Crazy Detective
236 Roadblock! Roadblock!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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236 Roadblock! Roadblock!

That noon, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying met at a Western style restaurant. The two of them were quite suspicious, almost like two secret agents meeting as they sought the most low-key place to meet.

 "Zhao Yu, how was it? Any news?" Miao Ying had just sat down when she asked eagerly.

 "It’s hard to find out, boss! We aren’t mind readers! Later, let’s find someone who’s in this business!" Zhao Yu took out his laptop and clicked on the video, handing it to Miao Ying.

As it turned out, the two had already decided to publicize the video, and had placed many surveillance cameras in the meeting room. Their plan was to observe the crowd’s reaction and see if they could maybe find the spy.

The idea was that when the spy saw the video, they would be shocked, and maybe have some different reaction that would expose their identity. But even though Zhao Yu carefully watched the video many times, he still could not find anything suspicious.

 "Tell me, Zhao Yu, if you were a spy, if you knew Qu Ping’s murder involved another killer, with the possibility of being exposed, what kind of reaction would you have?" Miao Ying looked at the screen as she asked.

 "I…what would I do?" Zhao Yu pondered for a while, but could only squeeze out a few words, "Shock! Fear! Worry! Agitation! Complication! Also, I’d be sweating from my head…but…"

 Miao Ying carefully looked and immediately understood what Zhao Yu meant. All the colleagues present were all, as Zhao Yu had said, sweating buckets! Even Bureau Chief Zhou kept wiping his sweat!

 "Tsk tsk." Miao Ying shook her head helplessly. "Was it because the air conditioner wasn’t on in the meeting room? It seems like our method didn’t work. We’ll need other ways to investigate this!"

 "Team Leader Miao, this was reported?" Zhao Yu asked.

 Miao Ying nodded.

 "Then it’s understandable!" Zhao Yu pitched in his opinion. "If I was a bureau chief, if I ended up seeing such a movie-like twist, I’d be stunned too! Reopening a case! This isn’t just for fun. If the investigation starts again, there must be tons of problems!"

 "You’re right!" Miao Ying agreed. "I just hope that the order to restart the investigation will come sooner!"

 "Let’s hope!" Zhao Yu said, "The video wasn’t fake, so they should know! Maybe we’ll know by this afternoon!"

 "Zhao Yu, that’s true!" Miao Ying was suddenly very polite to Zhao Yu against the norm. "Now that we’ve made the matter public, it really does decrease our chances of being harmed! I think, whoever it was that murdered Qu Ping, is probably on the move now as well! I really want to know just what this was all for?"

 "Team Leader Qu!" Zhao Yu suggested seriously, "If you ask me, let’s not wait for the order. We should start investigating this afternoon! This matter can’t wait. The faster we figure it out, the better!"

 "I think so as well!" Miao Ying agreed. "I plan to carefully go through the all the information regarding Qu Ping’s case. Let’s ask her family, look through her house, and see just what she was doing while she was alive. Zhao Yu, you focus on checking the video evidence and see if you can figure out who the two people that captured Hou Meng were."

 "Also!" Zhao Yu pointed at the document bag. "Last time all the license plates you gave me have to be reviewed as well. Maybe that Toyota is in there! Now that we have more help, we can finally look through every car’s record and see if there is any new video evidence!"

 "Right!" Miao Ying nodded. Yet after her nod, the atmosphere suddenly turned into a short awkward silence. The two stared at each other wordlessly, unsure how to continue the conversation. Suddenly both of them felt the same thing. It was awkward, but very amusing.

 Thinking back, for the longest time, they were like fire and water. They had fought as soon as they met. Yet it was like fate was playing a joke on them, putting them together like this!

Originally, out of everyone in Rongyang Branch, Miao Ying hated Zhao Yu the most. Yet, for some reason, out of nowhere Zhao Yu suddenly became the only person she could trust out of all of Rongyang Branch.

 "Hm…uh," to avoid the awkwardness, Miao Ying pointed at the menu, "go ahead and order! My treat!"

 "Nonono!" Zhao Yu immediately refused. "How could I let a lady treat me? My treat, my treat! You go ahead and order!"

 "No!" Miao Ying persisted. "It’s just a meal, it’s not that much money. I can treat you!"

 "No! Are you looking down on me? This meal is mine. You can treat me next time!" Zhao Yu was stubborn. "Didn’t you tell me you’d never ever treat me to food? Don’t break your promise now. Let me do it!"

 "Ah? That’s weird?" Miao Ying was surprised. "Kiddo, usually you couldn’t wait to take advantage of me. What’s different about today? Did your conscience finally come around?"

 "Tsk, tsk…fine!" Zhao Yu shrugged and gave up. "You can treat me if you want! I’ll go ahead and order some abalone."

 "Hmph!" Miao Ying crossed her arms and spoke in a sassy manner, "You say I should treat you, so I should? Hmph! I don’t even want to! I’ll order the abalone and you can pay!"

 "Holy…" Zhao Yu was stubborn once again. "If you don’t treat me, then I won’t eat! You think I can’t find something else to eat? Hmph!"

 "Nobody’s forcing you!" Miao Ying put away her laptop in disdain. "Get out if you aren’t gonna eat!"

 "I’ll get out if I want to! You think I’m scared of you?" Zhao Yu immediately gave Miao Ying the middle finger, then stood up and left. It was after he left the restaurant that Zhao Yu realized something was wrong.

 "That’s weird? We were conversing so well just now, how did we end up fighting so quickly? Is it because Miao Ying is too capricious, or because I easily taunt people? Or could Miao Ying have purposefully riled me up and I fell in her trap again?" Zhao Yu wondered.


 That afternoon, according to their plan, Miao Ying and Zhao Yu went about their separate ways. Miao Ying first called all of the colleagues from Team B together and asked them to immediately reopen investigation on Qu Ping’s case.

 Since the higher-ups were slow with their orders, the investigators were all rather worried. But since Qu Ping was Team B’s team leader previously, and all these investigators wanted to find the truth behind her death, they did not hesitate at all. They immediately started their investigation according to Miao Ying’s command.

 Yet the situation was vastly different on Team A. Clearly Mao Wei stood alongside Liu Changhu, so he did not dare to touch Qu Ping’s Case. Zhao Yu could only find Zhang Jingfeng, Liang Huan, and Li Beini, and a few other trusted friends to investigate in secret.

 Indeed, there was strength in numbers. After just one afternoon of investigation, all sorts of exciting information quickly came through from various sources.

 First off, using the most advanced facial recognition software, Zhang Jingfeng had already asked experts to draw the face of one of the culprits, and was attempting to match it with the facial database.

 Immediately after, Liu had caught possible traces of the Toyota from surveillance cameras around where Qu Ping had been murdered. However, since the car was using a fake license plate, there wasn’t any concrete information yet.

 Zhang Yaohui used a recording from a certain car that passed by the crime scene and found another shocking image: near an intersection of Jinjiang Street, there really was a blue roadblock!! According to the driver, he had originally wanted to go through Jinjiang Street to go home, but when he saw the roadblock, he had to go around the area instead.

 After hearing of this news, the investigators could no longer sit still! Clearly, there really was a secret organization that planned Qu Ping’s murder! In order to successfully eliminate Qu Ping, they even had someone set up a roadblock to prevent any possible witnesses. Added with Hou Meng being framed and Qu Ping being followed, clearly, this secret organization was very powerful. They were not just some regular everyday organization. Qu Ping’s death really had been a conspiracy!!
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