqian and the others did not pursue it further, Bureau Chief Zhou would not have accepted it. So Zhao Yu was considered lucky to be able to get the cash reward.

Moreover, there was a clear rule that the police station followed when allocating cash rewards. All bonuses and cash rewards would be allocated according to effort, not by ranking. Bureau Chief Zhou had allocated the money pretty fairly. He distributed so much out of the two-billion to Zhao Yu, signifying that he acknowledged Zhao Yu’s effort in closing the case!

Besides Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, who had also put it a lot of effort, only got around sixty-thousand Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan, who assisted Zhao Yu in arresting Hao Gang, got forty-thousand each. The rest of the police detectives that were involved in the Mianling Case were awarded a significant amount of cash as well.

The detectives at the station agreed with the distribution of the cash reward except for Liu Changhu and Mao Wei. One was the captain and the other one was the team leader, but both of them only got about a ten to twenty-thousand cash reward. Seeing Zhao Yu get a huge sum of money, they felt that it was unfair.

Especially Liu Changhu. Although he was the captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit, every time Zhao Yu found a clue or went on another assignment, he was not informed but was treated like an outsider.

The same went for Mao Wei. Zhao Yu was on Team A, but whenever he made any progress he would talk to Miao Ying from Team B, ignoring Mao Wei’s existence. How could Mao Wei not be angry? But it was useless. Despite their envy, Zhao Yu had closed the biggest case in Qinshan, and he now famous among all officers. They had no choice but to swallow it.

Although he had not yet received the money, Zhao Yu claimed that the eight-hundred and seventy-eight thousand was what the "Dui" hexagram stood for. Suddenly getting so much money, he was not sure if the adventure completion rate would be more than a hundred percent.

But Zhao Yu was not satisfied with his performance for the "Zhen" hexagram. During the commendation ceremony earlier, the leaders did not bring up his promotion as the Team Leader of Team B. From what he saw, the thing related to his status was when he accepted his recognition award. Zhao Yu was worried that his performance for the "Zhen" hexagram was not good enough and would affect his completion rate.

As there was a new clue, Zhao Yu did not leave the police station that night, but started putting all information about Qu Ping’s case on a new whiteboard. He was prepared to fight continuously for a few nights straight.

But the investigation was different from before. Zhao Yu did not put Qu Ping’s photo onto the whiteboard, but left a blank space. Team Lead Qu Ping had been stabbed seventeen times and her body was covered with blood. Zhao Yu could not bear to put the photo up.

Qu Ping’s death had deeply affected Zhao Yu. Even though he had not been close with Qu Ping, her sense of justice and responsibility had deeply affected him.

"Don’t be afraid, no matter how difficult it is! If we put our hearts into the investigation, it will definitely pay off!" This is what Qu Ping had said to him when they were investigating the Mianling Case. Unfortunately, Qu Ping had died before the case was closed.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu really wanted to tell her, "Team Leader Qu, we have solved the Mianling Case! You should rest in peace! Next, we will find whoever killed you and put them behind bars!"

When Zhao Yu was looking into the case, Miao Ying was working overtime with the colleagues on Team B, looking at surveillance videos for new clues.

As the sky was darkening, Zhao Yu had spent the past few hours linking existing information together, along with his various predictions, putting them on the whiteboard. He was deep in thought, pondering on what clues they could find.

Looking at the information on the whiteboard, Zhao Yu initially felt that this case was different from any case before. He could tell that whoever killed Qu Ping was not an easy target.

First off, they committed the crime in group, and were backed by a strong organization; Second, they placed a double agent on the police force. Besides that, regardless of the crime pattern or details, they were carefully contained. That signified that these people were experienced, unlike any common criminals! These kinds of people might be a hundred times smarter than Hao Gang. The police had to be extremely careful dealing with them!

But regardless of the difficulty and danger, Zhao Yu would investigate the case! Plus, he had the Miracle System. He had to solve this case and he would not hesitate, even if it required him to dig a hole in the sky. 

 When it was past midnight, the system made an ending sound. This time, Zhao Yu’s completion rate was ninety-four percent, and he finally received the invisible lie detector that he had been hoping for!

"That’s great!" Zhao Yu thought. He felt delighted. All this while, he had been praying for the invisible lie detector. Although there was only one, at least it would be a good start. With the this magical device, it would give him a helping hand.

As it was already past twelve, Zhao Yu asked for another hexagram. This time the "Zhen" hexagram came first as a "Zhen-Gen" hexagram. Although "Zhen" came first, Zhao Yu only focused on the "Gua" hexagram.

"If I got a "Gen" hexagram, does that it mean there will be a huge breakthrough in Qu Ping’s case?" Zhao Yu wondered. He went back to thinking about the case, full of hope. He started to consider how he should approach the investigation for the next day.

 It was eight in the morning when everyone started to gradually enter the office. They were shocked when they saw Zhao Yu’s whiteboard full of notes. All the experienced police detectives could tell by a glance that Zhao Yu had worked overnight on Qu Ping’s case. But most of them did not understand why Zhao Yu was so crazy since the higher-ups had yet to officially reopen the case, What Zhao Yu was doing was overstepping his boundaries, and was considered violating the discipline within the police force. Besides that, there were people mocking him, saying that he was a workaholic. Some said that he was pretending and putting on a show for the others. Zhao Yu couldn't care less and continued to work on his computer.

Soon, Li Beini came in. Because they were on the phone earlier, she brought some pancakes for Zhao Yu. Then, Liang Huan delivered a stack of documents that Zhao Yu needed.

Compared to the people who were mocking, these two teammates were very helpful.

Mao Wei entered, but he seemed different and looked nervous. Although he saw Zhao Yu’s whiteboard full of information, he was too lazy to ask about it and went to sit at his desk. He scratched his head while he paced.

"What happened, Team Leader Mao? What happened to you? Did you lose your wallet?" someone saw Mao Wei acting weird and asked.

"Tsk, tsk." Mao Wei slapped the back of his hands and said, "That’s bad! I heard some rumours earlier—"

Just before Mao Wei finished his sentence, Zhang Jingfeng ran into the office nervously and shouted, "Hey bro, something happened!" Zhang Jingfeng was obviously shouting at Zhao Yu. "I heard that Bureau Chief Zhou was transferred!!!"